Ultimate Fight Night V Aftermath


Let’s just say it wasn’t all that good, but…hey, it was free!

  • Mark Hominick defeated Jorge Gurgel via unanimous decision

I wouldn’t say this was a bad fight, but seeing Jorge Gurgel on his feet for 15 minutes is not very exciting. To his credit, he did keep Hominick on his toes, but it doesn’t make sense for a BJJ expert to allow this to go to the judges. It also doesn’t make sense since Gurgel probably won’t have too many opportunities like this with UFC.

  • Rashad Evans defeated Stephan Bonnar via majority decision

This fight was dogshit. I cannot express how angry this fight got me, and it has nothing to do with being a fan of Stephan Bonnar. I can only pray that UFC does not renew Rashad Evans’ contract when it’s up. This guy does not belong in UFC, or any professional MMA promotion. I will give Evans his credit, the guy is a great wrestler. The problem is, he doesn’t know how to f*cking fight! Joe Rogan kept talking about how Evans was dominating Bonnar, but all he did was get Bonnar on the ground and dry hump him for 15 minutes. Granted, Bonnar’s attempts to submit Evans all failed, but if Evans landed more than 5 punches in the entire fight, I’ll be impressed.

  • Blade: The Series vs. My Patience

Oh, it’s a good thing Spike TV is reminding us 8,000 times about the new Blade TV show! I might forget for the whole thirty seconds that they’re not whoring it. Between the commercials, the mentions from Mike Goldberg, and having Kirk “Sticky” Jones in the audience, I wanted to pull an Elvis on my TV.

  • Rob MacDonald defeated Kristian Rothaermel via arm bar submission in the first round

I know they needed an undercard bout as a time filler before the main event, but this is pathetic. I would’ve preferred Lambert vs. Hinkle over this garbage. Rothaermel stinks on ice, and MacDonald will always be a whiny douche boy in my eyes. At least it was over quick, and it was a pretty sweet arm bar.

  • Anderson Silva defeated Chris Leben via KO at 49 seconds in the first round

Chris Leben got the ever-living shit knocked out of him for 48 seconds, and then got finished off with a knee to the head. Like I said, I wasn’t familiar with Anderson Silva at all, so I didn’t know what to expect. Now I know that Silva is one dangerous motherf*ckin’ striker. Leben looked like an amateur last night. He looked very weary of Silva’s reach advantage, and once he started taking punches, it was over. Silva could be the man to watch at 185 right now. God knows Rich Franklin needs the competition.

  • Jonathan Goulet defeated Luke Cummo via majority decision

There were some cool highlights in this fight, like Goulet looking like a GSP Mini-Me, and Cummo’s damn near fight finishing rear naked choke in the third, but the rest of the fight wasn’t very exciting. I’m sure a lot of that is because Cummo was gassed in the first, and Goulet pretty much walked all over him. To Cummo’s credit, he never gave up, and as I mentioned, almost won the fight at the end of the third, but couldn’t keep the submission locked in. Cummo was a little disappointing to watch, but Goulet looked very good. I’m sure this was a nice redemption for him after his 11 second first round KO loss to Duane Ludwig at UFN 3.

Undercard Results

  • Jorge Santiago defeated Justin Levens via TKO in the first round
  • Jon Fitch defeated Thiago Alves via referee stoppage (strikes) in the second round
  • Jason Lambert defeated Branden Lee Hinkle via referee stoppage (strikes) in the first round
  • Josh Koscheck defeated Dave Menne via unanimous decision

The next Ultimate Fight Night takes place on August 17th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Diego Sanchez vs. Karo Parisyan is confirmed as the main event. TUF 2’s Seth Petruzelli will also be on the card.

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