Canadian Idol – Recap – July 11

Kevin: It’s been a helluva week for me and I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the show yet, so Ed’s going it solo today. Take it away, Ed.

Tonight the judges were holding their respective tongues. Nothing to great and nothing too brutal. Not something I tune in to see. I think the reason is the early departure of Greg ………and Alisha but mostly Greg. If you couldn’t tell that was the entire buzz around the start of the show. I personally don’t think the judges influence that much at all, but from the looks of the judge’s tonight they obviously think they do or the producers think they do. I’m thinking we didn’t get as honest comments as we should have. Maybe it’s just me but that’s the way this Idolhead sees it.

Craig put his Michael Jackson voice on high alert for “Rhapsody”. He actually sounded a bit like Freddy. He did do a very good job. One of the things I liked was he did a small part of the song no one else on Idol has done (I’m guessing we will hear it every season now. Thank you Constantine). Not overwhelmed but not under whelmed either. A good start to the show. Grade B+

I don’t understand why anyone on Idol would choose this song. It doesn’t really go anywhere and in my humble opinion, Brandon didn’t take it anywhere either. It was an ok version of an ok song. It’s time to blow us away, not put us to sleep. He will have to depend on the boppers to make it to the top 10. I think they may be over him since Steffi put the move on him last night. Grade C+

I was ready for a Big Mac this week, but for me, unlike the judges, it didn’t happen. He was more like a Mack truck just pulling the song along. Again it was an OK job but Keith sounded a bit winded the entire performance. Was this the first case of nerves or was he just not use to moving around that much. His voice is better than that song. But for tonight, it was just as good as that song. Keith’s weakest performance to date. Could my MacPhever be waning? No. Still better than most so far. I expect more from Keith. Grade A-

When Chad started off in that low register I thought he was just trying to prove he was becoming a man. Well maybe next year Chad. I agree with Sass when he hits the high notes his voice is very distinct. It ain’t too bad either. Again I wasn’t as impressed as the judges but it could have been the best so far. I’m still waiting to be blown away. Grade A-

Another song I wouldn’t have chosen to sing when I’m singing for my Idol life. I loved Sheldon last week but this week he’s back to bar singer for me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Not that there’s anything right with it either. I think this was his last bar song on Idol. Grade C-

A good song choice for Tyler…….I reckon and he did it fair to midland. If this is the real Tyler and Canada likes it, well you do the math. He did look like he had a good time and sang it in tune, as much as a five note song can be sung in tune.I’m sorry, that was a four note song. Nothing special. Grade C

I was rooting for Rob tonight but I can’t say he did anything that would want to make me pick up the phone and vote. He had some pitch problems on the loud stuff. Not a good time for pitch issues. The judges lapped it up. Am I just hard to impress tonight? Grade B-

It looks to me like Brandon and Sheldon will be going home unless Rob again joins his bottom 4 partner Sheldon for the last time. Third time’s a charm? I’m sure Rob hopes not. Overall there were no standout performances tonight for me. The girls look strongest this season. The best of the night would be Craig, Keith and Chad. Two teenies and a grandpa (relatively speaking). Here are my picks for the top 10: Craig, Rob, Keith, Tyler, Chad, Steffi, Ashley Coulter, Eva, Sarah, and Nancy. One thing I know for sure ….I’ll get at least 6 right.