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I don’t know how many of you have a TiVo, but the thing I found interesting about it is that it actually records shows for you. Shows that IT thinks you may like! It’s like it’s reading your mind or something. They call this “TiVo Suggestions”. And my new TiVo seems to be doing that a lot lately. Why? I have more space on this TiVo and apparently my TiVo doesn’t think that I record enough shows. So it records shows to fill up space, but not so that’s full or anything. It will also delete the suggestions before any of the shows you recorded. But it’s funny to see what TiVo thinks you may like. Most of the time it’s pretty right, but other times it’s not. Now if you take the time to hit the “thumbs up” or the “thumbs down” button on your remote to let TiVo know what shows you like or dislike and how much you like or dislike them, then these “suggestions” can get pretty accurate over time. Basically, this is stuff you probably wouldn’t record since you wouldn’t care if you missed an episode or not. But if nothing else is on, this stuff is usually watchable. So if you get a new prepared to laugh at it for some of things it thinks you might like in the beginning!

As promised, I will be talking about ‘Big Brother 7’ later in this column. But first I need to comment on ‘Monk’ and ‘Psych’. You can count me in as a fan of the USA Network’s original programming. I like ‘The 4400’ and ‘The Dead Zone’. I like ‘Monk’ as well, but the show I may like more than those three shows is the new show, ‘Psych’. I don’t know, it just has a little more comedy than the others. But did you notice that Johnny Smith from ‘The Dead Zone’, Adrian Monk from ‘Monk’, and Shawn Spencer from ‘Psych’ are similiar characters. They all notice and see things that people don’t notice or see. They just have different abilities. I find it funny that Johnny Smith is actually psychic, but not by choice. And Shawn Spencer is not psychic, but wants everyone to think he is. They are opposites of each other, but still do the same stuff if that makes any sense. I like Monk’s quirks and stuff. OCD can be fun, if you don’t have it! But I like Shawn even more. He brings the fun and I’m all about the fun. At the request of some people, I will be doing an extended recap/review of the premiere of ‘Psych’. That should be up later today (Friday) or sometime this weekend.

Now here are some random thoughts on things. I watched the first “lost” episode of ‘Chappelle’s Show’ this past Sunday and as expected it wasn’t as funny as the first two seasons. It was still funny, especially the “new Tupac rap” skit at the end. He’s not know! I watch ‘Last Comic Standing’ as you know and I think Chris Porter is the funniest of them all. I look for him to win. But I think that Michele winning the first two times was wrong! She’s not funny. She’s a typical New York lady! And eventhough, I can realistically watch three channels at the same time with my two TiVos, I keep forgetting about my single tuner TiVo in the bedroom. There is not many times where I need to record three channels at the same time, since half of the shows show reruns at a later time, especially on cable. But I think it will be more important when Fall comes and when I have to watch more than one network at a time. So here’s to then!

And that’s all I got to say right now. I have a LOT more talk on ‘Big Brother 7’ later in this column. But first lets take a look at what everyone else has been doing this week at IPTV!

Seinfeld Quote of the Week

“I can’t take it anymore! She’s driving me crazy! I can’t sleep..I can’t leave the house..when I’m here I’m climbing the walls..meanwhile, I’m dating a virgin..I’m in this contest..something’s got to give!”Jerry talking to Kramer about the naked women across the street from Season Four’s “The Contest”!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Columns a.k.a. Still on Vacation?!?!

Mathan Erhardt says there is nothing on TV this summer. Could be true, but judging by my TiVo..there is a lot of stuff out there. Sure..they are all not quality shows, but they are out there. He still managed to watch ‘Hustle’, ‘Entourage’, ‘Lucky Louie’, ‘Saved’, and ‘Deadwood! I suppose that would make me 2 for 5 this week. That would be .400, which is not bad. And I would live in the “Brady House”, because it’s a house with a backyard!

Dora Malone has a new addiction to comment on this summer. And it should be no surprise that it’s ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’! She comments on the first episode of the show, along with breaking down all 14 people in the house! She even gives us her first predictions on who may win. I hope that doesn’t happen to be honest with you!

