Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat – Recap – Episode 7

Here is how I would rank the teams after Week 6…

The Teams

#1 – Coral and Evan
#2 – Theo and Chanda
#3 – Shane and Linette
#4 – Darrell and Aviv
#5 – Tonya and Johnnie
#6 – Derrick and Diem
#7 – Tina and Kenny
#8 – Katie and Eric
#9 – Wes and Casey
#10 – Johanna and Jesse
#11 – Melinda and Ryan
#12 – Danny and Ev

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat – (Episode 7)

Cue the music..cue the entrances..cue the video game effects with each team being shown together as it gets loaded onto your TV or computer screen. The “alumni” are dressed in black, while the “fresh meat” are dressed in red. Oh..and it’s TJ Lavin as the host playing this “video game”…

We start off with Tonya continuing to be pissed about being voted into exile. She seems most upset with Tina, since Tonya thinks she should be going to exile instead of her. Tonya says she will win this next challenge and put Tina in her place, since they hate each other. We get clips of them arguing from past challenges. Wes says Tonya is a “bomb ready to explode”! Wes will also put Tina into exile if he wins.

The teams get a clue! “Now that you’ve been to great heights, you better be pumped up for the next challenge!” Theo informs us that Linette has a heart condition where she seems to be in love with him. We see images of them hanging out and “getting to know each other” as Linette says to Evan, Kenny, and Eric. Linette finally admits that she has a crush on Theo, but doesn’t want to get attached to Theo since she just got out of a long-term relationship. They didn’t do anything yet, because Linette wants Theo to “respect her”. That just blows Eric and Evan away a little bit! She is not going to jump into anything, though.

Now we see Tonya and Johnnie and Wes and Casey pack up their luggage. Casey is glad to see that Tonya has a lot of stuff with her, which will hurt their team. Johnnie doesn’t look too happy as we go to our first break!!

Commercial time!

TJ now explains the rules of this challenge to the teams. It is called the“Incredible Deflating Kayak”! Each team will have two oars, a kayak, and an air compressor. They will have to blow up their kayaks using their mouths or the foot-pedal air compressor. They will then get into their kayaks in the river and paddle to grab their flag and come back to the shore. Once they get back to the shore, they have to deflate their kayak and put it back into the bag for the time to stop. The winning team gets a trip to Costa Rica! Theo and Chanda decide on the order for the teams and they put Tonya and Johnnie near the end to give them a better chance at winning. Why? Theo didn’t think it was fair for Tonya and Johnnie to go into exile over other teams. And I agree.

The first heat is Katie and Eric vs. Shane and Linette. Shane says their goal is to fill up the sides of the kayak as much as they can so that it will be sturdy. They grab their flag without any problems. Katie and Eric, however, can’t paddle together. They go in circles for a bit. Evan says it’s entertaining, since Eric is basically laying back and Katie is yelling at him. Linette informs us that the deflating part of this challenge is the hardest, since you have squeeze three valves together to get rid of the air and they are tired at this point in the challenge. More yelling between Katie and Eric, but they finish. Katie says they sucked, though, and deserved to be in exile. Interesting.

The next teams are Derrick and Diem vs. Tina and Kenny. Tina says Kenny is full of hot air and they will blow it up in no time. Tina and Kenny are the first to get their flag. Somehow Tina gets turned around in the kayak and that leaves Kenny to paddle by himself. Derrick and Diem catch up and are able to beat Tina and Kenny.

Coral and Evan and Wes and Casey are next. Coral says there is no strategy needed for this challenge. Wes has the idea to barely inflate their kayak so they can start the race sooner. There is a risk, though, and that is sinking. Wes and Casey seem to be doing fine until Wes’ foot touches the water. That means they have to start over, but they can’t win anyways so they just quit. Coral and Evan do finish, though.

Tonya and Johnnie vs. Darrell and Aviv are the next heat. Tonya says they will win and put Tina and Kenny in their place as you know. Darrell and Aviv get their flag first. Tonya and Johnnie paddle into some trees near the shore. Tina says that Tonya talks a lot during challenges, but rarely back up that talk. Tonya and Johnnie do get their flag, though, but it’s too late as Darrell and Aviv beat them. So it’s Tonya and Johnnie vs. Wes and Casey for sure in exile!

Theo and Chanda are the last team to go. Theo jokes that he blew up a cruise ship with his lungs or something. The point is they do a really good job at this and it seems to be pretty fast.

TJ now comes in to tell us the results:

#9 – Wes and Casey – DQ
#8 – Katie and Eric – 12:59
#7 – Tina and Kenny – 12:38
#6 – Tonya and Johnnie – 11:33
#5 – Derrick and Diem – 11:10
#4 – Theo and Chanda – 11:07
#3 – Coral and Evan – 10:48
#2 – Darrell and Aviv – 10:30

#1 and WINNERS – Shane and Linette – 10:26

Linette is glad that they won today. Diem believes that Wes and Casey are going home, since Tonya and Johnnie appear to the be the stronger team.

TJ explains the rules of exile again. Teams have to carry the weight of the bags they brought with them, grab the team flag, etc. Tonya is worried, since her bags are FULL!

They all get into the van and jump out to start this thing. Wes and Casey carry 113 lbs. again, while Tonya and Johnnie carry 253 lbs.! MY GOD! Tonya’s bags are a full 30 pounds heavier than Wes and Casey’s combined. Johnnie isn’t a light packer either! Wes and Casey easily gets their bags up on their backs and start running to the amazement of Johnnie. Tonya and Johnnie struggle to lift their bags up as we go to our last break!!

Commercial time!

We come back and both Tonya and Johnnie struggle to carry their bags. Wes and Casey pass right by the first puzzle, but they make sure to grab that bloody flag! Tonya and Johnnie struggle still as Tonya whines that her bags are heavier than her entire body weight.

Tonya and Johnnie get to the first reward puzzle and they do it. “Remove six sticks to leave five squares.” They have to get one of these puzzles right so they can maybe get to drop their bags. Johnnie thinks he did it, but the ref said it’s wrong. That pisses Johnnie off as he throws the sticks! They race to the next puzzle. Wes and Casey seem to be having trouble knowing where to go. That’s only to add suspense and drama to this thing probably.

The second puzzle has something to do with moving kangaroos around. Of course, we get clips of them doing that, while Wes and Casey “struggle” to find the exit. We get to the finish line, though, and see that Wes and Casey cross it first in “record time” according to TJ. Casey likes Tonya, but she is sticking around now..not her. Wes is proud of his partner or at least tells her that. All he cares about is the money, though. Tonya and Johnnie make it to the end and they say their goodbyes. Johnnie blames the loss on the weight of their bags, which is true. Johnnie said he would have switched partners, if he could change anything. Tonya is SHOCKED that she lost.

Theo and Linette “get to know each other” some more. Theo sucks up to Linette now, since she has the trip to Costa Rica. Linette now says that she really likes Theo. Coral says give it a chance.

The van pulls up to the house and Wes and Casey jump out again. Katie is nervous, since her and Eric could be next to go up against Wes and Casey. Not good. Tina is happy that Tonya is no longer here. Wes would be glad to the guy to kick everyone else off first. Tina knows that exile could be coming up next for her, though, and she says it’s stressful.

And we are out until next week!

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