The Morning After (ECW News and Views) 7/5/06

So apparently the PSA’s were right. Drugs will screw up your life. There’s a ton of problems with this whole little scenario though which we’ll talk about in a bit. Anywho, let’s break it down.

Letters first:

Kenny D makes a good point that I was rather retarded about last week:

I just thought that I would let you know about the “We Want Cena” chant on ECW last night…It started in the higher seats by girls and little kids…It was so high pitched of a chant that it’s not funny…It did not come off on tv but there was an equally as loud chant for “No We Don’t!”…It was the typical WWE fans chanting like maniacs for Cena…There were a good amount of ECW fans there…It just came off poorly on tv that all the audience cared for was Cena…it personally pissed me off!

The ire that built up in my mind over the fact that a bunch of girls were chanting for Cena at an ECW, event albeit a pseudo-ECW event, blinded me to creative’s hand for a bit. I feel silly.

Speaking of silly, here’s a letter from “ThEdArKnIgHt543” (log in must be a bitch):

Hey man just wanted to add that you are giving Sci-Fi crap for something that they don’t deserve (of course it does look crappy, but this time it’s not Sci-Fi’s fault for the crappyness) here is the link to the movie on

From reading it, it shows that the movie was out in 2005, and is available on DVD, I just think Sci-Fi is trying to get in on the whole Pirates of the Caribbean stuff coming out.

The simple fact of the matter is that Sci-Fi was advertising it on their air time heavily and then putting it on their air time. It doesn’t matter that Sci-Fi didn’t make this trash (although I did change my mention of the film from Sci-Fi Pictures Original). They have chosen to waste valuable air time again by showing another turd of a film. Sci-Fi is responsible directly or indirectly for at least half of the shit movies on a Blockbuster’s New Release shelf. For that reason, I hate them.

Finally Tony Atlas from last week writes another few paragraphs on why Big Show would work as a good guy and deserves a title run:

Maybe I’m being too creative for WWE creative. It’s fatastical booking, but it’s still nothing more than an idea. I wasn’t thinking it would be a “how can I be hardcore?” situation. A feud is a natural part of the progression. Tommy Dreamer dismissing TBS’s asswhoopings as banal and forcing TBS to go in a (forgive the pun) more extreme direction as something of an in-ring mentorship. Did I explain myself clearly?

I was thinking more along the lines of how do you get Tommy Dreamer on TV and get TBS over as a monster. And at the same time save Tommy Dreamer’s body from taking punishment long-term. I don’t see Dreamer as in-ring talent for much longer. But I think Dreamer can get Show over as a face… or as a heel. Show with weapons and a run with the World TV Championship can go a long way for credibility. Maybe I have a little bit too much of wide eyed optimism in the case of TBS, but I do think the guy deserves a run as a serious threat before he’s gone for good.

Well, if they’re smart, they won’t ditch Tommy Dreamer’s feud with Show just yet. Dreamer makes sense to be the guy to challenge for the ECW title in a new breed vs old breed deal. More on this in the actual report.

Oh one more thing before we get to the wrassling. I know yesterday it was Independence Day in the states, but hell, it might as well have been Christmas for the Bush administration. If you hadn’t heard, Kenneth Lay died yesterday of a heart attack. That saves Bush Jr. from potentially having to pardon the man who chaired the committee for re-election of Bush Sr. 1992 (not to mention all of the money he gave Bush in the 2000 election year). Also it’ll be a tad more difficult to pin corporate corruption on Republicans come the 06 and 08 elections when the face of corporate corruption is dead and buried.

Enough politics though, it’s time for mediocre wrestling!

“That Was Awesome”

The Crowd Awakens: I forget which Pulse writer said this a few weeks ago (then Penny told me it was her, go read her in Hatton’s Rabble at the end of each and every Rabble), but in regards to Two Night Stand, they said that it wasn’t an ECW crowd at the Hammerstein Ballroom, it was a bunch of ECW marks doing their best impression of an ECW crowd. I got that feeling while watching last night’s show a lot. Still, even with the editing, the show sounded a ton better then the last few weeks. The only genuine ECW chant though seemed to be the RVD’s pot chant. Not even the most hopped up and drunk crowd would give an awesome chant to Rob jumping over the top rope.

