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Drew emails

Long time reader, first time writer.

To give a bit of background as to why I am asking my questions, I stopped reading comics regularly probably 15-20 years ago (right after Fall of the Mutants) but I have picked up a few here and there. I have used your column, a few others, the Essential’s and the Marvel website to try and catch up. This process of catching up has led to a bunch of random questions that I hope are not too rudimentary or boring for your readers. Answer them (or just some of them) if you like.

Actually I’ll answer them all. But might spread them out a few columns. I like helping people catch up.

1) What was the Executioner’s Song story line about? Did Stryfe (whoever that is) battle Apocalypse? What was the outcome of that fight?

X-Cutioners Song was Stryfe, posing as Cable, attempts to kill Professor X and has Cyclops and Jean Grey kidnapped. X-Force and Cable are hunted by the rest of the X-Teams, and Summers family life gets very complicated.

In the all around story we learn the Stryfe is Cable’s clone and Cable is Scott Summers and Madelyne’s son Nathan who he sent to the future. Stryfe of course gains the Dark Riders (Apocalypse crew) as allies as well as the Horsemen.
Stryfe believing he’s the son of Cyclops wants revenge and blames Sinister and Apocalypse. The X-Men have to battle Stryfe, the MLF, The Dark Riders, The Horseman, Apocalypse and Sinister to find the truth.

Stryfe does fight Apocalypse and wins the battle.

In the end it’s Cable vs. Stryfe as they battle it out and are seemly killed. In reality they are sent back to the future where this started.

Also of importance is that this is the story that started the Legacy Virus

2) Has Apocalypse fought anyone besides mutants and what was the outcome?

Recently during the Blood of Apocalypse story the New Avengers helped the X-Men fight Apocalypse. In the end though they didn’t help too much in defeating him.

During Fall of the mutants some books had conflicts involving some of Apocalyse’s people but not against him.

Hulk met Apocalypse but didn’t really fight him. In fact he became a Horsemen.
Of course we know now he fought Dracula.

Sue Storm fought him in Onslaught

Otherwise I can’t think of any.

3) What events caused Juggernaut to fight on Xavier’s side?

Uncanny X-Men #410-412 During a mission with Black Tom, Juggernaut started getting weaker because of what he did during the Exemplar’s event. Cyttorak did not approve and stripped him of part of his power. Also Black Tom himself gained a new power which tried to kill Juggs. Juggernaut called the X-Men for help and after the battle they offered him a place with them. After that he had to get along with the X-Men and of course they had to learn to get along with him.

4) I recall reading a Fantastic Four issue (I think) where it was determined that the Beyonder and the Molecule Man were parts of a cosmic cube. Did the Beyonder ever menace anyone after he became a cosmic cube and if so, what became of it? On a side note, what a horrible explanation of the Beyonder’s existence. I mean really, he’s a freakin’ part of a cosmic cube? In Secret Wars II he is pushing around cosmic entities and then all of a sudden he is just part of a cosmic cube. Uhhg. Maybe that was explained better later on, if so please let me know the real story of the Beyonder.

I’m hoping they explain it better in BEYOND the new book coming out soon from Marvel. Let’s explore the story you speak of Called “Secret Wars 3”. We learned that the energy which comprised the Beyonder and the energy that gave the Molecule Man his powers needed to be combined in order to create the basis for a mentally stable, mature nigh-omnipotent being to be born. This being, called Kosmos (yes the Cosmic cube), expelled the Molecule Man from his form, and returned him to Earth.

Kosmos tutored under Kubik. When the Molecule Man’s lover, Volcana, left him, Owen Reece got angry, extracted the Beyonder from Kosmos and proceeded to attack him, until Kubik intervened.

At some unknown point, Kosmos went mad and assumed a female form, now calling itself the Maker. After the Maker destroyed a Shi’ar colony, the Imperial Guard managed to imprison it in the interstellar prison called the Kyln. The Maker’s madness took control of several inmates, but was finally subdued by the nihilist Thanos and several of his allies among the prisoners. Thanos confronted the Maker and psychically shut down its mind.

Thanos had encounted the Beyonder in the past, but this was never explained, as Thanos was dead at the time of Secret Wars II. Thanos’ flashback showed Thanos as a youngster.

The Fallen One, now under the control of Thanis, is sent to investigate the aftermath of the Kyln’s destruction by the Annihilation Wave and ascertain the Beyonder’s fate; the Fallen One soon finds her lifeless form in the rubble.

5) Did Kitty and Colossus ever get back together? How did it happen and what became of that?

How do I explain this one. Ah I know.

Let’s start in Excalibur 91. Colossus after some time working for Magneto (You’ll have to ask me about Fatal Attractions for this one or go grab the trade) goes back to Kitty. She’s with Excalibur. Being he’s Colossus he sees her with Pete Wisdom (Excalibur member and hot head). But Colossus does understand everything and stays with Excalibur until the team breaks up and Kurt, Kitty and him come back to the X-Men

Uncanny X-Men #390: Colossus to cure the legacy virus takes the cure and kills himself. The only way to cure the world was for someone to make the sacrifice. Colossus did.

Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #4-6: Colossus is found alive by the X-Men and Kitty. Currently in Astonishing X-Men they are working on getting their relationship back on track.

6) What storyline established that Galactus is the Phoenix Force (or saved by the phoenix force – whatever) of the prior universe?

I’m a little stumped here. I do know about the information in fact I can just say it:

Originally named Galan (or “Galen”, though this is a misspelling), he hails from the planet Taa, and is the sole survivor of the Big Crunch of the previous universe in which Taa was located.

Galan was a space explorer investigating the impending end of his universe, as he approached the focal point of the Big Crunch his ship and crew were promptly destroyed. Galan was saved by the Phoenix Force, so that Eternity could re-create the humanoid Galan into Galactus. Phoenix created the cosmic egg, into which all matter of the universe was plunging, the Sentience of the Previous Universe spoke out to Galan, informed him of his destiny and then merged its essence with him.

After the Big Bang of the current universe, to complete his transformation, Galactus was encased in a cocoon of enormous energies. After millions of years, he emerged as an entity of vast cosmic power who was also necessary for the existence of the newly formed universe.

Galactus is considered one of the five essential entities within the Marvel Universe alongside Eternity, the personification of the universe, Death, Infinity and Oblivion. Galactus has been referred to as “third force of the universe” and “one corner of that great triangle which is the universe” by Eternity and Death respectively. Eternity and Death consider Galactus a peer and a sibling, with Death actually referring to Galactus as husband/father/brother/son.

But I don’t recall the issue. I’m going to have to dig out Galactus appearances. I might have it next week

Thanks Jim. If you answer these I can have something to do at work besides, you know, work.

I’ll cover the rest next week. Your welcome Drew. I hope this helped. If you have more ask

Soak posted

ok this might be one hell of a task, but since i am reading Eternals now i was curious about the characters featured in the series. i know next to nothing about any of the people in this book and would like some more info.

Of course I can do that. I’ll cover those who are in the series now and if more show up we can add them later.


Real Name: Cybele
Occupation: None
Identity: Cybele’s existence is not known to the general public of Earth.
Legal Status: Citizen of Olympia
Other Aliases: The Great Mother, Dyndymene Rhea, Agdistis
Place of Birth: Unknown
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Zuras (husband, deceased), Thena (formerly Azura, daughter), Mentor (formerly Alars, brother-in-law), Starfox (Eros, nephew), Thanos (nephew, deceased)
Group Affiliation: Eternals of Earth
Base of Operations: Somewhere in Colorado
First Appearance: ETERNALS Limited Series # 1
Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Heir: White
Powers: Able to manipulate cosmic energy for flight, energy blasts and strength enhancement


Real Name: Ikaris (original name unrevealed)
Occupation: Warrior, former archaeologist’s guide, professional wrestler
Identity: Secret
Legal Status: Citizen of Olympia
Other Aliases: “Iceberg” Ike Harris
Place of Birth: Polaria, Siberia
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Ikaris (son, deceased), Virako (father, deceased), Valkin (uncle)
Group Affiliation: Eternals of Earth
Base of Operations: Mobile
First Appearance: ETERNALS Vol. 1 # 1
Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 230 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes; flight, able to manipulate cosmic energy, telepathy, casting illusions, immortality, teleporation, matter control

Real Name: Makkari
Occupation: Adventurer; former government agent, reporter, others
Identity: Secret
Other Aliases: Hurricane, Mike Khary, Mercury, Hermes, Son of Thor, Major Mercury, Michael Gray, Michael “Mac” Curry, Jake Curtiss, Frank Harper, Adam Clayton, others
Place Of Birth: Olympia
Marital Status: Presumed single
Known Relatives: Verona (father), Mara (mother, deceased)
Group Affiliation: First Line, Monster Hunters, National Security Agency, Eternals of Earth
First Appearance: Red Raven Comics #1
Height: 6′
Weight: 245 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Strawberry blond
Powers: Superhuman strenght, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes, his actual speed rate is presumably at sublight speed
Real Name: Phastos
Occupation: Technologist, chief engineer of a steel mill
Identity: The general populace of Earth does not know that Phastos is an Eternal.
Legal Status: Citizen of Olympia, citizen of West Germany with no criminal record
Other Aliases: Hephaestus, Vulcan
Place of Birth: Unrevealed, presumably Olympia, Greece
Marital Status: Unrevealed
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Eternals of Earth
Base of Operations: Ruhr Valley, West Germany
First Appearance: ETERNALS Vol. 2 #1
Height: 6 ft. 3 in.
Weight: 410 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald, with black beard
Powers: Long life span, superhuman strength, flight, able to manipulate machinery and fire energy blasts


Real Name: Sersi
Occupation: Adventurer, dancer, actress, stage magician, hedonist
Other Aliases: Circe, Sylvia Sersi, Mesmer
Place Of Birth: Olympia, Greece
Marital Status: Unmarried at present
Known Relatives: Helios (father), Perse (mother), Dane Whitman (aka Black Knight IV, Gann Josin)
Group Affiliation: The New Breed, Eternals of Earth, former member of the Avengers
Height: 5′ 9”
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes; able to manipulate cosmic energy to augment her life force, granting virtual immortality and invulnerability, project heat and light, rearrange the molecules of objects, flight, cast illusions, and teleport


