[WWE] ECW News, Trish Leaving WWE?, Trinity Hurt & More

– PWInsider is reporting that there’s “a lot of talk” about Trish Stratus taking time off after her WWE contract expires in August to get married.

– Also from PWInsider: sources have told the wrestling site that Vince McMahon originally expected die-hard ECW fans to come to Smackdown shows and cause a stir, and when that never happened, he decided to move in and take more control of the brand.

– ECW’s Trinity had knee surgery this past week due to a missed moonsault onto the floor at last Saturday’s ECW Arena house show. She’ll be out ssix to eight weeks according to the Wrestling Observer.

– Doug Basham to ECW? Click here for an upcoming house show line-up with his name on it.

– ECW.com has a story up on the ECW Arena, from where the brand is holding TV tomorrow. The latest “Shooting With Tazz” is also up.