Matt Basilo has bug bites and a slow computer this week. He wanted to comment on ‘Windfall’, but missed the last episode. So he only comments on ‘The 4400’ and ‘The Dead Zone’. More from him next week hopefully!

Kevin Wong is a little late this week, but he just makes it under my deadline! He talks about ‘Canadian Idol’ and ‘Rock Star’. He compares and contrasts them like you did in school! Also, he has footage of a FANTASTIC headbutt!

Recaps a.k.a. Summer, Summer, Summertime!!!

Kevin Wong is busy again this week. He attempts to compete with me by doing a recap of ‘Treasure Hunters’. This is the one that actually aired this week. He skipped over last week, because..well it’s in the recap above. It will be coming, though. Then..he’s back to his marathon of ‘Canadian Idol’ recaps! He does the July 5th results show from last week! Again..this is really the recap from “Idolhead” Ed Hampton. Ed is still having problems getting set up. But they are both back for the July 10th performances of this week featuring the girls, followed by Tuesday night’s show with the guys! A note here..the Tuesday night show is actually all “Idolhead” Ed Hampton. Kevin took that night off!

Murtz is still in the audience for LIVE ‘Canadian Idol’ recaps! He has his version of the results from last week! That day he saw the #1 fan for this show, which has motivated him to continue his streak of LIVE recaps of this show! Murtz is back for the Monday performance show, where they switch things up and have the girls perform first! He then settles back in his seat for the Tuesday night show with the guys! He also gets annoyed by a few teenage girls who keep taking pictures of themselves! That’s too bad.

I have episode #7 of the ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’!

Trevor MacKay does another Thursday ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’ episode! I’m on deck for Sunday!

This week we had 3 TV on DVD reviews! All by me!! heard me!

I did three DVD reviews this week. I was busy watching Walker, Texas Ranger – The Complete First Season, 30 Days – Season One, and HBO One Night Stand: Earthquake!!

Celebrities, NEWS, SPOILERS, and CONTESTS a.k.a. We are LOADED to KILL This Week!!!

Former ‘Apprentice’, Roxanne Wilson interviews Tammy Trenta from ‘The Apprentice 5’ this week! The series continues next week!

Former ‘Rock Star: INXS’, Jessica makes her debut on IPTV! She talks about the first week of the new ‘Rock Star: Supernova’! And how about this?! Jessica returns to give her thoughts on the second week of ‘Rock Star: Supernova’! I’m actually watching this now. Comments to come later. But for now..enjoy DOUBLE Jessica this week!

Did you see Murtz on ‘Big Brother 7’?! You didn’t?! Well he made an appearance on that show. He wasn’t in the house, but Kaysar and Erika were talking about him. Say what?’s true. Don’t believe me..the clip is here!

Patti is here to update you all summer long on the LIVE feeds for ‘Big Brother 7’. I might be doing this, but not this week since I had a hella busy week as it was! So for now take a look at the LIVE feed reports for July 8, July 9, July 10. WARNING..some of this stuff contains SPOILERS!!

Finally, I have a contest that I’m running until the end of the month. It’s your chance to win some stuff from the new show, ‘Psych’. I have a variety of prizes and you just have to answer a trivia question to enter your name in the random drawing for one of the prizes! Here is where you can ENTER!

The Weekly Pulse Weekly Poll

It’s time for a new poll and a new question to ask this week. Since I will be talking about ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’, the poll is dealing with that show! So here is this week’s question…”who do you think will win ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’?” Yeah..I know it’s early, but I wanted to see who everyone thinks would win. And yes..I’m easing myself away from ‘Big Brother’ polls, but I don’t have to quit cold turkey! Just click on the link and VOTE! Remember..VOTE OR DIE!

What Did My TiVo Record This Week?


– ‘King of the Hill’

– ’24’

– ‘Monk’

– ‘Psych’

– ‘Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels’

– ‘Jamie Kennedy’s Blowin’ Up’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman


– ‘Monk’

– ‘Intervention’

– ‘The Cosby Show’


– ‘Why Can’t I Be You’

– ‘The 4400’

– ‘Chappelle’s Show’ (It’s back!)