Real Name: Sprite
Occupation: Mischief-maker
Other Aliases: Robin Goodfellow, Puck
Place Of Birth: Olympia, Greece
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: The Eternals
Powers: Long lifespan, flight, able to re-shape matter with his mind and cast illusions


Real Name: Thena
Occupation: Scholar, warrior, advisor to Prime Eternal, former Prime Etermal herself
Other Aliases: (former name) Azura
Place Of Birth: Olympia, Greece
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Zuras (father, deceased), Cybele (mother), Deborah Ritter (daughter), Donald Ritter (son), Alars (paternal uncle, aka Mentor), Sui-San (aunt, deceased), Eros (cousin, aka Starfox), Thanos (cousin)
Group Affiliation: Eternals of Earth
First Appearance: Eternals Vol.1 #5
Powers: Gifted, superhuman strength, agility and reflexes, supersonic speed, metahuman stamina and durability (regenerative). Formidable hand-to-hand combatant, has the ability to manipulate cosmic energy


Real Name: Virako
Occupation: None
Other Aliases: Quetzalcoatl
Place of Birth: Polaria, Siberia, U.S.S.R. (now Russia)
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Tulayn (wife, deceased), Valkin (brother), Ikaris (son), Druig (nephew, deceased), Icarus (grandson, deceased)
Group Affiliation: The Eternals
First Appearance: Thor Annual 7
Powers: Able to harness cosmic energy for flight, energy blasts, superhuman strength, and energy absorption
For the record:
Known Members
Earth: Aginar, Ajak, Amaa, Arex, Argos, Astarte, Atlo, Aurelle, Ceyote, Chi Demon, Cybele, Daina, Dark Angel (Donald & Deborah Ritter), Delphan Brothers, Domo, Druig, Electryon, Elo, Forgotten One, Helios, Ikaris, Interloper, Khoryphos, Kronos, Makkari, Mara, Oceanus, Perse, Phastos, Pixie, Psykos, Rakar, Sersi, Sigmar, Sprite, Kingo Sunen, Thena, Titanis, Tulayn, Utnapishtim, Valkin, el Vampiro, Veron, Virako, Zarin, Zuras
Titan: Demeityr, Emlot, Kazantra, Mentor (Alars), Shastra, Starfox (Eros), Sui-San, Thanos, Thyrio, Tycho, Uranos
Uranus: Arlok, Astron, Denga, Lilli
Base of Operations: Olympia, Greece; Titan, moon of Saturn; formerly an outpost on the planet Uranus
First Appearance: Red Raven Comics #1 (1940); (modern) Eternals #1 (1976)

History: Eternals are said to be the successes of the Celestials’ experiments while Deviants are the failures. The two races are often at odds with each other.
The most well-known Eternals are those of Earth. Most of them lived in Olympia, although some others settled in Polaria. Another group left Earth for Titan so as not to quarrel over whether Zuras or Mentor would lead as Prime Eternal..

The Eternals led by Zuras struck a deal with the Olympians to act as representatives. They are often mistaken for gods. Although they aid humanity whenever possible, usually against the Deviants, most of them act under aliases.

Several Eternals revealing their identity has not jeopardized their secrecy.

An accident bombarded the Eternals on Earth with additional powers that most of their brethen on Titan lack.

There is one known living Kree Eternal, Ultimus. Hyperion (Zhib_Ran) is the equivalent of an Eternal from Earth-S.


Sub-race of humanity which on earth, dwell in the city of Lemuria. Deviants on other worlds include the Skrulls, who killed their original race. The Deviants of earth have been ruled by a monarchy, with the House of Toads ruling them for several centuries. Since the death of Brother Tode, Brother Kro, Brother Brutus and Brother Visara have all ruled them, but it is Priestlord Ghaur who currently rules the Deviants, though Kro is kept in power as a figurehead leader. The Deviants’ religious system places the Dreaming Celestial as their creator. For centuries, the Deviants believed that the most grotesque of their kind must submit to the Fire Pits of “Purity Time”, not knowing that victims of Purity Time (“Rejects”) were actually put into suspended animation to one day serve as the “Fifth Host”. Purity Time has since been dis-continued. Deviants have little love for one another, and little hope for their future. One of the few pleasures they enjoy is the domination over humanity. At one time, Lemuria existed above the waves, and was capital of the earth. But after an unwise attack on the Celestials, Lemuria was sunk, and the Deviants have never reclaimed their full power. Modern plots have included the use of Mutates to spread disorder among humans. They were also responsible for the many subterranean races, including Gortokians, Moloids, Tyrannoids, and the Lava Men, all originally bred as slaves. For a brief time, the Deviants were mutated further by Apocalypse, and were nearly mindless creatures which rampaged indiscriminately, but they have since been restored to normalcy.

