[Spoiler] Big Brother Live Feeds – Daily Update – Voting Discussion – July 10

Mike, Diane and Nakomis agree that two of the BB6ers need to be nominated next week. Jase and Mike also discuss getting out Season 6 people sooner rather than later.

James informs Dani that he’s really working to get her to stay. Of course, Ali is working it as well.

Will and Mike ask Howie how he’s voting. He doesn’t commit to anything. They also want to form the new Chill Town. Are they joking or for real?

Marcellas and Erika want to vote out Dani and decide that they have to tell Janelle. The three of them talk about the vote. Erika wants to vote with the majority. Kaysar joins them and they discuss the difficulty of the first vote. Marcellas tells Janelle he will vote out Ali if that’s what she wants. Soon after, Marcellas and Erika talk alone and he’s already waffling back to voting out Dani.