[Spoiler] Big Brother Live Feeds – Daily Update – POV Ceremony – July 9

The Veto Ceremony took place today and, not surprisingly, Janelle did not use it. Nominations for eviction remain Alison and Danielle.

Howie asked Mike Boogie to do his Monica impression. Mike told him that Nakomis asked that he not do that anymore. Howie then vents to Janelle about wanting to go off on Nakomis and that she is his next target.

Diane wants Alison to stay.

Jase, when talking to Marcellas and Janelle, says that he wants Alison evicted. When Jase talked with Will and Boogie he is all about Dani being evicted. Jase also informs Ali that they are trying to save her. Alison starts campaigning to stay.

Danielle got Chicken George to say he will vote for her to stay.

Nearly all of the houseguests play a game of kickball with a beachball. The game abruptly ends when the ball is kicked onto the roof.

Jase tells Nakomis and Diane that the three of them can go to the final four with Mike. If they get Dani out now, Ali has promised saftey if she gets HOH.