Prominent Deviants include: Ahqlau, Argos the Hunter, Bandrhude, Blackwulf, Blackwulf II, Blackwulf III, Bristle, Broop, Brutus, Cataphrax, Chudar, Coal, Darg, General Dasrax, Dragona, Ulysses Dragonblood, Dromedan, Dulpus, Enigmo II, Erishkigel, Fascit, Finn, Frathag, Ghaur, Giganto, Gigantus, Glomm, Gort, Gorgilla, Grottu, Haag, Hept-Supht, Id, Ignatz, Odysseus Indigo, Jorro, Karkas, Karygmax, Khult, Nuncio Klarheit, Kro, Kulkulk, Lady Trident, Lugner, Mammoth, Marcelus, Medula, Megataur, Metabo, Minotaur, Molten Man-Thing, Morga, Nirvana, Pandara, Plokohrel, Phraug, Pyre, Ragar, Brother Ranar, Ransak, Schizo, Shelmar, Sledge, Sluice, Spike, Spore, Stranglehold, String, Talon, Tantalus, Taras Vol, Thunder, Tobias, El Toro Rojo, Touchstone, Toxin, Tricephalous, Tutinax, Brother Tode, Veeg, Queen Vira, Brother Visara, Randy Lee Watson, Weller, World-Devouring Worm, Wraath, Yrdisis, Zakka, and Zona.

ok so i read the giant size hulk issue this week and was wondering what the story with this jarella(sp?) character was all about. it looked like hulk was on some planet with a bunch of green people and he hooked up with this girl.

Real Name: Jarella
Occupation: Empress of K’ai
Other Aliases: None
Place Of Birth: K’ai
Marital Status: Single, engaged to Bruce Banner
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Source Of Powers: None
with the Crypto-Man
First Appearance: Incredible Hulk Vol.2 #140
Final Appearance: Incredible Hulk Vol.2 #205

Jarella was one of the Hulk’s girlfriends whom he almost married. She is the queen of the planet K’ai. Sorcerers of her court conduct a chant so that Bruce Banner can be in control of the Hulk body.

When Psyklop shrinks down the Hulk for further study but the Avengers interrupt him and the Hulk keeps shrinking. He keeps shrinking until he makes it to the sub-atomic planet of K’ai. The Hulk looks around, not knowing where he is when a warthos attacks him. The Hulk kills the beast and jumps off until he makes it to a city and sees more warthos animals attacking it. He attacks them and drives them off. The people of the city come out and bring him into the city, cheering him although the Hulk can’t understand what they are saying. Jarella comes out and tells the Hulk they are grateful. She sees the gentle soul within the Hulk. She tells her people that the queen must marry someone who has proven themselves in battle with the warthos so therefore she will take the Hulk as her husband and sovereign of the land. The sorcerors that serve Jarella say a chant around the Hulk which causes Bruce’s conscious be in control of the Hulk’s body. Bruce adjusts quickly to his new world. Jarella asks Bruce if he misses his own world. Bruce says yes but that he would be proud to be her husband and protector. Lord Visis plans on killing the Hulk and Jarella to gain control. His soldiers attack the Hulk but he easily defeats them and forces them to tell him who put them up to the assassination attempt. The Hulk exiles the Visis to the haunted outlands. The Hulk then announces to the crowd of cheering people that the next day he will officially marry Jarella. At that point, a large Psyklop reaches into the building and grabs the Hulk and takes him away. Jarella cries out to her love and just watches as he goes away. When the Hulk makes it back to earth, the Hulk’s personna takes back over and he defeats Psyklop. He barely remembers his time with Jarella.

He returned to her world quite a few times and spent a good amount of time with her. They even got engaged.

A faceless name posted

A few “What happened to’s” For ya.

Death-lok(he is coming back, but I can’t recall the last time I saw him)

Foolkiller I: Ross G. Everbest
Real Name: Ross G. Everbest
Occupation: Vigilante, religious fanatic
Other Aliases: None
Place Of Birth: Unrevealed
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: unnamed father (deceased), unnamed mother (deceased)
Group Affiliation: None
Abilities: No special abilities, he used a “Purification gun”, a laser weapon that can totally incinerate a human within seconds as a weapon. Mentally insane
First Appearance: Man-Thing Vol.1 #3

In his brief Man-Thing appearance, the Foolkiller attempted to kill two major characters in the series: F.A. Schist, a real estate developer whose projects threatened the ecology of the Florida Everglades, and Richard Rory, a disk jockey who had denounced the Foolkiller’s activities. During a struggle with the monstrous Man-Thing, the Foolkiller died in a freak accident, impaled by a shard of glass from the tank containing Reverend Mike.

Foolkiller II: Greg Salinger
Real Name: Greg Salinger
Occupation: Mental hospital inmate
Other Aliases: Ian Byrd
Place Of Birth: Noblesville, Indiana
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Abilities: No special abilities, he used a “Purification gun”, a laser weapon that can totally incinerate a human within seconds as a weapon. Mentally insane
First Appearance: Omega the Unknown #8

He reappeared in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man 58-60 and The Amazing Spider-Man #225-226, written by Roger Stern, studying at Empire State University, where teaching assistant Peter Parker (Spider-Man) befriended him, then stopped him in the midst of another killing spree. When a witness suggested that only a fool would fight Spider-Man, Salinger attempted to shoot himself, but was stopped, arrested, found criminally insane and institutionalized for good. He appeared briefly as a mental patient in Captain America #319 (Stern) and in the Foolkiller miniseries (Gerber).

