Deep South Wrestling TV Report for July 2, 2006

Deep South Wrestling
July 2, 2006 on Comcast Sports South
Taped on April 6, 2006 at the DSW Arena in McDonough, Ga
By Larry Goodman

LAST WEEK…Mike Posey and Krissy Vaine claimed DSW is a hostile work environment and joined Nick Patrick on the picket line.

Cut to Palmer Canon having a phone conversation with Smackdown GM Teddy Long. Long said he had heard about the problems in Deep South, including the referee strike. He let Canon know that Vince McMahon had asked him to get to the bottom of it. Long said he was hearing there was crisis down there every week. Canon said he was merely trying to run a tight ship. “Just like we do on Smackdown, you know, you and me, dawg.” Long said he was sending a WWE official down to referee in Deep South and demanded that Canon provide him with “double protection.” Canon said he had it covered. Long said if anything happened to the WWE official, Canon would personally answer to McMahon.

The opening montage rolled…

Nigel Sherrod and Bill DeMott did the stand up opening. We saw the closing minutes of last week’s main event, a DSW Heavyweight title match with Derrick Neikirk defending against Mike Taylor. The Gymini came out to confront Bill DeMott and wreak havoc with the match, resulting in a no contest. DeMott’s face turned to stone when Sherrod mentioned Gymini.

Mmm. Your hands are powerful yet genteel. You know, Angel, today’s the day I’m supposed to meet the new official sent by Teddy Long via Vince McMahon.

Canon was lounging in the office with Angel Williams, Great Kahli and Freakin Deacon. The “pack of stripes” arrived, including a new WWE official wearing a mask and glasses. Canon ordered Deacon to sniff the guy out because he smelled a rat. The masked man looked at the other refs. “Does he lick you guys, too?” Canon took a closer look. “You’re not fooling me. “You’re Nick Patrick.” The masked guy denied it. “I’m the Smackdown ref,” he said. Angel removed Smackdown ref’s glasses and insisted it was Patrick under the mask. “I don’t know who this Nick Patrick guy is, but he must have really made you guys mad,” said Smackdown ref. Canon was not amused. Smackdown ref said he was proud to be at Deep South. “I’m your number one asset. I helped solve your referee problem. The strike’s over due to me.” Canon said he got rooked into the deal with Long to prevent a strike, but he never said what matches the WWE guy would be allowed to officiate. Canon said he was calling him Patrick and if he stepped out of line, he would Kahli and Deacon to deal with. “Hey, I know you guys are mad at Nick Patrick, but you’re supposed to protect me, man.” Canon threw the refs out of his office.

Bradley Jay was backstage with Michelle McCool. McCool said Jay was facing a true veteran of the business in Danny Gimondo. Jay said that made him a measuring stick for guys like him. Jay said he was going prove to Gimondo and everyone else that he belonged. “Expect no mercy, because you’ll be shown none from Bradley Jay.”

Gimondo was backstage with Angel. Gimondo said it wasn’t the first time somebody tried to use him to climb the ladder. Gimondo said he wasn’t laying down. “I’m gonna show you that things are easier said than done. Because in just a few short moments, Brad, I’m gonna make you eat your words.”

(1) Danny Gimondo beat Bradley Jay in 4:15. Gimondo gave Jay the Garvin Stomp. Jay blocked the final stomp and locked in the half Boston Crab. Jay attacked Gimondo as he entered the ring. Gimondo came right back with a Thesz Press. Gimondo bounced Jay’s head off the turnbuckle pad, chopped him, and delivered a headbutt to the gut. Jay backed Gimondo into the corner. Jay faked a clean break and went after Gimondo’s leg. DeMott said the match would pit Jay’s single leg crab against Gimondo’s Garvin Stomp. Jay went to work on the leg of Gimondo. As he fired back with chops, Gimondo was showing the effects of Jay’s attack. Gimondo’s leg gave out on an Irish whip. Gimondo managed to kick Jay off the apron, sending him crashing into the steel guardrail. Gimondo brought Jay back in the hardway. Gimondo landed a series of left jabs before dropping Jay with the haymaker. Moments later, Gimondo hit a bulldog and Jay was flat on his back. Gimondo went into the Garvin Stomp. Jay grabbed Gimondo’s leg and maneuvered him into the half Boston crab. Gimondo made the ropes. Jay pulled Gimondo back to center ring and tried to reapply the hold, but Gimondo countered with a roll up for the three count. Postmatch, Jay clipped Gimondo’s knee and put him back in the half crab. DeMott said Jay was living up his nickname, “Bruiser” Brad Jay.

