The Morning After (ECW News and Views) 7/12/06

Greetings all. I’m Tom Pandich here with an ECW Report that comes, the morning after. So let’s do it to it. First, the e-mail:

Weird SWM quotes me and I quote him:

“Then he proceeds to try and clean up ECW’s image, pulling it almost back to early 90s WWF gimmicks.”

Heh, thanks for the flashback to the Tazmaniac and Sabu coming to the ring in a stretcher with chains around him. Funny times.

Well, that pretty much stands on it own.

Next, Travis corrects me:

“No Trinity Again!: Can we please get her in the ring with Jazz so the two can start building an ECW women’s division of actual, you know, wrestling. Also Trinity is ten times hotter then Kelly (which is probably why she’s off tv right now).”

Maybe you’re confused or missed it, either way I didn’t bother to find the link… On IP it was reported that Trinity did a moonsault or some other move onto the floor that injured her back/leg and would be out for quite some time, hence why she hasn’t been on television…

Other than that, enjoyed the article, keep up the good work.

I completely forgot that Trinity was hurt and thus I feel dumb. Johnny calls me on the same thing:

I totally agree with the ECW Women’s Division, but because Trinity blew out her knee it looks like that won’t be happening any time soon (that’s also the reason that she’s not on TV right now).

Ok then. Finally bigga calls me out on something else which I feel like rebutting:

I take great offense to you calling the Philly crowd at the ECW show on Tuesday “ECW marks pretending to be an ECW crowd.” I was at the show on Tuesday, and that statement you made is complete bullshit. If there is anywhere in this country where a real ECW crowd still exists, it is in Philly my friend. The people I sat around in my section were all talking about the good old days of ECW and how much we missed it. The god damn Hawaiian shirt guy, and Hat guy were at this show, ECW arena mainstays. If this show would have been held at the ECW Arena it would have been unreal. Look at what happened when Big Show won the title, people were extremely pissed off, and let their feeling be known by pelting Show and Heyman with trash. Do you think you would have seen that type of reaction at an “ECW” show that is shown after the Smackdown taping in front of WWE fans. Instead you get the utter crap that happened last week when during the ECW show, a “We Want Cena” chant broke out. That made me physically ill. ECW has got to run their own tapings in smaller arenas in ECW cities in front of ECW fans!

Maybe I have some sort of psychic abilities, but seriously, what the hell did the ECW crowd do that wasn’t completely markish. They threw garbage at Paul E and Big Show on one of the most obvious turns ever. This wouldn’t have happened at a Smackdown show for a good reason, we’ve seen it so many goddamn times that it barely deserves a reaction. Hell, we’ve seen Paul do it with Big Show against Brock Lesnar a few years back. A Smackdown crowd wouldn’t have reacted because the match was shitty. A Smackdown crowd wouldn’t have reacted because RVD can’t draw any reaction other then shouting out E-C-W or Rob-Van-Dam that is about as original as the “What?” chant and about as endearing. Paul “sold out” the second he showed up announcing at Monday Night Raw, and has stayed bought ever since. You guys are delusional to honestly think that by turning his back on a risk to the company. Papa Shango never practiced Voodoo, Billy and Chuck weren’t gay, and Rob didn’t need to smoke pot.

They cheer Sandman for doing the same tired bit he’s been doing for the past month. They give RVD a free pass for not only the drugs, but also for putting on the same tired match we’ve seen a hundred times. It was a lame show that was put to shame by last night’s show.

Maybe that’s what ECW was back in the day and all of us were too stupid to realize it. A bunch of marks that brought their toasters to ringside, and cheered any piece of ass that tried to get shown. Old ECW offered some great innovations to wrestling, but the brand died once it served its purpose. ECW didn’t give us Cactus Jack, Rey Mysterio Jr, or Steve Austin. They graced ECW with their presence. They used it as a pit stop and then went on to have matches that were ten times better in the WWF/E and WCW. The best “wrestlers” left ECW, and we were left with Rhyno, Balls Mahoney, New Jack, and Rob Van Dam.

Ok, rant mode off. Ok enough of this e-mail stuff. Let’s get to the best ECW show we’ve had so far.

That Was Awesome

The Angry Giant: Ric Flair/Big Show was really the first hardcore match we’ve had so far in post Two Night Stand ECW. Since everyone is probably talking about how great Flair was, let me focus on the Big Show for a moment. The moment he went into the tacks and popped right up was fantastic. His absolute apeshit rage at the end of the match was pretty much the best thing we’ve seen out of him since he showed that he was a pretty funny guy back on Saturday Night Live. This is what the Big Show really always could have been if given the right type of push. I like this Big Show a lot, and he proved to me that he should be champion right there.

Sandman has a feud: Not the guy we all thought he’d end up with, but if it gets him in the ring and out of these silly sketches of beating someone up then I’m all for it.

Shannon Moore: I really don’t watch TNA all that often mostly because the product and I never really connected. Plus, the only wrestling I watch, I end up writing about. Personally, I don’t see why Eric S would want to cover more wrestling for that reason alone. Back on subject, when I did watch TNA, I liked Shannon Moore a lot. He may just be the funniest looking wrestler in the history of mankind now.

The one major advantage that TNA has over and WWE brand is a strong cruiserweight division (well and an actual tag division, so I suppose that’s two major advantages). With Shannon Moore, Little Guido, and CM Punk, ECW has the makings of one. Whatever they end up doing, I hope that creative doesn’t end up tagging Moore and Punk together.

You Fucked Up

Heyman: Insane Retard: So Paul says that it was us that drove RVD to his suspension and it’s for his own good. Paul’s excuse is weak as hell so far. Anything would have been better then this. Even Paul coming out and saying, “I don’t owe you people an explanation” or even “I put my chips on a winning horse” it’d be better. This was crap.

The Booking of Test: So let me get this straight. Test beats the hell out of Al Snow in three seconds, but it takes a screwjob to take down someone who isn’t going to be on the active roster in two months. Long term booking plan guys. You really should think about that for not just the top stars, but for everyone else too.

Sabu DQed: A DQ in ECW. Ick.

Vampires: MEH!

Alright, that’s it for this week. I’ll see you chaps and chapettes around.