[MISC] RVD & Other Web Commentary & MySpace Updates

From www.RobVanDam.com:

July 1 – Anybody else have a brutal weekend?

Three, live on tv, main event physical battles in a row! Anyone catch any of that?

Anyone used to seeing the World Championship fought so hard for? Now that I have the ECW and the RVD Spinner Titles, you know what kind of championship matches to expect.

I’m super stoked for our live ECW tv show in Philly on Tuesday. After One Night Stand blew everyone away with the energy from the crowd, the weekly tv shows on Sci-Fi just don’t capture that spirit, which is what we’re about. That’s because we’re in a Smackdown arena with Smackdown fans but in Philly on Tuesday we will have our first chance to be in front of a crowd that paid to see us since that legendary night in NYC. I predict it will be our best weekly show yet.

By the way, I’m not used to getting booed at the shows, but lately, since this new ECW emerged I’ve gotten a mixed reaction. Here’s what I say to that. If preferring ECW makes me bad in your book, then there you go. I didn’t turn on you, it was the other way around and if you prefer the cheese over the meat substance then stay where it’s easy for you. Let them spoon feed you and tell you when to cheer and when to boo but as for myself and my hardcore fans that know the difference, we’re on a revolution! It’s not the same as it used to be but that’s a good thing in many ways, and if there’s a new brand of wrestling for the extreme, you know I belong there!

Watch for changes in both of my websites real soon. Also, Medium Rob put a site up for the store at myspace. Check it out.

As always I enjoyed meeting all the fans that came to meet me at the store on Thursday. I was surprised at how good the turnout was but hey, I AM the World Champion!

I’m enjoying Deadwood but is it just me, or does anyone else wonder what the hell they’re talking about in each scene? I do get the cuss words but there’s a few others in between.

Okay, that’s a pretty decent sized update so I’m checking out until next week. We’ll get into the whole “Why ECW” thing a little more for those of you extra challenged.



The World F’n Champion

In other news, Marty Jannetty — offline for quite some time — has started posting on his MySpace blog again.

Orlando Jordan has MySpace, too! Here’s his page

…and here’s the latest blog posts from Ashley Massero.

John Cena’s MySpace page has been taken down, as has the link from WWE.com. It became very anti-Cena, so now a fan has taken over the URL here.

Rey Mysterio also has a MySpace page here.

Matt Hardy has posted on his forums that he’s had some back issues lately that he’s been working on getting healed.