Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – July 4

Time for the girls.

Murtz is in Canadian Idol overload. My life right now is pretty insane and Idol three days a week is hardcore. Inside Pulse is the only media outlet to cover every show and my record of not missing a show since last season is still intact. I have the war wounds to prove it.

Today’s Murtz tip is to not order anything from Starbucks. They are very judgmental. One day, about four years ago, I made the mistake of going in there and ordering a “medium double double.” The dude at the desk said they didn’t serve that, and I said that I was under the impression that they were a coffee-serving establishment. He said that they only had something called the “Grande, Vente Latte” or something and gave me a look like I had just spit in the face of God. As a result, I have never gone back there. Coffee places that think they have a higher social standing than you equal no-go.

Back to the show.

Sue Brophy came out to do the same warm-up routine. The judges were introduced and then host Ben Mulroney came out and revealed that Tiger of Sweden made his jacket.

To prep the audience for the appropriate song response, Ben said to pretend that he just sang a song. The crowd yelled “Stairway” as in “Stairway To Heaven” and there was a delicious irony in that, considering that yesterday, Ben’s song of choice was “My Heart Will Go On” (yes, that “My Heart Will Go On”). Even though Ben didn’t sing, Zack still pretended to offer him advice and said “if my dog barked the way you sing, I’d have him put down.”

The top nine guys came out and Ben Mulroney introduced his buddy Glenn who was in the audience again. If you will recall, he referred to him as “DJ Z-Jay.” When Ben pointed him out, Zack asked rhetorically if Glenn would even be in the crowd if Mulroney wasn’t the host. Ben actually decided to go and ask him and Glenn said that he would. He also said that Mulroney was a dead man (joking of course).

The top nine ladies came out and Sue announced that Kenny and Spenny were also in attendance.

Show began and Ben said that 1.6 million votes were cast for the guys and that the ladies would turn up the heat tonight. He also introduced pianist Marc Lalama. The girls then came out in the following order: Ashley Coulter, Eva Avila, Alisha Nauth, Sarah Loverock, Steffi D, Kati Durst, Ashley Coles, Alyssa Klazek and Nancy Silverman.

Ben then asked the judges for their opening thoughts.

Zack: Unimaginable that somebody who won wasn’t comfortable making a top 40 record (saying that the Idols should start singing more popular songs).

Farley: The German coach asked me what went wrong and I said that the best defense equals the best offense and that the best offense equals the best defense.

Sass The stakes are going up every week, I understand the fear.

Jake Three of these guys should be in the Top 10, the other spots are up for grabs.

One of my final four picks is up first.

Ashley Coulter
– Sang “I’m The Only One” by Melissa Etheridge.
– It’s a great song and perfect for Idol competitions.
– She is as good as Craig Sharpe in song selection (probably why they are at the top of the Jaffer rankings).
– I am very happy with my prediction, because Ashley Coulter is the class of the competition.
– Her bluesy tone is perfect for the song.
– Same with her husky sounding singing voice.
– An amazing and perfect performance.

Jake: Last week, you did a bar song and this week you did a bar song. While you did it well, you have to step out of your realm.
Sass: I love that you got into it so much. Do a softer song next time.
Farley: You look really hot (Murtz: “huh?”). Song is in your ilk. Step out and show more dimension.
Zack: You have this Sheila Easton, Pat Benatar, Alf-like quality. If you’re going to be the queen of blues rock, you are making a box for yourself and it might be uncomfortable in there.

Eva and Alisha are up next.

During the break, Sue said that the three Idol shows last week were the #1, #2 and #3 shows in Canada last week.

Eva Avila
– Sang “Killing Me Softly” by Roberta Flack.
– Good song choice.
– Perfect tone and pitch.
– She is moving up the Jaffer rankings.
– I like the Fugees/Lauryn Hill cover version of the song better.
– Very good, hot opening.

Sass: Absolutely beautiful, warm, touching.
Farley: Little nervous at the beginning, but believable.
Zack: Important that you stick around. What is definitive of you? What is your signature?
Jake: I don’t disagree. You rushed at the beginning. You gotta be in the pocket. Remember that you are performing with somebody else.

Alisha Nauth
– Sang “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins.
– Very good.
– I find the song annoying.
– Big notes are a little weak.
– I think she should be more passionate/emotional with it.
– There is a separation between her and the audience.
– Song seemed to go on forever.
– I liked, but didn’t love. That’s kind of how I feel about submarine sandwiches, hot and sour soup and Inside Man with Denzel Washington.

Farley: Not your best, but in the song you say “take a look at me, I’m standing here” and you’ll still be standing.
Zack: You’re a serious thoroughbred like Eva. You should be here for a long time.
Jake: Like Eva, I think you rushed a bit. It just doesn’t feel right because you’re not in the pocket with the piano.
Sass: There’s something so appealing about you. You might want to hold back a little.

Sarah, Steffi and Kati are up next.

