Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – July 5

Let’s get it started. Time for another four eliminations.

I got to Trinity studios very early. When I stood in the line, one of the kids wondered why I wasn’t standing at the very front and it was because I prefer sitting in the shade as the line grows. The problem with the Trinity venue is that it is completely removed from the rest of society. If you are hungry? Too bad. If you need medical attention? You are out of luck. If you crave a coffee, I hope you brought your own brew. Luckily, I only have to put up with it for another week.

As I was waiting for the show to begin, I was surprised to see Canadian Idol’s #1 fan and a face synonymous with Canadian Idol shows of the past. There is no doubt that I have been feeling the three performances per week and it is has been hard to maintain my record of not missing a Canadian Idol show in the last two years, but seeing this guy has rejuvenated me. Often proclaiming that it is his mission to ‘Save The Divas,’ the Idol Fan is the real signal that a new season has started.

After being led in, I thought about my initial bottom four prediction. I thought that Sheldon, Tyler, Rob and Brandon would be there for the guys and that Steffi D, Alyssa, Sarah and Kati or Ashley Coles would be there for the girls.

My predictions for the pairs that would be eliminated?

Sheldon and Rob for the guys.

Steffi and Alyssa for the girls.

Before the show began, Ben Mulroney said that his brother Mark was in the audience from Montreal. Judge Zack Werner joked that they should make the episode like “The Great Race” (he meant The Amazing Race) where it was like one of those non-elimination legs. He also mused that making such a change would result in eight people being dismissed in the following week. Mulroney mused that Idol does a “great show in the States with only three judges.”

The guys were introduced and they sat on the couch first. Right before the show started, there was a change and the girls were told to sit on the couches. I found this to be quite interesting as there was obviously something that facilitated a change.

Here’s how the couch shaped up.

Back row: Nancy, Sarah, Steffi, Alyssa
Front Row: Alisha, Ashley Coulter, Kati, Ashley Coles.

Another change happened minutes before the taping began as Ashley Coles switched seats with Alyssa. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

The show began and Ben said that after tonight’s episode, the fourteen remaining singers would be “one performance away from the Top 10 Mansion.”

This led to a recap of the female performances and then it was time to get started.

ALISHA: BOTTOM 4 (Shocker!)
SARAH: SAFE (Mini-Shocker!)
ASHLEY COULTER: BOTTOM 4 (SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Truly a shocking result. I definitely did not think that Alisha and Ashley Coulter would be in the bottom four. In fact, on my notepad, I had already made the mistake of marking them down as safe. I was truly stunned. Given that I had picked the two Ashley’s for my final four, this was truly a major blow. That being said, I was certain that Alisha and Alyssa would now be the ones to go home.

After a commercial, it was time for the guys to return to the couches.

Back row: Rob, Craig, Sheldon, Brandon
Front row: Keith, Tyler, Chad, Greg, Chris


Another truly shocking result. I did not think that Chris and Greg were in danger.

The bottom eight took their places on stage.

Rob, Sheldon, Chris, Greg, Ashley, Alyssa, Ashley and Alisha were very close to having their Idol dreams of glory crushed into oblivion.

After a commercial, it was time to show the judges predictions from last night. Would they match what actually happened?

Jake: Alyssa, Kati, Rob and Tyler
Sass: Kati, Alyssa, Rob and Tyler
Farley: Ashley Coulter, Alyssa, Rob and Sheldon
Zack: Ashley Coles, Alyssa, Tyler and Sheldon

Ben then announced the results.

Ashley Coulter and Rob James were safe. While I was happy about Ashley Coulter living to see another day, I was not happy about Rob James. I do not think that I have to explain why. I am still hoping he does not make the Top 10 next week.

With silence in the audience, it was time.

Sheldon was safe!!!!!!

Chris and Greg were going home.

Alisha and Alyssa were joining them.

There is no question that this was one of the most shocking episodes in Idol history. I definitely didn’t see it coming. But my final four are still in the competition!

The judges offered more advice.

Zack: I don’t know (in reference to Ben asking if Greg and Chris would have made the Top 10 any other year).
Jake: Show more of your personality.
Sass: Risk is a matter of personality.
Farley: We present the kids to the public. There’s a lot to be said for the wild card.

Then it was time for some final comments from the dearly departed.

Alisha: “Best experience of my life, I am glad my friends are safe.”

Alyssa: “Everything about this experience has been insane, substance, intensity. I am okay that I am going.”

Chris: “I am going to become a weatherman, and I’d like to thank the judges.”

Greg: “I am going back to my band back at home.”

Murtz out.

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