(2) Palmer Canon defeated Tommy Suede in 2:53. Fans had some “you suck” signs out for Canon. Sherrod made fun of Canon’s problems with Patrick. DeMott warned Sherrod to tread lightly when speaking about their boss. Canon lectured Suede and slapped his face. Canon ducked a lariat from Suede but got nailed with a right hand. Suede opened up with another right, a back elbow to the chops, and spinning heel kick to the mush. Canon pulled himself up by using the ropes. A kick to the gut and a pair of stiff forearms drove Suede into the opposite corner. Canon stomped Suede into the mat and choked him with his boot. Moments later, Suede went up and over Canon and caught him with a Frankensteiner for a near fall. DeMott wondered if Vaine held up on the count to protect her job. Canon looked like was blown up. Canon blinded Suede with an eye rake. Canon manhandled Vaine and gave her a tongue lashing. Meanwhile, Great Kahli killed Suede dead with a giant-sized headbutt. With Kahli standing guard on the ringsteps, Canon put one foot on Suede’s chest and ordered Vaine to make the three count.

Canon called for Freakin Deacon to make Suede his latest human sacrifice. Cut to a close up of the front door but no Deacon. Canon looked at the big screen. Deacon was on the floor of Canon’s office playing with Willow. “Get out here. Now!” It wasn’t happening. Canon stormed to the back with Kahli.

(3) Montell Vontavious Porter & Eric Perez (with Quentin Michaels) beat Major Brothers (Brett & Brian) in 3:56. Majors DSW debut from June 8, 2006 with Angel and Suede on commentary. Majors used quick tags as they worked on the arm of MVP. Perez countered against Brett and MVP pulled Brian off the apron to prevent a tag. Brett took heat from the heels. Brett ducked a Perez lariat for the hot tag. Brian cleaned house and took out MVP with a spinebuster. Majors were going for a double team when MVP pulled Brett out of the ring. Perez pinned Brian with the implant DDT. Suede called it the Annexation of Puerto Rico.

A video package featuring Mike Knox aired.

Angel Williams was backstage with Johnny Parisi. Williams said a fellow New Yorker, Frankie Ciatso had been talking smack about what he was going to do to Parisi. Parisi said Ciatso was the kind of guy that gave New Yorkers like Parisi a bad name. Parisi said Ciatso was a walking cliché, “a spaghetti bender.”

As I look onto the horizon, I see Frankie getting the Shaft. And honestly, Frankie, that’s a lot of fun for me (sneaks a peek at Angel’s breasts) and none for you.

(4) Johnny Parisi pinned Francisco Ciatso with the Shaft in 4:25. DeMott said Parisi seemed at home in his new role as a fan favorite. Ciatso jumped Parisi before the masked “Smackdown ref” called for the bell. Ciatso choked Parisi with his shirt. Parisi spun Ciatso around in the corner and lit up his chest. Parisi hiptossed Ciatso from pillar to post. Ciatso used the tights to send Parisi face first into the turnbuckle. Ciatso raked. Ciatso choked. Ciatso punched. Ciatso dropped an elbow on top of Parisi’s head and locked in a rear chinlock. Ciatso hit the Cement Shoes (sidewalk slam), but Parisi kicked out at one. Ciatso decked Parisi with a back elbow. Parisi was worse for wear, but Ciatso was too busy running his mouth to take notice. Parisi caught Ciatso with a jawbreaker. Parisi collapsed attempting a bodyslam, and Ciatso got a one count out of it. Ciatso was looking for the Fuhgedaboudit, but Parisi had it scouted. Parisi rocked Ciatso with three big right hands before putting him down with number four. Parisi hit a high kneelift. Parisi hit a backbreaker. Parisi jumped to the middle rope and dropped a forearm on Ciatso’ face. As they say on Sopranos, Parisi was making Ciatso into mulch for the rose garden.Parisi signaled for the Shaft (forward legsweep faceplant). 1..2..3.

A montage titled “a video tribute to our boss Palmer Canon” aired.

McCool was with High Impact. She said they would be participating in a three way dance against Gymini and Team Elite. Santarelli (bouncing off the walls as usual) said he knew Gymini and Elite wanted to eliminate Impact before (?) the tag team tournament. “Nah”, said Impact. Santarelli said it was a chance to kill two birds with one stone. Santarelli mentioned that Gymini had been under the tutelage of Simon Dean. Taylor wanted to know where Santarelli came up with “tutelage.”