World Champ: Big Show There were only three real choices to take the belt off of RVD pending anyone else jumping brands. Kurt Angle was the first choice, but he’s injured. Then there’s Sabu who might be out of work at the most, and at the least, is going to be fed to other wrestlers for the next year. That leaves Big Show. He was the best choice to become champ (no, not Test, whoever suggested that obviously forgot what Test did in the ring). Also it’s the first real sign that Paul has no control over the booking anymore. If the ball was in his court still, he wouldn’t have taken the belt off of Rob Van Dam for GASP using marijuana. Who’d of thought that the Big Show would be the only triple champ? Well… you want the definition of transitional/emergency champion, Paul Wight’s mug is right in the center of the page.

Speaking of Paul… I guess his heel turn was played the right way. He ignores the old breed and focuses on the new breed. It certainly makes a lot more sense then his previous turn against Brock Lesnar to team up with the Big Show. It fits decently into wrestling continuity (it’s not like he tossed the belt on someone he’s had no contact with). Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve seen this pairing before. Maybe it’s that everyone knew that the belt needed to come off of Rob and having him do a clean job two nights in a row kills his character dead in the water. Maybe it’s just more fun to watch evil Paul then concerned Paul. Whatever it is, this worked for me.

Kelly’s Little (Big?) Things: I’ve been down on the exhibitionist gimmick the entire time. This week though was the first time I enjoyed it. When Mike Knox covered Kelly with an American flag, I laughed. That’s the first time I’ve gotten any enjoyment out if the gimmick. The second time was the constant “he’s a homo” chant that went on during the Little Guido squash.

“You Fucked Up”

The Hypocrisy of the WWE: So let me get this straight. You push a guy who’s gimmick is that he’s a pothead. He gets found with pot and pain killers along with Sabu who had the same, a man whose body is literally covered with scars. Yes, the WWE had to do some damage control here, but honestly, what the hell did they expect?

What further aggravates me is that I can see them tossing those two under the bus where as they kept that asshole Steve Austin around who did something much worse in beating his wife. They can say they’re making a stand all they want for Eddie and for their drug program. The simple fact of the matter is that if you’re going to drop the hammer right here and now, then step up on your front. No more “Shawn Michaels is drugged” gimmicks. No more beer baths. No more Vince takes Viagra jokes. This has to be an all or nothing concept if you boot out two guys whose gimmicks involved this sort of shit.

This is Not a Test, it’s Test: Ugh. How do you f*ck up a big boot Test? Furthermore, you bury Al Snow to show us Test can’t wrestle? Fantastic idea, creative.

Ok, it’s Old Now: The Vampire gimmick needs to come to its natural conclusion. Sandman needs to stop beating up lame gimmicks. I was hoping they’d keep the priest in competition as a Cyrus 2.0 rather then being Sandman feed. In any event, pull the trigger on the inevitable Sandman/Vampire feud. We’re bored with both now.

No Trinity Again!: Can we please get her in the ring with Jazz so the two can start building an ECW women’s division of actual, you know, wrestling. Also Trinity is ten times hotter then Kelly (which is probably why she’s off tv right now).

Rob’s Suspension: Rob’s suspended after ECW goes of the air with no kayfabe explanation? Please don’t just leave it at that. The easiest way for Paul to build some real heel heat for himself is to come right out and say that Rob smoked pot and that was wrong. Then he proceeds to try and clean up ECW’s image, pulling it almost back to early 90s WWF gimmicks. As of right now though, we have generic evil Paul doing generic evil things, and that’s boring. There is a very good storyline in this mess somewhere that isn’t evil boss versus most popular guy on the brand.

So that’s it. Send feedback. I’ll post it. See you next week.