[RAW] More Hogan/Orton Details

Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Orton had been tentatively scheduled for WrestleMania 23, based around Orton’s Legend Killer gimmick, as a back-up plan in case Steve Austin could not be persuaded to work with Hogan. Now the match has been brought forward to SummerSlam to tie into the release of Brooke Hogan’s song, which has become the focal point for the feud at Hulk Hogan’s request. While he is enthusiastic about the angle, Brooke’s publicists and record company are said to be very resistant to the idea as they believe she faces enough of an uphill struggle to be taken seriously due to being known first and foremost as “Hulk Hogan’s daughter”, so continuing to be associated with professional wrestling will do nothing to make people think of her as anything more than a publicity stunt. Regardless, Brooke and Orton may yet become an on-screen couple. As he continues to have full creative control on his angles and match finishes it is Hulk’s decision – and so is whether or not Orton gets to go over.

Steve Austin is still not interested in working “a half-speed match” with Hulk Hogan. Still, as next year’s WrestleMania will be the 20th anniversary of his iconic match with Andre The Giant, it is all but certain that Hogan will wrestle at the event – possibly against The Big Show.


Edge is still hurting from the botched table spot during his recent match with Tommy Dreamer, which saw him land on his head. He hasn’t taken any time off but WWE did pull him from a promotional tour in the UK, replacing him with Randy Orton.


Orton was interviewed on a BBC radio show recently. The hosts said that he looks like he enjoys his entrance music when he comes out, to which Orton said “I must be a good actor because I’m acting my ass off”. He said the lyrics were like something a Kindergartner would come up with. He also said that John Cena was a good friend of his, but that his music was pretty bad.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)