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I’ve Made a Terrible Mistake

Ok so in last weeks column I linked to Phil’s column and said that he inspired the column. I was terribly wrong.

It was actually none other than the sorely missed Tayo who inspired me last week. I offer my deepest apologies for any confusion this has caused.

I’d also like to go on record as saying that I miss my Grown and Sexy Fridays.

If it’s Thursday it Must Mean a Trip to the Past

Obviously I’ve been revisiting older columns and brushing them off for a new twist. But this time around I’m actually addressing two older columns! I know, I know, your mind is blown.

So, a long time ago I wrote a column that was devoted solely to cheesy love songs. If I recall correctly it received mostly positive feedback and I’m pretty sure that Aaron Cameron got a kick out of it.

So continuing with the theme that I’ve had of late, the aforementioned column was next up. However I’m also revisiting Love, InsidePulse Style the feature we put together for February. In my contribution I hinted that I’d do a follow up. Well here it is.

What follows are some songs that would never have made the cut on my (Black) collegiate “chill mix” for whatever reason. But these are songs that deal with love to varying degrees.

I should also probably mention that I’m a sucker for tales of love denied. Maybe it’s because I want art to mirror my life or maybe they just appeal to my pessimistic sensibilities, who knows. The point is if it’s mournful, chances are I’m going to dig it.

So basically these are genuine love songs that I genuinely dig.

Death Cab For CutieTransatlanticism

DCFC is a recent find for me, but damn does it feel like they’ve provided the soundtrack for some scene from my life. Ben Gibbard has a knack for making the simple seem epic. “I need you so much closer” is an easy concept, but the repetition makes it seem equally more urgent and more of a grand request. I also love how the song builds and when the pay off is reached it’s worthy of the build up.

Ryan AdamsStars Go Blue

Honestly, I love Ryan Adams. I could have put any number of his songs on this mix, but I chose this one because I recently heard Tim McGraw’s faithful rendition of it on the radio, and I was reminded how much I loved the original. It’s really a beautiful and sweet song, and Adams infuses it with such emotion using only a plaintive wail. That’s how good the song is; even Tim McGraw couldn’t mess it up.

Fiona AppleLove Ridden

Fiona is another artist who could have easily dominated this mix (thank goodness for my “one appearance” rule.) This song really captures the effects of a breakup on someone’s routine, especially if they’ve still got to encounter an ex. Breakups are difficult to deal with, and Apple manages to distill that essence into this song.

Badly Drawn BoyOnce Around the Block (Acoustic)

The album version is a great song, but I think that the acoustic version adds more intimacy to a great song about love and youth. I think that one of the main reasons why I dig this song so much is that I’m often looking to “repair.” This is a touchingly sweet song that reminds me of the innocence of youth

John MayerCity Love

Yet another song about the uplifting aspects of love. It’s been rare, but occasionally I’ve been so invested in a female that I can’t remember what life was like before her. It’s a pretty dope feeling. Having that connection where someone just makes your day doesn’t seem to happen that often, but when it does it rocks. This was certainly one of the overlooked gems on Mayer’s album.

Ben Folds FiveTwin Falls Idaho

I’m a huge fan of “what if…” Folds adds such a vulnerability with his rendition of this song. And as a guy who’s completely lost touch with everyone he went to high school with, much less grade school with, it’s kind of poignant.

Elvis CostelloAllison

Who doesn’t love this song? Really? How dope a line is “my aim is true?” What a phenomenal lyric. Also heartbreak is one of my favorite subjects of song.

FeistOne Evening

This might be the greatest song about a one-night stand, ever. It’s not greasy or gully, its just matter of fact in it’s statement of what went down. Sure, saying that this song is about love is kind of cheating, but one of best relationships that I ever had began with what could well have been a one night stand. Plus the song is just damn smooth.

Jeff BuckleyEverybody Here Wants You

Jeff Buckley certainly could have made a few more appearances, but I chose this one because I’ve been in that situation. I’ve been out with my girl and had all eyes on her. It’s equal parts flattering and infuriating. But Buckley captures the romantic element that I could never quite wrap my head around. This song really makes me miss Buckley even more than I usually do, and that’s quite a feat.

Pearl JamBlack

Again, I’m sure that there aren’t many who don’t dig this song. Doesn’t everyone love Eddie’s lament?

Jim O’rourkeGood Times

When I hear this song it conjures up a few things. First off, since it was used over the closing credits of Love Liza it makes me think of how tragic and life shattering losing love can be. But the lyrics hint at the feelings of insecurity and inadequacies that I think everyone can relate to at one time or another. Like how sometimes having the one person that you care for the most, in you presence and completely destroy you. .

Yeah Yeah YeahsMaps

I love the melody of this song. Sure Karen O’s lyrics bring something to the song, but it would work just as well as an instrumental. The music contains the true emotional quality, Karen just matches it with her lyrics.

Bloc PartyBlue Light

Yet another great lament about love lost. This is one of my favorite songs from Bloc Party’s debut because it’s full of an earnest regret. I know that I long to feel the “gentlest feeling” again. The theme of missed connections always resonates with me this song is full of missed connection.

Foo FightersEverlong (Acoustic)

The original rocks hard, but this version while stripping it down adds a new layer or intimacy. Dave Grohl’s hushed vocals have an emotional impact which makes gives the song a romantic/serenade type of feel. I’ll never get tired of this song.

Richard AshcroftI Get My Beat

The instrumentation on this songs is just flawless. It’s got a sweeping quality to it. But when Richard Ashcroft sings about the joys of seeing someone in the morning light it’s such a true thought. And the notion of finding inspiration to create art, within someone is certainly something that I long for. This is also one of my favorite songs from his debut.

BjorkPossibly Maybe

I love how this song chronicles an entire relationship from courting to post breakup. And Bjork perfectly captures the emotional quality of each stage. The song is a journey and even though I know how it ends, every time I hear it I secretly hope that this time things work out. So I suppose that not all of my sensibilities are pessimistic.

Oscar the GrouchI Love Trash

Well I had to throw this one in because I refuse to completely invest myself, in earnest or 100% sincerity, to anything remotely related to love. Even a column about love songs.

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