Foolkiller III: Kurt Gerhardt
Real Name: Kurt Gerhardt
Occupation: Unknown, former accountant, vigilante
Other Aliases: Foolkiller
Place Of Birth: Unrevealed
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: unnamed mother (deceased), unnamed father (deceased), unnamed ex-wife
Group Affiliation: None
Abilities: No special abilities, he used a “Purification gun”, a laser weapon that can totally incinerate a human within seconds as a weapon
First Appearance: Foolkiller #1

New Avengers 1-3: Gerhardt was freed from his cell and took part in a breakout attempt, battling the as yet unformed New Avengers when they arrived to quell the breakout. Gerhardt escaped from the Raft. Found in Gerhardt’s cell written on the wall, hundreds of times, were the two phrases “When the world begets too many fools, nature always provides a Foolkiller” and “Actions Have Consequences

Sleepwalker I: Rick Sheridan
Real Name: Unpronouncable
Occupation: Crimefighter
Other Aliases: None
Place Of Birth: An unspecified location within the Mindscape
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: The Secret Defenders
Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes; flight, enhanced vision, able to project images of what he has seen through his eyes, able to warp reality with eyebeams.

First Appearance: Sleepwalker #1
After a few confrontations in Rick’s dreams, Rick reacted by tearing off Sleepwalker’s Imaginator (a badge like device worn by sleepwalkers used to teleport around their home plane The Mind Scape). This resulted in an odd situation further tying the two together. When Rick slept, Sleepwalker could materialize in reality or he could stay in Rick’s mind and converse with him via his dreams. It was through a conversation in dreams that Sleepwalker was able to dispel Rick’s initial fears that he was a malicious enitity and work out agreeable terms to cohabitation
Sleepwalker was recently featured in the modern run of Marvel Team-Up. In “The Legion of Losers” story arc which featured a combination of obscure and new C-list superheroes: Darkhawk, Speedball, Dagger, Araña, X-23, Gravity, Terror Inc., Mutant 2099 and Sleepwalker. Sleepwalker’s role in the team was a supporting character. Half of the arc is set in Mutant 2099’s timeline, and in the story this version of Sleepwalker remains in the future, as the past is “fixed” and the heroes are “already there” and therefore unable to return.

Sleepwalker II: David Daily
David set a trap for his visitors by leaving his camera to record the window all night. When he woke up, the window was open, just as he expected. Running the tape to see the basketball team caught in the act, Daily was instead shocked to see a strange, alien figure staring back at the camera – a Sleepwalker.

Deathlok I
Real Name: Luther Manning
Occupation: Unrevealed, former Colonel in U.S Army (retired), mercenary assasin, CIA Agent
Other Aliases: The Demolisher
Place Of Birth: Detroit, Missigan
Marital Status: Seperated
Known Relatives: Janice Manning Travers (wife), Richard Manning (son)
Group Affiliation: Former CIA
Powers: Gifted, superhuman strenght, enhanced speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes. Booster jets in his feet which allows him to leap great heights. Uses a helium-neon laser pistol and a thwowing dagger
First Appearance: Astonishing Tales #25

Deathlok regained control of his systems and broke free, armed with new jet boots and other weapons added by S.H.I.E.L.D.. He broke free from the Helicarrier, defeating the Falcon and other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the process. Meanwhile, Justice Peace (an agent of the Time Variance Authority) met with Captain America, convincing him to stop Deathlok from changing certain conditions. Captain America teamed up with the Falcon and confronted Deathlok back at the Brand facility. Deathlok fought to destroy the Purge technology present there, but Cap and the Falcon obstructed his progress until he convinced them of what he was trying to do.

Justice Peace arrived just before Deathlok revealed the Red Skull’s involvement in Operation: Purge, and Captain America revealed that the Red Skull had been killed in Earth-616 and was no longer a threat (he got better, of course). With the Purge technology destroyed, Captain America and the Falcon convinced Justice Peace not to kill Deathlok, but to instead return him to his own reality. Justice Peace warned him that his reality’s Red Skull was still alive and active.
This is the Deathlok in Paradise X

Deathlok II
Real Name: John Kelly
Occupation: Mercenary
Other Aliases: None
Place Of Birth: Unrevealed
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Karen Kelly (ex-wife), Sara Kelly (daughter)
Group Affiliation: Freelance agent of Silver Sable Inc. and SHIELD II, former member of Cybertek
Powers: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and agility; flight, weapon systems built into body, tracking equipment, immune to mental scans
First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #62

This is the one that became Siege.

