Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – July 11

Many of you have written in to ask me what I have been thinking about my seats at this year’s installment of Canadian Idol. They have been pretty great. What hasn’t been great are the annoying people around me. I think I told you all about my problems with Starbucks, and how I feel it is a synonym for everything that is wrong in the world with it’s vente latte’s being topped with whipped judgment. It’s funny though, because now I feel like I am the Starbucks of Canadian Idol. Unceremoniously judging the contestants, the traffic and of course, the audience members that never cease to baffle me with their inadequacies.

On Tuesday, I was sitting next to a pair of teeny-bopper girls (undoubtedly Brandon Jones supporters, which I guess would be their only saving grace). In any event, they kept taking pictures of themselves over and over again. But not like those normal pictures that you would ask somebody to take for you. Instead, they kept leaning in and taking the pics themselves. It would have been fine if I didn’t have a blinding flash beam across my glasses at an unghastly rate, but I did, and it was severely annoying. The fact that they kept pushing their chairs back into my lap also did not help with the absurdity of the situation. Okay, it’s your first time at Canadian Idol. I get that. But seriously. You may want to take pictures of yourself, but the photograph that society takes of you highlights your futility in the grand scheme of things.

Onto the show.

I sat down and the familiar warm-up music began to play. While the CD has been switched from last season, old habits apparently die hard as I think I now know the words to every Kelly Clarkson and Rex Goudie song ever. I am just happy it isn’t an overload of “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas. I got the songlist and I knew that tonight’s show would probably be the best of the season.

If my opening rant didn’t serve as any indication, it’s easy to see that I was and am in a bad mood. While I was at the show, I realized that my Cal Ripken streak of attending every Idol show in the last two years will come to an end on July 31, when I will be in Florida to interview Kendra Todd. It is a sad sad day.

Anyway, Sue Brophy announced that Wednesday’s show would be starting early (at 7:30 PM EST).

Right before the show started, they played a track, I really liked. Sue then announced that it was a song called “Dance For Love” with Jacob Hoggard and Kalan Porter? She said it was an underground hit. Does anybody know more about this?

Anyway, after the host, judges and the remaining contestants came out, the show began.

Ben announced that the competition would soon enter “a whole new reality.” The top ten would be moving to the 1300-seat John Bassett theatre next week. He also reminded viewers to keep voting “because there are a lot of Greg Neufeld and Chris Labelle fans out there that wish that they did.” He said that 1.2 million votes were cast for the ladies last night.

The judges were reintroduced and it was time for their opening comments.

Jake: Certain people just not connecting. There is a 2/7 chance of going home on Wednesday. The odds actually improve to 1/10 next week.

Sass: Road to the Top 10 ain’t easy.

Farley: What doesn’t kill them makes them smarter.

Zack: How’s that Nancy to the core thing going Ben?.

Ben used his same tired joke from a few weeks ago when he said the Americans do the show with only three judges. Zack retorted by calling Ben, Dinkleman from the first season of American Idol.

The guys then came up to the stage in the following order: Craig Sharpe, Brandon Jones, Keith McPherson, Chad Doucette, Sheldon Elter, Tyler Lewis and Rob James.

Craig Sharpe
– Sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen
– Told Ben that “people can sing in Upper Cove, they just don’t know it.”
– In his opening video, he said that he knew who he was as an artist and that Canadian Idol would launch all of their career paths.
– I knew that the performance would rock.
– This guy is amazing at song selection, it is easy to see that he has competed before.
– Comes in wearing a jacket and takes it off at the harder part of the song, great idea to get a reaction from the crowd.
– I love it!
– Sucks that he has to reduce the song into 90 seconds.
– Spectacular performance.
– Gets half of a standing ovation.

Jake: Squeezing that song into one minute and 20 seconds is tough. Doing a Zack imitation won’t get you votes.
Sass: Loved that! Thought it was amazing!
Farley: You’re the youngest on the male side and your sense of song selection is great. You should change your first name to Razor. Razor Sharpe.
Zack: You remind me of one of those glam rockers. Not a matter of whether you make it to the Top 10. It’s a matter of whether you make it first, second or third.

Brandon Jones is next.

Brandon Jones
– Sang “Easy” by Lionel Ritchie.
– Brandon says that his “beautiful biceps set him apart” but he is obviously kidding. He says that he hopes Canada will be able to see his “unique style.”
– In his opening video, he says that he is always excited to get on the stage and that he is excited every week to get on the stage.
– Has a weird arrangement, once again.
– Not to worry though, because I am sure he isn’t going anywhere.
– Crowd liked it, I thought it was okay and bordering on sub-par.

