[MISC] Spoilers for TNA iMPACT! and Friday Night Smackdown

The following spoilers are according to WrestlingObserver.com:

July 6 TNA iMPACT!

Sonjay Dutt b Homicide via DQ for Hernandez interfering

Monty Brown b Kenny King

Kevin Nash came out with Alex Shelley, Johnny Devine and a body bag. They opened it up and they captured Chris Sabin. Jay Lethal ran in for the save

Samoa Joe said he would make Scott Steiner’s children cry

Sting & Christian b Steiner & Jarrett whe Sting pinned Jarrett. Joe attacked Steiner after the match.

Rhino challenged Vince McMahon to come to Orlando and take the ECW heavyweight and TV title belts from him, since he still has them. This may have been something just for the live crowd

July 13 TNA iMPACT!

Abyss b Norman Smiley

Sen Shi b Jerrelle Clark

Styles & Daniels b Shelley & Devine when Styles pinned Devine after the Styles clash. The women got involved, as did Alex Shelley. Styles & Daniels’ partner is now called The Neutralizer.

Team 3-D & Rhino & Lethal b Team Canada in a match where if Team Canada won, they could reform, but if they lost, they had to disband.

TNA Xplosion

Homicide b Shark Boy

Sabin & Dutt b Elix Skipper & David Young

July 7 Friday Night Smackdown
Based on a report from Josh Gibble; some items may be out of order…

The show opened with bunch of guys in the ring for a battle royal to determine the #1 contender to face Rey Mysterio at Great American Bash. Finlay, Matt Hardy and Booker got entrances, with Regal coming out with the King. During the match, the Mexicools went at it with each other, and Finlay was dominant. Hardy, Regal and Bokoer were the final three, with Booker throwing the two others out simultaneously to win the title shot.

Rey did a promo backstage about facing Booker, and said he didn’t want Chavo to get hurt by coming out of retirement to face Henry. He also talked about Batista’s return, and how the title run has been the highlight of his career.

Sylvan did a segment, as did The Miz.

Ken Kennedy beat Super Crazy after interference from Psicosis.

Tatanka did an interview, then was destroyed by The Great Khali. Khali brought a casket out before the match, and afterwards, the lights flickered, with smoke coming out of the casket, but no Taker in person. He did say over the PA that he accepts the challenge.

Vito beat Psicosis after Crazy interfered.

The Pitbulls beat Scotty and Funaki.

Batista’s big moments were shown all night, building up his return. Mark Henry’s victims were also run down — including Batista, Benoit, Angle.

The Great American Bash Card was reviewed, with Booker T. vs. Rey, Henry vs. Batista, Lashley vs. Regal vs. Finlay and Taker vs. Kahli announced so far.

Regal and Finlay were talking about having to face each other at GAB, when the Little Bastard humped Regal’s leg and bit Finlay. Finlay chased him off.

Lashley beat Gregory Helms with a powerslam in a Champion vs. Champion match.

Finally, Batista come out to a HUGE reaction. He just told Henry to come down, Henry played the wimp role, and was going to walk away, but Rey ran out and stopped him. Henry whipped Rey into the barricade, allowing Batista to attack him. Batista killed Henry with the steps and chair shots.

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com