– ‘The Dead Zone’

– ‘Mind of Mencia’


– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Made’ (New season!)

– ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’

– ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

– ‘Treasure Hunters’

– ‘Falcon Beach’

– ‘WWE Monday Night RAW’

– ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’

– ‘Saved’

– ‘The Closer’

– ‘2006 MLB Home Run Derby’ (Yeah..a sucker for All-Star festivities!)

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’


– ‘The Secret Life Of…’ (Vacation eats!)

– ‘The Secret Life Of…’ (BBQ!)

– ‘Made’

– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’

– ‘Fear Factor’

– ‘Last Comic Standing’

– ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’

– ‘2006 MLB All-Star Game’

– ‘Rock Star: Supernova’

– ‘ECW Wrestling’

– ‘Rescue Me’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’


– ‘The Cosby Show’

– ‘Miami Ink’

– ‘King of Cars’

– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Blue Collar TV’

– ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’

– ‘Lost’

– ‘One Tree Hill’

– ‘The Hills’

– ‘Cheyenne’

– ‘Inked’

– ‘Criss Angel Mindfreak’

– ‘Dog Bites Man’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’


– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’

– ‘My Name is Earl’

– ‘The Office’

– ‘Making the Band 3’

– ‘Run’s House’

– ‘Windfall’

– ‘Pimp My Ride’

– ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

– ‘TNA Impact!’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’

Time to Talk a.k.a. Time For Some ‘Big Brother’ Talk!!!

It’s time to talk about ‘Big Brother 7’. The first thing I need to do is talk about who got into the house and who didn’t. Back when the 20 candidates for the house were revealed, I told you which 12 I wanted in the house. Of those 12, 10 of them made the house. Now CBS decided to expand the number of houseguests to 14, since the voting was so close. That’s cool. If I had to pick 14 back when I made that list, I would have added James (BB6) for sure. And for another girl it probably would have been Nakomis (BB5). That would have been my 14 that I wanted in the house.

If I did know that there would be 14 people in the house instead of 12, I would still have had only 12 out of the 14 people I wanted in the house. Who were the two that got left out? Cowboy (BB5) and Lisa (BB3). I was most shocked by Lisa not being in there! Cowboy was probably too “nice” to be back in the house. This is “All-Stars”, so they need mean people to stir things up! Who got into the house in their place? That would be George (BB1) and Mike (BB2). I don’t understand why George made it into the house. Probably the only reason is because he’s “the old guy” and he’s from BB1 and they needed someone to fill that. Mike is not “all-star” in my book, but he was Will’s ally (which I didn’t know), so it makes a little more sense to be in there as Will’s friend. But since there are 8 men and 6 women in the house, they could have easily replaced George with Lisa to even it out and add to the “hottness” scale. Janelle and Alison are good. Diane and Erica are okay. But Lisa was the prettiest of them all! Oh’s done now.

But I’m still a little surprised by America’s votes. Kaysar, Jase, and Howie were obviously in the “top 4”, but how is Will not in there? James was right behind them, since he is popular and known for winning all those vetos. I mean Will IS our “best ‘Big Brother’ houseguest EVER!” But I guess we are the minority in America. As for the women, well Janelle is obvious. Diane and Erika..I thought they would be there too. But Lisa should have been the 4th! In my opinion, Nakomis stole Lisa’s spot on the show. Danielle was a “lock” to be on the show and Alison was too, since she’s a bitch. Lisa is nice..I believe, so that probably cost her like it did Cowboy. The most interesting thing about the voting is that all 8 were from the later seasons (BB4, BB5, BB6). And 7 of the 8 were from BB5 and BB6. So that proves my point that the later seasons are more known than the earlier ones. They also more closely resemble the ‘Big Brother’ game that is played today. So to keep things even, CBS had to throw in more people from the first three seasons. Overall, though, I’m okay with these 14 people in the house. It will no doubt be an interesting summer!

