Canadian Idol – Recap – July 5

Ed’s still having issues getting set up here, so here’s his report for last Wednesday:

If 30,000,000 Americans who watched AI were to see what I saw tonight, (but they can’t) there would be a voter registration investigation.

Ben opens the program by telling us 4 million plus watched the girls last night. Whoa! Those are some serious numbers considering that CI last season drew around 2.5 mil every top 10 show and smoked the competition every week. This could be a good thing folks. James did you get that? And that also means that this is the first look a lot of people are getting of the girls. This could be a good indicator of how they will develop their fan bases from here on out. So the five left on the couch tonight could very well be the top 5.

After the Mon./Tues. recap Ben gets right to business.

Girls first.
Nancy… Safe
Alisha… Sa… Bottom 4?! Huh?
Sarah… Safe
Ashley Coulter… Bottom 4. She looked pissed.
Steffi… Safe. Good sign for Steffi
Alyssa”¦Where else but… Bottom 4
Eva… Safe. You know I was worried for a minute.
Kati… Safe. Good sign for her too. I saw almost everyone picking her for the trip down this week. Not the Idolhead. One of the few things I got right.
Ashley Coles… Bottom 4. This was a delayed reaction bottom 4. Should have been there last week and shouldn’t have this week.

After the break Ben gets right to the guys.
Rob… Bottom 4. A very, very bad sign for Rob even if he survives.
Keith… Safe.
Craig… Safe
Tyler… Safe… Huh?
Sheldon… Bottom 4. If he ain’t gone this week he’s gone next week.
Chad… safe. But I’ll bet he’s just barely safe. I wonder if that is like a hanging Chad.
Brandon… safe. I don’t know who’s voting for him but he does look like Kalan. I wonder if the voters think Kalan’s back on the show.
Chris and Greg left as the two last bottom 4. Greg? Dudes. I must be out of it.


Ben tells Rob he’s safe. Then turns to Ashley Coulter and tells her to go sit.

Break again.

Ben then informs Sheldon Nine Lives he’s safe and that sends Chris and Greg home. Chris I get, Greg I don’t. I guess cute doesn’t count for much this year. I know one guy who should be ecstatic about that. Keith anyone? I’m going to go ahead and predict this now. Keith will win this year.

Ben turns his attention to the ladies and tells Alisha and Alyssa they’re going home which leads to Ashley breaking down and crying. Me too by the way. I’ll miss Alisha.

Ben asks Zack if it were any other season would these four (the eliminated 4) make it to the top 10. Zack hems and haws and says nothing. I guess he’s going Bambi on us again.

Ben then asks Jake what the rest need to do to avoid being eliminated and his response is to show more of their personality. And the difference between 5th place votes and 4th aren’t that much. (That’s a warning)

He then asks Sass since the contestants now have a name fro themselves should they takes more risks. She says if it’s part of your personality and they are comfortable with it do it it. If they aren’t comfortable don’t.

Ben then asks Farley if Canada got it right. (Let me answer that one. Hell no! Or at least a half Hell no!) Farley says that the last 3 years have shown Canada has made some smart decisions because record sales have proved it. (This means don’t worry Melissa, Canada will soon figure out you have a great CD out there even though you may be 30 by then). We present these kids to the public (hem- haw, hem- haw) I think we need to bring back the wild card. (Translation: HELL NO!)

Ben then turns to Alisha and asks her how she’d grade her overall idol experience. She says it’s the best experiences of her life and to be eliminated now”¦(pause) I thought she was going to vent right here. But she says she’s glad her friends are safe.( I’m believin’ that)

Next he asks Alyssa how CI shaped her as a performer. Since what she said made no sense I won’t repeat it for fear of being accused of getting it wrong.

Next Chris says he wants to be a weatherman (is there a weatherman Idol I don’t know about?) He wants to wear Jake’s shoes and he’s going to drop and album in January. Can I assume that he will do this because he will be carrying too many at once because I’m sure he won’t be singing on one.

Ben turns to a still stunned Greg and asks him what he’s going to do. He says that he’s going to his band back home and hopes to make a record and sell some records and play some sweet shows. Even sounds like he’s in a daze.

Ben does the funeral videos then let’s us know the girls earned first up next Monday at 8:00 and the guys go on Tuesday. And on Wednesday we will find out who the top 10 are.

What a night. I scoured the net like always last night and nobody I read thought Greg and especially Alisha would be heading home and everyone thought Brandon sang his last song. The one person everyone without exception got right was Alyssa. Looking back at the performances of the guys and girls again, I still think Greg, Craig and Keith were the best by far and of the girls Ashley Coles, Sarah Loverock, and Nancy Silverman stood out for me. Alisha was not near the bottom at all. I guess she got the old, “Don’t need to vote for her she’s safe” thing. Eva was good but not up to the others I mentioned but she is still rock solid.

One thing I won’t say anymore is who is a lock. Because it looks like no one is. With no locks here is my top 10. Keith, Sarah, Craig, Steffi, Chad, Kati, Rob (by default), Eva, Brandon (by default), and Nancy. I really think the girls are better except for Keith. He will be the last male standing and I believe he will be the last one standing. I think he will be surrounded by three girls in the top 4. But hey, the way my predictions are going, he may get booted next week. But one thing’s for sure they can’t boot me… or can they?

Is it Monday yet?

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