Treasure Hunters – Recap – Episode 4

Funny story. On Mondays, I tape Canadian Idol and Treasure Hunters for recapping later on, but I tape this on the TV that still has regular cable. I did actually watch the third episode of Treasure Hunters – on NBC Detroit on my satellite dish – but for some reason Global was showing this episode in the 9pm slot. So what this means is that I’ll be looking for a torrent of the previous episode, and you’re getting this recap first.

This also means that this episode is one big fat spoiler for those of you in the U.S.A.

Previously on Treasure Hunters, the Grad Students were forced to drop out, and the Browns took their place. The teams traveled around Boston, Massachusetts in search of the third artifact. Karma came around to bite the Wild Hanlons in the ass, and they were the third team to be eliminated from the Hunt. This week, the remaining seven teams must navigate Amareica’s most secret journey to find the fourth artifact. Who will be eliminated, and who will be one step closer to the treasure?

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Boston, MA, Diamond District Breakfast Inn. Nice to see that they haven’t teleported across the country again. Kaitlyn of Miss USA feels exhausted, and it doesn’t stop because at 5:45am the teams get a phone call from Laird telling them that the road to the next artifact will take them on America’s most secret journey, and that the first clue is right outside their door(s).

I’m guessing that the journey is the Underground Railroad.

The clue is a copy of the Brooklyn Times. Air Force continues to ally with the Fogals, and Air Force notes that there’s an article by Walt Whitman pertaining to the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel in New York City, and he immediately knows that that’s where they need to go.

And as teams drive to New York we get to see the usual tension that happens when people are cooped up together in a car for long periods of time. Everyone’s figured out that they need to get to the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel, but we only get the Browns commenting about the Underground Railroad, which my cynical mind wonders is by coincidence or by design. Miss USA are the first team there and have determined that the only way to get into the Tunnel is via a manhole at Atlantic and Court. They head down (since this is New York, noone sees this as unusual) and emerge into a, well, tunnel. Laird gives them a phone call and tells them that they’re in an abandoned train tunnel, and that they’re to find a message left by Walt Whitman along the tracks.

The Browns stop for directions. They’re tired of being last. Miss USA find a US flag and Civil War memorabilia. And then they see a message: “The river ends between two hills. Follow the drinking gourd.” That makes no sense right now, but we’ll see. They decide to memorize the message and head out. But they receive no phone call from Laird, and the camera focuses on… something as we head to an

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Back at the entrance, Air Force, Southie Boys and Geniuses have arrived. The Geniuses have left Sam behind because he’s a bit slower than the other two. Between the three teams, they see the message, but also discover the packages, which contain a flag, a sheet containing what was written on the wall, and red sunglasses which tell them to head to the Beneventum in Georgetown, South Carolina. They head out as Miss USA watch them and find out that they missed grabbing the package, so they head back into the tunnels. The other three teams at the manhole, meanwhile, get a phone call telling them that there is a $30,000 treasure awaiting the first team to arrive at one of the locations before the elimination point. Charles thinks that this changes the game.

Miss USA grabs the package and head out. Melissa somehow determines that this actually means “the next site”. They head out. Ex-CIA and Fogals arrive in short order and head out to Georgetown. Browns are last, again, to the tunnel but find the package quickly and head out.

All teams are now traveling 708 miles to Georgetown. Miss USA are all looking forward to taking a shower. Southie Boys are tired, and the Fogals look online for anything containing “Follow the drinking gourd”. And then we get one of those superimposed messages telling us to “match the tune with an early drinking song”. And to help out, here’s Laura Hall on piano!