The big thing to come out of the first episode is the alliances being formed already. The first alliance that seems to be there is the “BB6” people. You know they have four from ‘Big Brother 6’. They were all pretty much friends more or less as well. So they are a natural alliance. They are also the last people to compete on ‘Big Brother 6’. So what does that mean? They’re a target! Does this sound familiar to any of my readers or to anyone that watches the ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’. Yeah..this is just like the “Austin” people on that show. They were a target on the ‘RW/RR Challenge’ and it appears that Kaysar, Janelle, Howie, and James are as well. And I’m sure I will grow tired of everyone talking about the “BB6” alliance as I did with the “Austin” alliance. The big difference is that the “BB6” people are better players than the “Austin” people. And Janelle from ‘Big Brother 6’ won head of household from the start. That means that everyone had to start taking out each other before they get to the “BB6” people. And to prove how strong Janelle is as a player (runner-up to Will in our tournament), she won the “power of veto” as well! Yes..that will make her a target, but she’s already a target so might as well run with it!

Now lets talk about the big “twist” this year. Or at least so far. That is there being two heads of household this year. That really doesn’t do anything for me. It’s interesting, but wouldn’t you think that the two people there would agree on the people going “up on the block”. If they don’t, THEY get put up there. want to save your friends and alliances, but this game is all about YOU at the end. YOU are trying to win the money at the end. There can only be one, so wouldn’t you save yourself over anyone else? Makes sense. Of course, Danielle brought up an interesting point about not agreeing on purpose..IF you know that there would be numbers in your favor and you knew that you were safe. But since there are so many hidden alliances in ‘Big Brother’, you can never assume anything. You are not safe until you win at the end! So I would definitely agree..even with my worst enemy to save myself. You never know who your real friends are and who is ready to stab you in the back when you turn around!

As far as alliances go in the house so far, well that is a little cloudy. It appears that Kaysar, James, Janelle, and Howie are together as “BB6”. Jase appears to be with them for now. But he’s more with Diane and Nakomis. This alliance is not talked about much, but they are all from ‘Big Brother 5’ and I believe they are a secret alliance that is not so secret. Erika is friends with Kaysar (they both like InsidePulse!), so she should be with “BB6”. I think Marcellas likes Jase and Howie so much that he might be in with them as well. Will and Mike are another alliance. Will says he is gunning for Kaysar. It would make sense, since Kaysar and Will are two of the top players in the ‘Big Brother’ game. Kaysar is good and popular, while Will likes to cause trouble and obviously not popular since America didn’t vote for him. However, I think that all could be a smokescreen..if you will. I think Will and Kaysar could be in a secret alliance. I mean..everyone knows how good they are, so that makes them easy targets. And they could be next to go, so why not join up for a little bit to get some of the “lesser” people out of the house first. I think I heard Will mentioning this on the feeds as well. But with Will..he’s just there to stir things who knows. But it makes sense to me.

Danielle and Alison were “up on the block” this week. The reason was because they were trying to stir up stuff and get rid of Janelle. So it was pretty clear why they were picked. Janelle wanted to keep her “alliance” safe and Jase just wants to be on everyone’s good side, so there you go. Who do I think will be voted out? Probably Alison. But it could be Danielle, since everyone thinks she is a smart player. But since Janelle knows that Alison is a threat to her, she could sway enough votes her way for Alison to go home.

And I was right! The number of votes surprised me a little bit, though. It was 8-2 for Danielle to stay. Kaysar, George, and James all said they voted for Danielle. Diane and Nakomis said they voted for Alison. So that would be the two for Alison. So that means Will and Mike voted for Danielle. A little shocking, since I was sure they would vote to keep her in to fight against Janelle. So maybe they are in with “BB6” like I thought! Or most likely..they knew they couldn’t save her at the last second, so they changed their votes to go with the majority. The only reason I wanted Alison to stick around was because “she looks good in a swimsuit” as Howie says. But she’s gone now. And let me throw in something right now! WHAT UP KAYSAR?! Kaysar wins HOH this week! Wait..they are not doing two heads of household anymore? Well..that didn’t last long. “BB6” should be safe another week!

