In Hindsight: It’s All About The Music

Line of the Week
Whatever Marco Materazzi said to Zizou Zidane. The British announcer had speculated that Zidane had surely heard everything when it came to trash talking, but apparently there was one that he hadn’t.

And say what you want about whether it was warranted or not, but it was a great headbutt:

Anyways, I want to apologize for the lateness of this column and the slacking on the recap front. It’s been a hectic week for me so far, and my usual writing days (Tuesday-Wednesday) were taken up by contractors like Osborne Woodcare installing hardwood flooring in my house, plus a lengthy phone interview (which went very well, thanks for asking), plus the cleanup associated with the aftermath of the installation. Last week’s Treasure Hunters should be up soon, and I should be back in the saddle with Canadian Idol along with Ed and Murtz.

Speaking of Idol, I’m pretty disappointed with the Top Ten this year. Clearly, Brandon is the Ace Young of the group – he’s not a great singer, he’s got questionable ability to pick songs, but the girls love him because of his hip-hop stepping, his hat turned askew, and his “popped” collar (what’s up with that, btw? You know that fad died in about 30 days overseas, right?), so he’s survived despite sucking. And I suppose that being from New Brunswick has something to do with it as well.

The way I see it, Eva is the only competitor left that deserves to win, although seeing Rob take it would make me quite happy. Actually, Rob cracking the top five would make me happy – that hasn’t happened with an obvious visible minority since Gary Beals, back when CanIdol was fresh and more naïve.

Of course, the great thing about watching Canadian Idol is that you can contrast it with that other singing competition, Rock Star. On Canadian Idol, it seems like the song selection only sometimes matters – Nancy Silverman and Alisha Nauth had some great song choices, yet singers like Steffi D. and Ashley Coulter are still around. This is due to the fact that the final elimination decision lies with the voters.

On Rock Star, the bottom three is chosen by the voters, but it’s the “band” that chooses who goes home out of those three. So song selection plays a much bigger factor on who is sent home. Last week, the singer sent home sang Duran Duran, for which he did a good job, but as your “please keep me” song for a group that consists of people with a hard rock pedigree? Uh, no. The same goes for Chris, who decided to sing an acoustic version of a Tonic song, which is kind of a double whammy there – Tonic isn’t really a group that you “rock out” to to begin with, and stripping it down just brings things back to the “More Than Words” days, which I don’t think is a direction that Tommy Lee and co. are looking to take.

Now in defence of the singers they likely did not know that they would be singing to front a hard rock group welded together from some spare parts, but you’d think that, once you learned that, and also learned that they would have free reign over song selection, that they’d do a better job of impressing the judges.

Of course, what if they were trying to be unimpressive? I mean, fronting a band featuring Tommy Lee and Jason Newstead is not everyone’s dream job, especially if they were expecting the featured band to be, say, Van Halen. Maybe the first two singers saw that they didn’t want to be part of this so-called supergroup, and tanked their “sing for survival” performance in order to leave the competition?

Maybe they did know how to use song selection to their advantage.

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The Week… In Hindsight:
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‘Rock Star: Supernova’ (Global) – It was noted that Zayra was a bit pissed off that Jill sang the same song that Zayra did last week (“Bring Me to Life”). So really, don’t be surprised if Jill is “unable to perform” next Tuesday.

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That’s it for this week.