Williams was backstage with Gymini. Jake explained why nobody could matched up against them. Jesse said he didn’t buy into the other teams because they weren’t tough guys. “Speaking of tough guys, Bill DeMott, what happened to you man?” Jesse accused DeMott of hiding behind Assassin. Jesse repeated his mantra, “Gymini gotta know.”

Gymini traded words with DeMott on their way to the ring.

McCool was with Team Elite. Neikirk was pissed about Gymini’s interference last week. Knox played with McCool’s earrings. Neikirk said he had enough on his plate as champion. Neikirk said Gymini had crossed the line and now it was personal. Knox mumbed to no one in particular. “What you wish for, Gymini.”

(5) High Impact (Tony Santarelli & Mike Taylor) defeated Gymini (Jesse & Jake) and Team Elite (Mike Knox & Derrick Neikirk) in a triangle match (9:45). Elite hit the ring, and it was instant pandemonium. DeMott said this was going to be a main event for the ages. Gymini taunted DeMott again. DeMott said he hoped Impact and Elite would teach Gymini a lesson. Once order was restored, Neikirk squared off with Jake. Santarelli slapped Jake on the back for a surprise tag. Neikirk tore into Santarelli. Jesse tagged Santarelli. Jesse and Neikirk did an intense nose-to-nose square off. Neikirk ducked a lariat and armdragged Jesse. Gymini cut off the ring on Neikirk and went to town. Taylor tagged Neikirk. Knox tagged Jesse. Knox tried to sucker punch Taylor on the break. Taylor blocked it and decked Knox for a one count. Taylor kept the big man on the ground. Knox regained his vertical base and hit a back suplex. Knox dropped a series of seven knees to Taylor’s chest. Santarelli was there for the save as Taylor kicked out. Knox tagged Neikirk. Taylor rocked Neikirk and tagged his partner. Santarelli applied a cravate and drove knees to the skull of Neikirk. Santarelli took Neikirk to the mat. Neikirk came back with a Saito suplex. Neikirk’s loose cover barely got a two count. A Santarelli forearm knocked Niekirk into the Gymini’s corner. Jesse tagged in and dropped the Haymaker (elbow drop) on Santarelli. Jake followed with a snap suplex. Santarelli managed to back Jake into Team Elite’s corner. Knox tagged in and kept heat on Santarelli. Santareill drove Knox into Gymini’s corner. Jesse tagged himself in. Santarelli reversed Jesse’s body slam with a jawbreaker. Jesse tried to knock Taylor down to prevent the tag, but he jumped off the apron. Santarelli hit a spinning heel kick and hot-tagged Taylor, who decked Jesse and both members of Team Elite. But Jesse wasted Taylor with a hiptoss neckbreaker. Killer move. Gymini taunted DeMott as they set up the Crash Diet. DeMott approached ringside. Jesse left the ring and got in a screaming match with DeMott. In the confusion, Taylor rolled up Jake for the three count. The crowd went nuts. Gymini went nuttier. Cut to a close up of DeMott signaling that it would be two on two. Sherrod said DeMott had finally answered the Gymini’s challenge.

Comments: One thing for certain about Deep South, they aren’t rushing things. There’s a subtlety to it that’s difficult to appreciate from viewing a single episode. All three of the major storylines (Canon vs. Assassin for control of the company, DeMott/Gymini, and the off again-on again tag tournament) inched forward in this episode. Art imitates life, as the WWE meddles in DSW’s affairs. The undermining of Canon’s empire continued with another campy office segment. Canon was hilarious as usual, but Patrick was very good here as well. Canon’s match was a vehicle to plant seeds of dissension within his band of misfits. The heat between Gymini and DeMott has been building ever so slowly for eight weeks. This was the first time DeMott’s involvement lead to Gymini losing a match. The tag tournament has turned into a messy affair. Santarelli acted like it hadn’t started yet. So what were we watching two weeks ago?…The crowd was down a bit at this taping, so not quite the usual heat for some stuff…The unwanted tags added an extra element to the main event. It was a pretty hot match, but calling it a main event for the ages was a bit much…Gimondo/Jay was a nice little story of the veteran barely holding off the up and comer. DeMott sees something he likes in Jay. No doubt Jay has size and skills, but he needs wilder, edgier presence to use the name “Bruiser”…Parisi is better than expected as a babyface…Major Brothers are Brian Myre and Brett Matthews from New York. They’re a good looking, athletically-talented team out of New York. Both were recently signed to development deals…Surely Suede just forgot the name of Perez’s finisher and it really isn’t changed to the Annexation of Puerto Rico.