Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – July 3

Let’s get it started.

Another Monday, another performance show.

Let me begin by saying that I think I have been a little hard on my new Idol crew. Longtime readers know that I hate change of any kind. Not only do I eat at the same five restaurants and fast food joints, but I order the same thing at the same time and sit at the same table. When Jennie Garth cut her hair short on 90210, I was devastated. Same thing for Keri Russell’s Felicity. Only exception was Jennifer Garner’s constant hair changes on Alias. Because damn, how can you argue against that. The bottom line is I don’t like new things. I like the comfort of security. Anyway, back to my point. The new Idol crew is good. And I am starting to like them just as much as my homeys from the past few seasons. And that is the highest compliment that I can pay.

I know you guys dig it when I rip and there were a couple of tools in Monday’s audience that certainly deserve it. There was a pair in the crowd who actually did the wave before the show started. No, I am not joking. In a small studio, they actually got up and waved. Not a wave hello or goodbye. Like a two-man wave, that atrocity you see at baseball games.

I was repulsed.

I mean we are talking 20-year old dudes. Not kids!

There was also some incredibly tall guy blocking me and basically sitting in my lap for the duration of the show. I don’t have a problem with the height. You get used to that at movie theatres and stage shows. But the other offense? Bah! I am a thin guy and I think this is why. I have a hate-on for girth of any kind (especially when somebody else’s rolls find their way onto my bread basket).

Alrighty, back to the show. The vibe seemed different today. It was like slower. Can’t really explain. Just like the night was in slow-motion. Maybe that’s just me. Don’t know.

With nine guys left, my pre-show prediction is that Sheldon and Rob will be gone next, with Tyler bringing up the caboose.

The show began with Ben Mulroney asking if everyone voted and announcing that two of the guys have to go home. He also said that “this group of guys will make it well worth your while.”

When the guys were announced, Brandon and Keith got the loudest reactions.

Time for the judges opening comments.

Jake: One way or another and we all talked about it last week, it’s all about song selection.

Sass: The big note. I think that more than a big note, we need to see and feel big energy.

Farley: Hoping that the younger guys sing songs that their buddies know and will get behind.

Zack: (Wearing old-school Team Canada shirt) I am just celebrating Canada’s surprise victory in the World Cup.

Time for the performances.

Greg Neufeld
– Sang “Rocket Man” by Elton John.
– No opening video.
– Singing decently, with no rock-out moments.
– Performed the piece in a tender fashion, but I have never thought “Rocket Man” was tender.
– As per Sass’s comments at the beginning, Greg hits his big note well.
– Song seemed short.
– Average.

Jake: Great song but it showed your limitations rather than your abilities.
Sass: Liked husky tone. Good job.
Farley: Not bad, probably a little safe.
Zack: I was going to say something positive before the peanut gallery piped in, but it was kind of like Matchbox 20 meets Matinee Idol. It worked for me

After the break, Tyler and Chris.

Tyler Lewis
– Sang “Mama, I’m Coming Home” by Ozzy Osborne.
– Much better performance than last week.
– Crowd into it.
– Singing to win.
– Moving very badly on stage.
– Has bad stage presence.
– Still, much better than last week.
– Seems rejuvenated.
– Good song choice.
– Have to make the obvious joke… Mama, is he really coming home?
– Great pitch.
– Good job.
– Crowd LOVES it!

Sass: That was really interesting. That was really interesting. Higher register, that’s when we’re talking.
Farley: You’re going to be awesome. You challenged the song!
Zack: That was a rock and roll performance, but you’re not a rocker. No edge. Seems you’re just trying to compete.
Jake: Didn’t really do anything for me. If you want to be a rocker, then you gotta really rock. It was kind of lame.

Ben also tells the crowd that it is Tyler’s birthday.

Chris Labelle
– Sang “We Shall Be Free” by Garth Brooks.
– Ben introduces it as a song that Brooks wrote during his reflective period.
– Chris is wearing a cowboy hat which I thought was a little cheesy.
– Ah, but then it all makes sense. It’s hiding his Canada Day red mohawk.
– This guy has to be related to Jacob Hoggard.
– Ben Mulroney introduced it as a reflective song, but Chris is rocking it out.
– Problem might be that he will be seen only as a showman and not as a singer.
– As if on cue, he throws out Monopoly money to the crowd in the middle of the song.
– Give me a break!
– I think Chris’ plan is to do whatever it takes to get into the Top 10 and this schtick will definitely work for that.

Farley: You’re a smoke and mirrors guy. You make people laugh.
Jake: You’re not the best singer, but you’re the only one showing you want to win.
Sass: I think you’re fabulous.

After the break it’s Craig, Sheldon and Chad. During the commercial, camera guys and Sue clean up Chris’ dollar bills.

