[WWE] ECW Line-Ups, Interview with The Zombie & More

– WrestlingObserver.com reports that due to preemptions/scheduling, next week’s Friday Night Smackdown will actually go head-to-head with Saturday Night’s Main Event in New York and DC.

– Dr. Keith Lipinski sent along what this weekend’s ECW house shows should look like: Big Show vs. Sabu for ECW title, Sandman vs. Justin Credible in a cane match, Tommy Dreamer vs. Test, C.M. Punk vs. Roadkill, FBI vs. Basham Brothers, Kelly vs. Francine in a bikini contest, Balls Mahoney vs. Mike Knox, Al Snow vs. Stevie Richards.

– On his ECW blog, Matthew Michaels posted an interview with The Zombie, originally found at InYourHeadOnline. This includes a link to The Zombie’s one and only MySpace account!

– WKTR in Virginia is reporting that Kenny Doane and his fiance Mickie Jones had an incident with a fan asking for autographs. Details are sketchy, but both sides are presented in the story, which can be found here.

– Backstage footage of Rey getting beat down by Booker T and Sharmell has been posted on WWE.com to further their storyline for The Great American Bash. Also on WWE.com: Trish vs. Melina has been announced for RAW, The Great American Bash sub-site has been updated, John Cena answers “Five Questions” and Jerry Lawler talks about Superman.