Sass: Pretty good singing there, Brandon. Performance was strained, but the singing was killer.
Farley: Really respectable job.
Zack: I think your pipes appeal to little girls. Who am I to question New Brunswick (referencing Casey LeBlanc from last season).
Jake: Little girls out there, he’s not doing that great a job.

Keith and Chad are up next.

After the break, Ben talks to the girls who performed on Monday. Ashley Coulter says that now they know what the guys go through, to wait an extra day to hear the results.

Ben then talks to Chad and Keith. Chad says that his mom “has been amazing,” and that the experience has been “wicked sweet.”

Keith says that he thinks everybody is on the same playing field (Rob James, anyone? Anyone?).

Keith McPherson
– Sang “Tempted” by Squeeze.
– Told Ben that he shared great energy with Bird (vocal coach) and Marc Lalama (pianist).
– In his opening video, he said that he thought of this as an opportunity and not a contest.
– In the performance, I felt that he lost a degree of vulnerability by not sticking to the ballads that we are used to seeing from him.
– Judges seem to not only like this performance, but Keith in general.
– It was fun and definitely good enough to get him to the Top 10.

Farley: When are you going to make a mistake? Well done.
Zack: I didn’t think it was all that fantastic. Grit was missing. Muppet-Boy, I am a fan!
Jake: One of my favourite songs. I knew you would nail it. Great instincts about what to do for your voice.
Sass: I don’t know what to say. You are amazing. I love you!

Chad Doucette
– Sang “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls
– In his opening video he said that every week was a wicked opportunity.
– Also says that he looks to songs that he has done in the past and that he has something to offer.
– Great performance!
– Sounds strange when he blasts the big note.
– Hits an enormous note and probably the biggest note of the competition.
– Great arrangement.
– Best of the night so far.

Zack: That was what I love about you. Man, that was wicked sweet.
Jake: By far, performance of the night.
Sass: You shine in your higher register. That’s how I know it is a Chad Doucette song (Murtz: His higher register is what I don’t like!)
Farley: Textures in your voice are really unique and memorable.


Sheldon Elter
– Sang “Too Hot To Handle” by The Black Crowes.
– Tells Ben that he “has always been an underdog.” Says that you have to roll with punches and keep swinging.
– In his video, he says that he is a fun and goofy guy who likes to sing.
– Says that he has to find songs that are hip.
– Performance is much-improved from last week.
– Great song choice.
– It’s really good and now he has a chance to sneak into the Top 10.

Jake: Lucky that the Black Crowes made it famous, because compared to them, it was good.
Sass: I am a huge fan of Sheldon Elter. You stepped up.
Farley: Song is hot to handle. I was scared for you, but I am comfortable now.
Zack: You deserve a career in media. Do not see you as competitive enough to win Canadian Idol.

Tyler Lewis up next.

Tyler Lewis
– Sang “Old Time Rock And Roll” by Bob Seger.
– Tells Ben that it is “cool to see that we have fans.”
– Says that he doesn’t see himself differently, and is just “focusing on the show.”
– In his video, he says that he wants to take the negative and turn it into a positive.
– HOT opening!
– Guys are really stepping it up tonight (just like Tyler said yesterday).
– Their song choices have definitely been better.
– Awesome.
– By far the best performance of the evening.
– Crowd going crazy!
– Murtz is now going to say that it is the best performance of this Idol season.
– Spectacular and perfect.

Sass: You just busted out of your shell. Your best!
Farley: You have a great sounding voice to me.
Zack: Very Zack-like shirt, you’re wearing.
Jake: Really showed that you had a lot of fun. Really good!

Rob James
– Sang “Chariot” by Gavin DeGraw.
– Tells Ben that Winnipeg has got a great musical theatre system set-up.
– In his video, he says that Wednesdays haven’t been his favourite day of the week and that ultimately, it is a competition.
– Jake loves his performance and is boppin’ his head immediately.
– It’s okay, but I do not think it is enough to save him.
– I think the song choice will hurt him.
– Farley also seems to like it.

Farley: First time I heard that song and actually liked it!
Zack: I know how hard this has been for you… it’s been great having you here…
Jake: I could tell how much fun you were having. No nervousness. That was fantastic!
Sass: You gave it really great and we loved getting it.


Show over.

Alrighty, so heading into another results show, it’s time for my predictions.

I believe that Steffi D, Sarah Loverock, Ashley Coles and Kati will be in the bottom four for the ladies.

Sheldon Elter, Rob James, Tyler Lewis and Chad Doucette for the guys.

Steffi, Sarah, Sheldon and Rob are out.

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