[Spoiler] Big Brother Live Feeds – Daily Update – July 8

Not much going on in the Big Brother house today. Lounging around the pool, eating, talking about previous BB seasons, the usual.

Yesterday, Janelle won the veto in what sounds like a nasty, messy competition. It will air on Tuesday’s show.

Jase has apparently joined the BB6 alliance, for now. How long will that last?

James is currently Mike Boogie’s number one target. Mike and Nakomis had a strategy session and both agree that James needs to be the first to go from the BB6 group. They also think that it would be best if Danielle stays this week.

George continues to pretend not to have watched other Big Brother seasons in order to make himself seem less of a threat. Danielle called him out after he said his wife told him Amy was a drunk. She said “oh, your wife watched, but you didn’t?”

In front of everyone in the backyard, Marcellas goes off on Danielle about her supposedly being robbed in BB3. Marcellas says several times “I’m not mad” but continues to raise his voice and defend the result of BB3. Update: It turns out this was instigated by Will and Marcellas was upset with himself that he let Will get to him. Dani said she would have had a response to Marcellas if she hadn’t been nominated. Because of this, Marcellas wants Will out next.