Show resumes and Ben talks to the girls who will be performing tomorrow night. Nancy says that she would rather see some more of the guys’ performances instead of engaging in witty banter with Ben.

Craig Sharpe
– Sang “This I Promise You” by N’Sync
– My final four prediction looks solid.
– Craig is head and tails above everyone else.
– The thing about Craig is that he is experienced at competition and knows what his strengths are.
– Crowd is going crazy.
– This guy is unbelievably good.

Zack: You sang befitting the song. It will get you to the next day.
Jake: Perfect song for you. You’re from Newfoundland and there’s a good chance you’re going on. Newfoundland knows how to support their people.
Sass: You have an astonishing voice.
Farley: A guy who sings better than most boy band singers.

Sheldon Elter
– Sang “Moondance” by Van Morrison.
– It’s okay, but clearly not at the level of the others.
– His “moves” on stage are worse than Tyler’s!
– Why are his eyes closed for the entire thing?
– Bad big note.
– Murtz is not a big fan.

Jake: You did a great job.
Sass: I am sure the ladies will agree that it was a sultry performance. You have a softness in your tone. It’s cool.
Farley: Far better song choice than last week. You don’t have to step forward to hear our judgment!
Zack: While you have a strong sense of self and identity, that was real lounge for me. Really irrelevant.

Chad Doucette
– Sang “Save The Last Dance For Me” by Michael Buble.
– Singing softly.
– I think he will capitalize on the popularity of the song.
– It’s a good song to play to the audience with.
– Putting on a great show by starting and slowing at breaks in the music.
– Dances with woman in the front row (turns out she is his mother).
– Performance grows on me and could be one of the bet of the season so far.
– Decent vocal, perfect performance.
– A quarter of the audience give him standing ovation.

Sass: Totally weird, but interesting.
Farley: Plate full of all the cheeses I have seen in all my life.
Zack: That song was a hit in the year of Jake’s prom. I think it’s time for Tiny Talent Time to go away.
Jake: Jacob Hoggard took things out of the realm. You’re going very camp. It probably worked for the people at home.

Rob is up next.

Rob James
– Sang “Heaven” by Bryan Adams.
– Really sounds like the guy from McMaster & James.
– Singing well.
– I am clearly jaded and biased about him because I do not feel he belongs in the competition.
– Despite a decent performance, he is still one of my picks to go.

Farley: You fascinate me. You’re the one I can hear on records.
Zack: Internal tension, I can hear it in your voice. Natural vibe is great, just loosen up.
Jake: Are you nervous? I think that’s (nervousness) is your charm. You have this understated thing about you.
Sass: I actually agree with Jake. Really nice, you got that tongue thing going. Loved it.

Brandon is up next.

Brandon Jones
– Sang “Somebody To Love” by Queen.
– He is one of my contenders.
– I thought it was a good song choice… up until he started singing it.
– Not great for his voice.
– Shaky start.
– Weird performance.
– I think the judges will hate his hop-hoppityness to Queen.
– Saved it near the end.
– Audience liked, but I didn’t.
– Odd, because I am a Brandon fan.
– Just a bad night.

Zack: Singing a Queen song on mediocre level.
Jake: I thought that was absolutely pathetic. Absolutely atrocious. Do songs that fit you.
Sass: Wasn’t the best thing. I just love you. Sorry.
Farley: Best natural stage presence. You decide who you are. I thought that was fine buddy.

Keith up next.

Keith Macpherson
– Sang “Best I Ever Had” by Vertical Horizon.
– Will he be able to follow-up last week’s brilliance?
– Great opening.
– He likes his ballads, that’s for sure.
– Great stage presence.
– He is steadily climbing up the Jaffer Rankings.
– Great performance.
– He is a contender.
– Why are his pants so tight?!

Jake: What do you say? That was perfect. That’s what you are.
Sass: Can I get your autograph? (Keith says he wants hers, to which Sass says, everybody in Canada’s got mine)
Farley: How did you get your feet in those pants? Tone is immaculate. You’re the real deal.
Zack: Travesty if you didn’t break Winnipeg’s record of being shutout of the Top 10. Could one of you guys please rock next week? Enough of the schmaltz!


My thoughts? Glad you asked.

I think that Craig is a lock to be the last man standing. He has the look, the voice, the experience and comes from Newfoundland. Dude, who does that remind you of?

I thought Brandon (my other male pick) had a bad night. He could find himself in the bottom four, but he’ll stay.

Great surprise from Chad, who I didn’t expect to do any damage in this competition.

I think that the guys most at risk are Sheldon, Rob, Tyler and the aforementioned Brandon.

See you guys after the girls perform.