Deathlok III
Real Name: Michael Collins
Occupation: Adventurer, computer consultant
Other Aliases: Dr. Donut, “Robot Vigilante”
Place Of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Bill Collins (brother), Tracy Collins (wife), Nicholas Collins (son), Patricia Collins (daughter), Arlene (sister-in-law, last name unrevealed)
Group Affiliation: Wild Pack II, Secret Defenders, SHIELD II
Powers: Superhuman strength and abilities, sensors, computer interface
First Appearance: Deathlok Vol.1 #1

The brain connected to this cyborg body in the Marvel Comics Presents story was that of a soldier named John Kelly, whose mind was later transferred into another cyborg body and became the vigilante called Siege. The current status and whereabouts of Siege are unknown, though it has recently been revealed that the Michael Collins Deathlok will be returning in Marvel’s Beyond!.

Deathlok IV
Real Name: Jack Truman
Occupation: Adventurer
Other Aliases: Agent 18
Place Of Birth: unknown
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unknown
Group Affiliation: SHIELD II
Powers: Superhuman strength and abilities, sensors, computer interface
First Appearance: Cable Vol.1, #58

Was replaced by Larry Young

Deathlok V
Real Name: Larry Young
Occupation: Adventurer
Other Aliases: none
Place Of Birth: unknown
Marital Status: unknown
Known Relatives: unknown
Group Affiliation: none known
Powers: Superhuman strength and abilities, sensors, computer interface
Unclear what happened to him

Is it just me or does Marvel have a lot of “replacement” people in the B, C, & D list rosters for both Villains and Heroes? It seems like just about every character who isn’t a “big name” has had 3 or 4 incarnations”¦that just seems weird to me.

Mathan posted

Um, for an actual question; how long do you really think that Spidey will keep a public identity? In actual time and comic book time.

Personally I think it will last through Civil War. That’s the easy thing. How long other wise

Our time: 3 years at the most
Comic time 1 year at the most

If they go further then that I won’t be shocked but I bet that they might put this story to rest before that somehow. It might even be during the War (think of Ben Reilly come back maybe even if Pete goes underground)

I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see an actual “Crisis” type story come from Marvel to wipe out some of the stuff they’ve done recently to set some things back. Who knows though, they might do it in the typical Marvel fashion and conveniently forget he ever unmasked later and just go on about their business telling “good stories” and “forget continuity.”

Jason emailed

Jamie, Fun column to read, as always.
I wanted to throw in a few more Marvel red-heads. You said you had listed “some” of them and I thought I’d throw in a few more:

Dum-Dum Dugan
Demolition Man
Moira MacTaggert
Strobe (from the Mutant Liberation Front)
Sprite (from the Eternals)
Colleen Wing
Spider-Woman II
Gemini and Aquarius from the Zodiac Cartel
Typhoid Mary
Scintilla (From the Imperial Guard)
Tempest (From the Imperial Guard)
Harry Leland (deceased, from the Hellfire Club)
Scarlet (from the X-Man series and Havok + Wolverine miniseries)
Volstagg (of the Warriors Three)
The Mauler
Katie Power
Julie Power
Shamrock (are there any Marvel characters from Scotland or Ireland that are NOT redheads?)

Any thoughts on the redheads who are colored bright red and those who are colored orange? How are they supposed to look in “real world” terms?

Dazzler dyed hers pink

But on the point most of them would look like actual red heads

Like Jean or Mary Jane. The darker shade of red.

Cory emails

Sup guys……Cory here…..time for answers cuz I got questions:

1-TOP 10 (anti)HEROES:
1- Wolverine
2- Captain America
3- Deadpool
4- Spider-Man
5- Cable
6- Daredevil
7- Silver Surfer
8- Thor
9- The Punisher
10- Black Panther/ Moon Knight

Not a bad list.

How do you figure Cap, Thor, and Surfer are anti-heroes? Hell, I don’t even see Spidey as an anti-heroe.

2- About my Punisher question last week, I meant to ask how many times has he been shot without the armor or vest. A round figure of how many bullets actually entered him….cuz depending on the number….he could get his rap career started? LOL

Ohhhhhhhhh I’d say a round number of 100.

3- What’s up with Mystique’s taste in men? Forge (exception), Count Wagner (exception), Destiny (lol), Azazel, Wolverine, Sabretooth, etc. She loves to live the dangerous life huh?

Mystique’s always loved a dangerous life. Mystique has been a villain, leading the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and assassinating several important non-mutant persons involved in mutant affair.

Mystique is also known as one of the few bisexual characters in mainstream American comic books. She had an extended relationship with her Brotherhood teammate Destiny.

She’s a terrorist though and all around has been a very bad person for the most part so it fits her

4- So if Captain America & Iron Man do battle in Civil War, who you guys betting on to win?

I’ll take Cap. I’m sure he can find a way around most anything Tony will throw at him BUT if Tony cheats he could take down Cap. Fair fight goes to Cap though

5- Speaking of the Taskmaster, where has he been? Besides showing up in the Spider-Woman miniseries.

Taskmaster continued to train numerous villains and thugs until the Avengers began to search out and shut down some of his academies across the United States. Taskmaster began to spend more time working as a mercenary in order to make up for the loss of profit. This led him to join Agency X in missions from time to time, while continuing to teach at his academies around the world.
That’s the last we know. For all we know he could be Daredevil now though

6- About FF2: the movie……if the Silver Surfer will be in it…that must mean that Galactus will show also right???

