[JunkNewsflash!] RVD and Sabu Cited on Drug Charges

Rob Van Dam and Sabu were cited on drug charges in Ohio on Sunday night when they were pulled over for speeding and found with pounds of marijuana and over five thousand other pills. Rob Van Dam is currently the WWE champion and the ECW champion. He was supposed to feud with Kurt Angle, but Kurt Angle took time off to deal with his multiple injuries. Sabu was widely considered to be the third biggest star in the company.

We at insidepulse were lucky enough to obtain a transcript of the conversation that took place between Sabu and RVD as soon as the cops left.

Rob: Oh crap.

Sabu: Hmm.

Rob: I am so f*cked.

Sabu: Yeah.

Rob: I mean… f*ck!

Sabu: Quite a pickle.

Rob: Who uses that expression?

Sabu: I do.

Rob: In this situation I mean! I am so damn f*cked right now and you call it quite a pickle?

Sabu: A dilly of a pickle.

Rob: Oh man.

Sabu: Quite a dilly.

Rob: What am I going to do?

Sabu: Yeah. That’s a good question.

Rob: I’m not the only one in trouble here!

Sabu: I never really thought I’d last all that long with the company anyway. Besides, I’m an old guy. I need my pills.

Rob: I need my medication too.

Sabu: Please.

Rob: It’s part of my character! I gotta live the gimmick.

Sabu: That excuse is definitely going to work.

Rob: I think I just killed ECW.

Sabu: Maybe. Want to blow each other?

Rob: For the tenth time, NO!

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