Right now I see the game going two ways. It could either go with all the “big” and “best” players like Will, Kaysar, Jase, and Janelle sticking together and getting rid of the “lesser” players like George and Erika and Nakomis and Diane. Or those “lesser” people could be little threat to the “bigger and better” houseguests and thus, could slip through the cracks and last until the end. That is what Dora think it will happen. I could see it happening, but I don’t want it to happen. That would mean I would be stuck with a “final two” that I HATE and could care less if either of them win. For example, ‘Big Brother 4’ saw Jun and Alison in the finals and I didn’t want either to win. ‘Big Brother 6’ saw Ivette and Maggie in the finals and I didn’t want either one to win. On the contrast, in ‘Big Brother 5’ it was Drew and Cowboy and I would have been happy with either of them winning. That is what I want. More ‘BB5’ finals than ‘BB4’ or ‘BB6’.

So here is what I’m going to do. I will give you the list of who I WANT to win ‘Big Brother 7’! This is not who I think will win, because it’s a little early for predictions. Although, I will give you one in a few minutes. But this is how happy I would be, if this person won ‘Big Brother 7’! #1 would be the person I want to win ‘BB7’ the most and #13 would be the person I want to win the least!

“Who I Want to Win ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars'”!!!

#13 – George (BB1)
#12 – Mike “Boogie” (BB2)
#11 – Nakomis (BB5)
#10 – Danielle (BB3)
#9 – Erika (BB4)
#8 – Marcellas (BB3)
#7 – Diane (BB5)
#6 – Will (BB2)
#5 – Howie (BB6)
#4 – James (BB6)
#3 – Jase (BB5)
#2 – Janelle (BB6)

AND the #1 houseguest I want to win ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’ – Kaysar (BB6)!!

You can call it favoritism since he’s here with us at IPTV or the fact that Murtz made me say that (kidding!). But honestly, I just like him and America likes him as well. We learned that last summer on ‘Big Brother 6’. And yes..I like the “good” people from ‘Big Brother 6’ and I think one of them deserves to win this year, since they didn’t win last year. But I also would be happy if Jase won as well, since I think he got screwed over in his season as well. And really..I would be satisfied with Will winning again too. Only because he’s a good player and he’s entertaining. Obviously, I would HATE it if George made it far in the game. The same for Mike “Boogie”. They are both entertaining, but I don’t consider them “all-stars”. The rest I don’t like as much for various reason. Now there is not a single person on this show that I HATE like last year. That may change as this show goes along, but I pretty much like or can stand all that were picked. So that’s a good thing.

Now I know you want some predictions on who I think will win? Well..I want Kaysar to win the most, but I don’t think he will win. He’s a smart guy and I’m afraid people will be going for him soon. And since the “BB6” are a target..I don’t know if they will last until the end. They have to stay in power to make it to the end. Or at least until they make new friends. Will is in the same boat as Kaysar. I could see someone like Erika or Diane or Nakomis making it to the end and could win this thing. But I don’t see that happening either. It all depends on which way this game goes. It will probably change every week. But based on the two ways that I think this game will go, there is only one person who I feel could last until the end. He’s playing it smart right now by playing both sides. Of course, that didn’t work for James in ‘Big Brother 6’. But James is a target this time around. But I think if he plays it the right way, Jase could win ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’! He’s a good player and he’s a “big” player. But there are bigger targets out there over him. So he could slip until the end. And he’s likeable enough that the jury would probably give him the money in the end. Just my opinion, but I think he has a great shot at winning.

This IS ‘Big Brother, though. And things are never as they seem. CBS will probably throw in a few more twists along the way. That’s why you can’t really predict things in ‘Big Brother’. The most important thing in ‘Big Brother’ is power. If you are in power, you will make it to the end as long as you don’t piss people off. That’s the key. It will be one interesting summer and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I can’t wait for the fights, the alliances, the secret alliances, the possible hook-ups, and most important..the FUN!

That’s all I got this week! Any questions, comments, or suggestions are always welcome!

Remember..“Life Ain’t Always Beautiful, but It’s a Beautiful Ride!”

And as always…“You Can’t Fight Fate!”. See you next week!

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