Yep The main story will be the Coming of Galactus from Fantastic Four

7- With the re-emergence of the Hellfire club in Astonishing X-Men #15, has Emma Frost finally turned on the team? (Sometimes when I think of Emma Frost? White Queen from in the mid 90’s….does that scene in the interrogation room from Basic Instinct with Sharon Stone, ever come to you guys mind…or is it just me?)

HAHAHa Put Emma in that scene it works for her. After all She’s just as bad. She’s willing to do anything including turning against the X-Men. I think it’s possible she’s gone back to being a bad girl. I prefer her bad though personally.

8- Can you guys actaully imagine when Spidey unmasked; the look, the _expression, & the overjoyous optimism on the faces of his enemies? I know they gotta be drawing straws just to get a crack at him now.

Hahaha Doubt they are drawing straws. I think they’ll all just say let’s go get him and his Aunt and Wife too. We can find him and beat him up easier. That’s where I think Unmasked is going

Short & sweet…..till next week & a new top 10…keep it real J & D! Thanks….Cory out!

Thanks Cory. Good to see you again. Sorry for short answers. I’ll do better next time. This column is stuffed this week.

Top ten

Last week we started it thanks to an email. So I’m posting mine here. Any others where included in emails.

Name your top ten Marvel Heroes?

1. Wolverine
2. Spider-Man
3. Captain America
4. Silver Surfer
5. Daredevil
6. Doctor Strange
7. Ghost Rider
8. Moon Knight
9. Rogue
10. Invisible Woman

Next weeks question:

top ten Marvel females.

It’s that time again everyone. This weeks top 5 Marvel books of the week.

1. Fantastic Four 538 –

2. Wolverine 43 –

3. Daredevil 86 –

4. Young Avengers 12 –

5. New Avengers 21 –

Trust me it was hard this week. I enjoyed way to many books. A lot of good stuff. Plus I didn’t put synopsis because of all the emails. I’ll make up for it next week.

The Civil War update!

(for the Super-Human Registration)
Agent Hill Civil War # 1)
Aunt May (Amazing Spider-Man #532)
Ben Urich (Civil War: Front Line #1)
Colleen Wing (Daughters of the Dragon # 3)
Dallas Riordan (Thunderbolts #104)
Doc Samson (Civil War # 2)
Invisible Woman (Amazing Spider-Man #532)
Henry Peter Gyrich (Thunderbolts #104)
Hindsight Lad (She-Hulk # 8)
Human Torch (Amazing Spider-Man #532)
Iron Man (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
J. Jonah Jameson (Civil War: Front Line #1)
M (X-Factor #8)
Madrox (X-Factor # 8)
Mary Jane Watson (Amazing Spider-Man #532)
Mister Fantastic (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Ms Marvel (Civil War # 1)
Nighthawk (Civil War # 1)
Rictor (X-Factor #8)
She-Hulk (She-Hulk # 8)
S.H.I.E.L.D. (Civil War # 1)
Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man # 530)
Sprite (Eternals # 1)
Thing (Civil War # 1)
Tigra (Civil War # 2)
Titanium Man (Amazing Spider-Man #529)
Wasp (Civil War # 1)
Wonder Man (Civil War #2)
Yellowjacket (Civil War # 1)
Hero Hunters (with Iron Man’s group)
Atlas (Thunderbolts #104)
Baron Zemo (Thunderbolts #104)
Blizzard (Thunderbolts #104)
Fixer (Thunderbolts #104)
Joystick (Thunderbolts #104)
Mach IV (Thunderbolts #104)
Radioactive Man (Thunderbolts #104)
Smuggler (Thunderbolts #104)
Songbird (Thunderbolts #104)
Swordsman (Thunderbolts # 104)

(against Super-Human Registration)
Black Bolt (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Black Panther (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Cable (Civil War # 2)
Captain America (Civil War # 1)
Cloak (Civil War # 2)
Dagger (Civil War # 2)
Daredevil (Civil War # 1)
Debrii (She-Hulk #8)
Doctor Strange (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Falcon (Civil War # 1)
Firestar (She-Hulk #8)
Goliath (Bill Foster) (Civil War # 1)
Hawkeye II (Kate Bishop) (Civil War # 2)
Hercules (Civil War # 2)
Hulk (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Hulkling (Civil War # 2)
Jane Foster (Civil War # 2)
Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk # 8)
John Jameson – She-Hulk #8
Justice (She-Hulk #8)
Luke Cage (Civil War # 2)
Namor (New Avengers: The Illuminati)
Nick Fury (Civil War # 2)
Night Nurse (Civil War # 2)
Patriot (Civil War # 1)
Prodigy (Civil War: Frontline #2)
Quicksilver (Thunderbolts #104)
Rage (She-Hulk #8)
Sally Floyd (Civil War: Front Line #1)
Silverclaw (Fantastic Four #538)
Siryn (X-Factor #8)
Slapstick (She-Hulk #8)
Speed (Civil War #2)
Speedball (Civil War #1)
Spider-Woman (Thunderbolts #104)
Stature (Civil War # 2)
Stingray (Thunderbolts #104)
Timeslip (She-Hulk #8)
Ultra Girl (She-Hulk # 8)
Vision (Civil War # 2)
Wiccan (Civil War #2)
Wolfsbane (X-Factor #8)
Wolverine (Civil War # 1)
Yancy Street Gang (Fantastic Four #538)

