Dirty Rig – Rock Did It Review

Website: Dirty Rig

The Inside Pulse:
Enter Dirty Rig: a backwoods, filthy, drug-addled band of miscreants, creating their music for the sake of art about as much as Rob Zombie makes horror films to win Oscars. Picking up Kory Clarke (ex-Warrior Soul) as frontman, Dirty Rig seems revitalized from their 2004 debut and more in-your-face than ever. As the sticker on the front of the disc proclaims, “Death to all things emo!!!” That’s about as accurate as it gets when the boys are squealing out guitar solos and singing about porn stars, blow, guns, fighting, rocking, and getting drunk. And if that wasn’t enough, they have also included a DVD which contains two additional songs.

Positives: The fun factor reigns supreme on Rock Did It; and while the punk and classic rock crunch style is good for rocking on its own, it’s the lyrics that take this release so far over the top that it can’t help but be praised for its nonstop obnoxiousness. The song titles alone are enough to convey that: “Suck It,” “Drunk Again,” “Hot Porno Star,” and the phonetically adorable “If You See Kaye.” With fun like that, it’s just a bonus that the music itself is perfectly viable. Had they taken one single step back towards seriousness on the entire disc, the whole thing would have fallen apart.

Negatives: Beware, feminists. Again, it’s just ridiculous music, and any expectations for anything more than drunken party fun is going to create disappointment. It’s nothing more than what it is.

Cross-breed: Andrew WK parties hard with Superjoint Ritual, stealing lyrics from Danger Danger.

Reason To Buy: You’re looking for some redneck fun.