Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – July 10

The big switch.

Instead of the guys performing first this week, the ladies took the stage.

I sat in my seat and the usual routine came out. The judges were introduced, followed by host Ben Mulroney, and then the top 7 guys. Rob James didn’t accompany them, as Ben said that he would be coming to the show directly from Winnipeg.

Right before the show started, James arrived and assumed his seat, minutes before Idol went live-to-air.

Ben welcomed the crowd and said that after a shocking results show last Wednesday, it was still up to Canada. He then introduced the judges again for the benefit of the viewing audience. He asked them for their opening thoughts.

Zack: Are you talking again? If you could not garner enough votes to stay out of the bottom two, you weren’t a contender to win” (Murtz: duh!).

Farley: Think about song choice, and perfect it.

Sass:They are developing at their own pace.

Jake: It’s the finals all the time, that’s what this is about.

The Top 7 Ladies then appeared: Steffi D, Ashley Coles, Ashley Coulter, Nancy Silverman, Eva Avila, Kati Durst and Sarah Loverock.

Steffi D
– Sang “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer.
– Because they had some extra time to kill with so many females already being eliminated, Ben had time to talk to the contestants before they performed.
– Steffi said that she couldn’t help but be influenced when she is surrounded by “lovely women and handsome men.”
– This was one of many examples of her flirting during her performance.
– I am concerned that Steffi might be the Chris Labelle of the females (ie. one big schtick).
– Then came her opening video where she said that she chooses songs that she can relate to.
– She said that she has to “show Canada, this what you want to do for the rest of your life.”
– While I liked her song choice, I thought she wasn’t singing at a fast enough pace.
– Awkward.
– Her cute act seemed a little contrived.
– Started singing to Brandon Jones in the middle of the song.
– Murtz is not a big fan.
– Why was she over-enunciating so much?
– She wasn’t not singing powerfully.

Jake: Fantastic song choices (this week and last). Less theatrical than last week. Deserve to be in the Top 10.
Sass: Charming, sweet, sparkling, corny. Really good.
Farley: Brandon was turning the color of your blouse. That was great.
Zack: Too act-y for me. Happy light frivolity that you captured.

After her performance, Ben asked what was up with her and Brandon. Steffi said that”Brandon’s a nice guy.” I am hoping that this obvious romance doesn’t hurt Brandon’s votes with the single girls as he is one of my picks.


During the break, Zack asked how many people wanted to bet that Steffi and Brandon are an item.

Ashley Coles
– Sang “Think” by Aretha Franklin.
– She told Ben that she was surprised that the contestants got along so well. “Some competitors have very strong feelings for others.”
– In her opening video, she said that she is still “Ashley when I go out there” and that “it has been hard to go out there and step up every week.”
– Awesome.
– One of the best voices in the competition.
– Could have gone bigger.
– Dustin Diamonded the first note (ie. Screeched it!)
– Good, but some minor flare-ups.

Sass: You look great. Admirable effort, but falls short for me.
Farley: Confined yourself physically. Your upper register isn’t good enough.
Zack: You dialed the wrong number. That was way the wrong choice.
Jake: Bad song choice.


After the break, Ben asked Tyler what he thought about the ladies winning last week.

Tyler said that it has encouraged the boys to come out there this week and “really bring it.”

Ashley Coulter and Nancy Silverman were on stage before the next performace.

Ben asked Nancy what she meant when she said she is “100 percent Nancy to the core.” Nancy said that when she performs, she is very intuitive to be Nancy to the core.

Ashley Coulter said that she grew up listening to Patsy Cline’s voice.

Ashley Coulter
– Sang “Crazy” by Patsy Cline.
– In her opening video she said that the competition has been an “emotional rollercoaster.”
– Also said that the judges are hard and that she wasn’t taking anything personally because this was a situation that she put herself into.
– Awesome performance.
– She is bringing it.
– Audience is spellbound.
– Perfect pitch and tone.

Farley: Good effort, issue is that it is specific in its notation. Just okay for me.
Zack: I want you to do some Joan Jett stuff. You should be in the Top 10.
Jake: It showed that song meant a lot to you.
Sass: Quite impressed. The best singing you have done so far, by far.

Nancy Silverman
– Sang “Stupid” by Sarah McLachlan.
– In her opening video she said that there is no way to prepare for elimination night because “it is never who you think it is going to be.”
– She is really good at song selection.
– Sang barefooted, a la Ashley Leitao.
– I thought she was being too much of a drama queen tonight.
– She stretches her arms and has Alanis moments for no reason, it seems a tad coerced.
– That being said, I still like her.
– I wonder what her attitude is like.

Zack: Really well done, there is some love/hate involved. Absurd if you didn’t continue. I hope you are the favourite of a lot of Telus subscribers out there.
Jake: Sounds like I never heard the song before when you sing. Mesmerizing.
Sass: Tones that sound like a horn and I love that.
Farley: You know yourself so well. You’re fantastic!


Eva Avila
– Sang “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye.
– Told Ben about how she got her Eva La Dragon nickname.
– In her opening video, she said that “it is impossible to show all of your personality in one song. Want your next performance to be your best one.”
– Says something in Spanish before she begins singing.
– Crowd into it immediately.
– She’s good, but I hate the song.

Jake: Difficult song to do. You did an okay version. You deserve to be in the Top 10.
Sass: You should definitely be in the Top 10.
Farley: Some mountains might be too high. Just had no soul for me at all.
Zack: You pulled it off. I am on the wrong show if you don’t belong here all the way until the end.


Kati Durst
– Sang “Not Ready To Make Nice” by The Dixie Chicks.
– Told Ben that her hometown (Goderich, ON) had a vote for her float in their Canada Day parade.
– In her opening video, she said that she “always wants to do better.”
– Also said that Zack hasn’t necessarily been the nicest to her.
– She needs to step up to the plate and have a big performance.
– Farley seemed to like as he was bobbing his head immediately.
– Standout performance for Kati.
– Sounds good.
– Hits a big note.
– Improving, but has to open her eyes more.

Sass: The intensity and the passion…
Farley: Determination to accomplish the song.
Zack: Intensity can overshadow the technique. Representing something really strong.
Jake: You really meant it. Really strong to me. I am a big fan.


Sarah Loverock
– Sang “She Talks To Angels” by The Black Crowes
– Tells Ben that she has to pick songs that she loves and songs that everyone wants to hear.
– In her opening video, she says that she has grown in the sense of looking deeper into the songs that she sings.
– Also closes her eyes a lot.
– I don’t like the song (despite her spending so much time justifying her selections).
– I think the song choice will hurt her.
– Big note at the end will help, but still not enough for me.

Farley: Really enjoyed. Second spectacular performance.
Zack: Hit the big star search note. Didn’t sing bad, but I don’t know if I see you as the Idol.
Jake: I think she sang AMAZING! Great on you.
Sass: You sound like Joni Mitchell. Wicked!


End of show.

Murtz predictions? I think that the bottom four females will be Steffi D, Sarah Loverock, Kati Durst and my girl, Ashley Coles. I see Steffi and Sarah exiting.

See you tomorrow.

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