[ECW] Notes On Tonight’s Show

Dave Meltzer of WrestlingObserver.com has reported that there was a major ECW planning meeting today in Philadelphia and that as of now, the Edge vs. RVD match with both titles on the line is still on for tonight’s main event.

Also from Meltzer, there are two hours of matches scheduled to tape tonight, with of course only one hour airing tonight on Sci Fi. He is also reporting that Sabu was originally scheduled to be on RAW last night, but those plans were changed — along with the main event — in order to get the title off of RVD as soon as possible.

Dave Scherer of PWInsider confirms the above report about the title change, and also adds that the spot where RVD and Sabu were pulled over is a known speed trap in Ohio, and is about 30 miles West of Huntington, WV, whereas to get to Philadelphia, the two should have driven East.