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Beneventum Plantation, Georgetown, South Carolina. Southie Boys are the first team to arrive, and we again see the “match the tune” clue, which may or may not be superimposed this time. Given the blatant product placement, it’s hard to tell at times. Anyway, they get a phone call, which tells them that the plantation is the birthplace of the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, which they got in the package in New York. They’re told to find a flag trunk that contains a quilt (which is a map) and a key which will show teams the way through the swamp, but only if they “follow the drinking gourd”. Their task is to find six boxes as listed on the map, which uses symbol code that can be deciphered using the “Follow the Drinking Gourd” song. The last box contains the $30,000, but the teams don’t know that, so the Southie Boys waste time searching around the plantation for it.

Meanwhile, ex-CIA and Fogals have arrived, and they head out.

Geniuses and Miss USA arrive, as do Air Force. Ex-CIA find a box, but realize that there’s an order to opening the box. Fogals are treading around, and one of them gets stuck. Air Force, Miss USA and Geniuses are running around as well. Southie Boys are now running around again.

The Browns are the last team to arrive (of course) and head out.

Ex-CIA arrive at the “Sun Box”, manage to open it up, and they finally make the connection between the map and the song. Fogals encounter the Southie Boys, and against their better judgement the Southie Boys team up with the Fogals. Air Force team up with Miss USA, while ex-CIA are chugging along. Kind of. Martin collapses due to what I’ll assume is sheer exhaustion.

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Southie Boys and Fogals have arrived at the first box. Meanwhile, ex-CIA have arrived at the second box (the “quail box”) while Miss USA and Air Force reach the first box. Geniuses are the sixth team to the first box, while the Browns are last. They’re just following “the path” which doesn’t look like a path, really. Meanwhile, Kayte is whining. As usual. Southie Boys just see her as a drama queen, as does her dad. Air Force and Miss USA reach a box. Sam of the Geniuses is lagging behind. Browns are still on the “path”.

Ex-CIA reach the third box (the “old man box”). Laird then calls them and tells them that they are at a critical juncture of the game. They must complete the rest of the map by boat, but the boat only fits two people. One person must stay behind, and the two people in the boat have the option of coming back for that person (at the cost of a three-hour round trip) or eliminating them from the rest of the Hunt. They must choose what’s more precious – time or team.

Todd notes that leaving one member behind would give them the best shot at getting the $30,000. He stays behind, but will the others come back? At this point they’ve chosen team over time, but we’ll see.

Fogals and Southie Boys reach the third box. Southie Boys declare that it’s not even an option. Matthew (in a confessional) thinks that the Fogals should leave Kayte, and Kayte thinks that her parents should as well. So after much crying, that’s exactly what they do.

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The Browns are still going on their merry way towards elimination but it seems like Keith has pulled or torn something. Meanwhile, the Air Force/Miss USA tandem has reached the Old Man Box and Laird phones them with the bad/good news scenario. Unsurprisingly Air Force decides that noone gets left behind and leaves non-married Matt at the dock for now. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn tells the other two girls to do what they think is best. Kayte is crying.

Ex-CIA returns for Todd. Geniuses are still treading through the swamp, and Sam is having problems negotiating the murky water. Southie Boys return for Matt. Kayte is still crying. But her spirits are raised when the Fogal boat returns for her. Air Force returns for Matt Z., of course, and Miss USA return for Kaitlyn.

Ex-CIA dock and start hiking again. They figure that they’ve got about a ten minute lead on the next team, which turns out to be the Southie Boys. It’s a race (maybe) to the last box, but first, another

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The race for the bonus treasure continues, but it’s no contest as ex-CIA reach the $30,000 first. They’re told to carry it with them to the next destination – the safe house with the American flag.

Meanwhile, Keith has torn a muscle and he’s taken away by ambulance. His brothers vow to carry on.

Meanwhile, Geniuses have reached the Old Man box. Sam stays behind while Charles and Francis talk about what’s best for the team. And because they know that there’s only one team behind them, they could end up eliminated if they come back for Sam. It’s a tough call, and we’ll find out after the

To Be Continued

That’s right, we’re four episodes (technically, five) into the first season and they’re already hitting us with a cliffhanger.

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