Big Brother – Recap – July 11

It’s our first Tuesday visit with the all-star hamsters, er, houseguests.

Last week …

Julie Chen said “but first” at least once or twice.

14 entered the house.

The four from Big Brother 6 were the early targets.

Will and Mike Boogie talked trash with the others.

Jase and Janelle won HOH.

Danielle and Alison plotted to get Jase to disagree with Janelle, but ended up getting nominated themselves with Janelle resisting the temptation to say “bye, bye bitches.” (Like trying to read Dr. Will, you’ll have to guess when I’m throwing extra stuff in which isn’t true).
After the nomination ceremony, Alison promised misery on Janelle. Danielle noted she was never nominated in Big Brother 3. Janelle said she nominated them because they were trying to convince Jase to disagree.

Alison said she respects Danielle and Danielle complained about how people perceive her to be a smart player. Danielle also wants Alison to hang herself so her strategy will be to be quiet.
Both go to the HOH room wanting an explanation. Janelle said their first thought was to get rid of George until people started coming up and telling her that Alison and Danielle wanted her out.
Alison tried to explain herself but Jase accused her of telling enough lies already. Alison left the HOH room but Danielle stayed and said she was just throwing out scenarios and that it was Alison who was doing the plotting.

When Danielle came back, Alison returned to the HOH room and said Dani was pushing the whole thing. Alison said she wouldn’t lie but in the DR said of course she’s going to lie. Everybody does.

Both feel Janelle are coming after them.

They show Will and Howie in the exercise room and Howie seems to be flirting with Will (oh boy). Will said he and Howie have something in common “We’re both attracted to me.” Then he remarks to Howie that it’s an enlightening relationship for him as well because “I’ve never had a retarded friend.” Howie smiles.

Scenes of Howie coming to cuddle Will. Will said when someone stalks you, you usually get a restraining order. But here, he’s living with his stalker.

Howie said that if Dr. Will were a woman, he’d be attracted.

Will is thinking strategically. He’s looking to get into an alliance with Howie to break up what he calls the “Seasick”, short for Season Six alliance.

Scene of Alison, Janelle, and Jase in the kitchen. Alison goes to the HOH room to get a peek at the cameras but Janelle and Jase do not care.

Ali said America might love Janelle but “I %$@* hate her.” Ali goes back to the kitchen and sees Janelle sunbathing outside and she mouths (wait for it,) “Busto”.

After commercial, George is called to the Diary Room. But inexplicably he wanders upstairs (DR is downstairs) and heads for the HOH room. Jase said George has no idea where he is half the time. George eventually finds the DR and said there was a detour along the way but “here I am”.
James, Howie, and Janelle were discussing how BB6 is the target of the rest of the house and how they have to stick together but not look obvious. Howie said there’s a price on their head.
Then they showed Nakomis and Danielle trying to form the Anti-BB6 alliance and they discuss this with Mike Boogie. Will, Diane, and Danielle were also talking, with Diane wondering how they were going to break it up. Mike Boogie said that even if the BB6ers say they aren’t an alliance, they are.

Next they show Marcellas, Erika, and Janelle in the HOH room. Marcellas wants Danielle out because he believes she betrayed him in BB3. Erika wants Alison out because she thinks she was betrayed in BB4. Erika explained that while Danielle is smart, she can’t win challenges and Janelle piped in she is more scared of Alison. Marcellas said you have “hell in one hand, and hell in the other.”

To commercial and a thought. Alison should be targeted because to her credit, she is probably the best athlete in Big Brother history. She is capable of dominating any competitions requiring speed, agility, endurance, or balance.

From commercial, we here a loud grazing cow. Actually, it’s George snoring. Will noted that “if George’s strategy is to snore me out of the house, it’s totally working.” When George awoke, he said he didn’t sleep well at all to a roar of laughter.

Next it’s off to the backyard and another Big Brother tradition, the slip and slide. It is at this point, 30 minutes into the show, that we see … Kaysar! He noted they lathered the slip and slide real good. Will goes first, then Howie wearing a garbage bag, Jase and Kaysar get into it. Then Howie goes down the slide with George lying on top of him, sort of that two-man luge thing except Howie is on his back and George is on his stomach on top of him. Marcellas sees this and remarks “The idea of seeing George mounting Howie almost makes me straight.”

The houseguests are called in for the Power of Veto announcement. There’s a twist this year (who would have thought). The HOH’s and nominees will play with two other houseguests which will be chosen at random. Alison said that she will murder someone to get that veto. Danielle noted that if she doesn’t win the veto, she’s gone.

Then they gather again to start the veto competition. There’s a wheel with all the non-HOH’s and nominees. Ali spins first. She’s hoping for George but ends up with Kaysar. Danielle would love to have Marcellas but wins George. Will said if this is a snoring competition, George would win handily. Boogie was chosen to host the proceedings.

Instead it’s a diving competition. Danielle noted she hates wet water (I’m the opposite. I’m not good in dry water).

No worries. The backyard has no water. Instead, it’s a garbage dump, filled with junk used in past seasons. The challenge was to sift through the junk and find red veto symbols with the first person to find six of them and place them on a dish behind them winning. Each player went into a dumpster to start the game. But wait. Before they began, some other junk was dumped on the players, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mud, soiled hair from all the grooming done in the house, ice clam sundaes from the BB6 snack shop from hell. George was liking it. Alison couldn’t believe it.

The game begins and Danielle finds the first veto. George is just stirring up dust. Kaysar finds two quick ones. But again, the challenge queen, Janelle, starts to dominate. Just as soon as George finds his first, Janie already has four. Kaysar found two quick ones again to the background cheering of “what up Kaysar” but Janelle then completed the task and wins the veto. Jase was pleased because it takes the target off his back and puts it on Janelle. Danielle hopes someone saves her.

Danielle again wishes people wouldn’t see her as a smart player but Janelle was more concerned about Alison. Howie comes into the HOH with Janelle and Jase. He is followed by Will who suggested that Danielle and James are a team. Will notes that he wakes up wondering what trouble he can cause. He just wants to stir the pot. Jase though notes “Does he like to just throw random stuff into the equation just to throw people’s games off? YEAH. He’s Dr. Will.”
Jase told James what Will said James suggested taking Danielle out and putting Will up. Janelle thought about taking one of them off as well as she could use either one later in the game (but you knew it wasn’t going to happen, especially if you’ve been watching the live fireplace, I mean, live feeds).

Finally, the veto ceremony. Janelle asks Danielle and Alison to speak their peace. Both say they respect Janelle’s decision but Danielle did ask for a second chance. Janelle concluded that she didn’t want to upset people in the house so she puts the veto away and closes the box. Both nominees vow to fight to the end.