Now for something interesting. During the commercial break, audience members are often asked to sing. My feeling has always been that there’s a reason we are sitting and watching singers. In any event, the reason tonight’s audience singing is interesting is because one of Nancy’s friends took the mic and said that she was singing “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morrissette for Nancy “because Nancy wanted to sing it and couldn’t.” Probably a licensing issue or something. Sucks though because Nancy would have rocked that song.

After the commercial break, Ben asked the guys for their thoughts and Sheldon said that it was good if the girls sang well and they should “bring it.” He also said that you are “only as good as the people you play with.”

Sarah Loverock
– Sang “I Don’t Want To Be” by Gavin DeGraw.
– Totally different arrangement and vibe to the original.
– I like it.
– This is turning out to be the best show of the season.
– The weird arrangement actually works for Sarah’s voice.
– The crowd isn’t as into it as I initially suspected.
– It’s still awesome.

Zack: Eventually, you’re going to have to really rip. You’re technically still the best singer here.
Jake: Highlight of the night. You nailed it.
Sass: You tore it up.
Farley: You have to really show your skill and blast everybody away.

Steffi D
– Sang “White Flag” by Dido.
– Starts the song in strange position and the mic is where the couches usually are.
– I do not think she is on the level of the other performers tonight.
– His miniscule miscues are highlighted by the fact that the others have all been particularly outstanding.
– It’s okay, but on a night when everybody else borders on excellence, okay isn’t good enough.
– She saved it near the middle.
– I liked the crazy walk during a particularly powerful moment in the song.
– Crowd is not feeling it.
– Meh.
– Murtz is not a fan.
– I like her, just not tonight.
– Similar feeling I had to Brandon Jones yesterday.

Jake: You are just so cute. Song was good for you. Really good, really entertaining.
Sass: You’re so adorable. Loved it. It was amazing.
Farley: Liked the balance between the theatrics and honesty.
Zack: That was the right blend. That as the first performance that actually reminded me of the year we are living. That was hip.

Kati Durst
– Sang “I Hope You Dance” by Leann Womack.
– Nice opening.
– Good song choice.
– I liked it.
– She was good and there is not much else to say

Sass: Your most confident performance so far.
Farley: Sense of vindication. I really really enjoyed it. That was hot.
Zack: I really really didn’t. Your eyes were closed for 98 per cent of the performance.
Jake: I completely disagree. I thought that was natural. I think that is her charm.

Ashley Coles is next.

I have to say that I was really looking forward to the Coles performance. I love this song by Pink and everybody knows how much I like Ashley Coles so I thought it was a match made in heaven. Much like me and Denise Richards.

Ashley Coles
– Sang “Misery” by Pink.
– I just realized I messed up, and the song that I was thinking of is “Just Like A Pill” by Pink.
– Slow start.
– It’s average, and not as good as I hoped for.
– I think I hyped it too much.
– Not a great big note, but perhaps that was her intent.
– I liked the end.
– An average performance.
– I judge her harshly because I know she is capable of better.
– Not my favorite performance of the evening, but she is still one of my picks.

Farley: I liked the sharp tone of yours in that song.
Zack: First half was forgettable. Some things you did were cool, other things that were 16.
Jake: That’s because she is 16 Zack. I thought you redeemed yourself from last week. Even though I am not sure how much misery you have felt since you are only 16, you made it believable.
Sass: Most improved from last week. You get attention from whispering.

Alyssa is up next.

Alyssa Klazek
– Sang “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf.
– Song is a crowd-pleaser.
– Her performance is alright.
– I think it will be forgettable.
– Singing too nicey-nice for the song.
– Bad big note, even though she held it for a long period.
– See you later sister.

Zack: I kind of wonder why we didn’t put somebody else through.
Jake: It was very brave. I don’t think you pulled it off.
Sass: Sounds odd with the piano, it needs band and guitars. Overenunciation sometimes, but it was brave.
Farley: I loved you in auditions and I fought hard to get you here. Get your stuff together.

Nancy is up next.

Nancy Silverman
– Sang “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys.
– Tough song.
– Her nasal-y voice is coming out a little.
– I can see people ripping this but…
– I love it!
– I just like this girl, I think she is different and original.
– I thought she was a little too animated at times.
– A few of my friends e-mailed to say that she sings the way that I karaoke (which if you haven’t seen is quite a display).
– Very unique.

Jake: You just nailed it. The women won it this week.
Sass: You are the best drama queen I have ever seen.
Farley: Wacky wonderful world of Nancy. Let me in! You nailed the living daylights out of that!
Zack: If somebody mistakes the sharpness of your tone as something other than the real-virtuoso that it is, they have no idea what singing is all about. Nancy Silverman is the bomb.

Recap and that’s all folks.

Alrighty, prediction time.

Murtz’s Bottom 4 Guys

With Sheldon and Rob going home.

Murtz’s Bottom 4 Girls

With Steffi and Alyssa going home.

See you tomorrow.

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