Human Torch (Civil War # 1)

Casualties (dead):
Cobalt Man – Civil War #1
Coldheart – Civil War #1
Crusader – Wolverine #42
Microbe – Civil War #1
Namorita – Civil War #1
Night Thrasher – Civil War #1
Speedfreek – Civil War #1

Issues and synopsis so far:

Amazing Spider-Man #529-531: After receiving a new costume from Tony Stark he goes to Washington with the man to speak to Congress about a Superhuman Registration act. Tony Stark as Iron Man pays Titanium Man to combat Spider-Man. Spidey agrees to stick with Tony no matter what.

Fantastic Four #536-537: Thor’s hammer returned to Earth crashing into Oklahoma and then put under U.S. Army protection. Six months later Doctor Doom, who had escaped from Hell during the hammers return, tried to claim the hammer for himself but was unable to lift it. After this, a man wearing a backpack with the initials “D.B.” is seen boarding a bus for Oklahoma.

New Avengers: The Illuminati: Iron Man was handed a copy of the Super-human Registration Act. He told the rest of the group about it. Reed Richards went along with Iron Man, but Namor, Dr. Strange and Black Bolt all disagreed and left. With most of the members gone, it implied that the team was over, with Mr. Fantastic telling Iron Man that it “was fun while it lasted” before leaving.

Civil War # 1: The New Warriors, filming a reality television show, and a cadre of villains in Stamford, Connecticut. The battle goes wrong for the heroes, resulting in villain Nitro creating an explosion that takes out a local school, the surrounding neighborhood, and all but one of the Warriors. This event catalyzes a government movement to register all super-powered beings as living weapons of mass destruction. The event has also turned the public opinion against the superheroes as many of them are blamed for the incident. Due to this, many superheroes Johnny Storm has been attacked by the public. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. tries to recruit Captain America to become part of the team that will force superheroes to register. Captain America refuses and after being attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D., goes underground. Iron Man, Yellowjacket and Mister Fantastic will deal with Cap somehow.

Wolverine 42: Wolverine learns of the events of Stamford, Connecticut and goes to help out. He also wants to personally deal with the true villain behind it Nitro. He also seems against the act.

She-Hulk # 8: She-Hulk is split. Jennifer is against the act while She-Hulk seems for it as she defends the remaining New Warriors. This brings back quite a few old New Warriors and explains who’s side they are on. John Jameson also talks to Captain America who’s gone underground

Amazing Spider-Man #532: We see the events through Spider-Man’s eyes here in this story and of course Peter talks to his family about the ramifications of outing himself or joining Tony. In the end he is wearing his original costume about to speak to the public.

Civil War: Front Line# 1: Iron Man shows his support for the Superhuman Registration Act by revealing his identity as Tony Stark in a press conference. Speedball is revealed to be alive after the Stamford Disaster, his kinetic powers having knocked him 500 miles away. He is promptly arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D., and is powerless as a result of the strain. Spider-Man meets with Sally Floyd making the proposal for her to investigate the Pro-Registration faction on Iron Man’s behalf.

Civil War # 2: We start seeing sides formed. As Iron Man leads a group of heroes against a super villain. Elsewhere we learn Captain America is underground and he’s building an army of his own. The Young Avengers get involved by fighting crime without registering. They are about to be taken captive till Captain America and Falcon save their butts. Reed and Sue seem more at odds as we see the biggest event in Marvel history so far. A Times Square press conference Spider-Man tells the world that “My name is Peter Parker and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was 15 years old. Any questions?”

Thunderbolts # 104: The Thunderbolts battle Quicksand as the press conference in Civil War # 2 takes place. We see their reaction. Baron Zemo and a few others are invited to meet with Iron Man and his crew. The Thunderbolts are asked to recruit villains to help capture the heroes who do not register. Zemo accepts and we find out Zemo has already been building quite an army of villains already.

(issues from this week not added yet. Will update next week.

There’s another edition of the Marvel Handbook for everyone. So Daron what did you think?

Some pretty good stuff, but nothing for me to really sink my teeth into (i.e. nothing to argue about).

Long column this week. I liked it. I think it was stocked with information as well. Could be just as good next week, and we’re already on the way there. I think we’ve got great readers to help out.


Alrighty I’ll let you finish us off this week bud.


1. Marvel.com pollWhose reaction to Spider-Man’s unmasking are you most looking forward to?

2. Digital comics Comics you can read online

3. Marvel is in the process of adding new bios and added a ton of new ones. Check them out here

4. As always your opinions on anything in the article or out on the shelves is welcome. After all you never know what type of response you will get.

5. Keep those emails coming and make sure to label them Marvel Handbook. The more emails the better

That’s it from my end. Reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Have a great week and see you at the comic shop.

Well, have a great week everyone, and keep those emails coming.

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