Big Brother 7 – Recap – Week 2 Episode 2

Due to a family emergency I had to tape BB tonight and watch it when I got back home. I also didn’t get a hell of a lot of sleep last night so I’m afraid this one is going to be a little on the rushed side. Hopefully things will be back to normal by the time next Thursday night rolls around.

After the standard recap of the last week and some preamble from Julie we get some reaction from Danielle and Alison on their nominations. Alison says she’s not surprised to be nominated and that if she does stay in she’s going to make Janelle pay because Alison is “the most vengeful bitch in this house”. Danielle has decided she’s going to try playing a clean game, that doesn’t mean she’s giving up on doing her best to stay in the house this week however.

This is followed by the two women trying to win support from their houseguests. Danielle quickly gets George to guarantee his support and then pleads to Janelle for her survival in the house.

Alison has some support of her own and she tries to bolster that by approaching James. She lays out her plan to go after Kaysar, Howie and Janelle, making James comment (in the DR) that perhaps Alison isn’t as smart as he thought she was.

After a couple more brief strategy discussions between various houseguests, we get a DR room comment from Marcellas where he says being forced to choose between evicting Alison and Danielle is like choosing between “Gonorrhea and the Clap”.

After some meaningless banter between Julie and the assembled houseguests we get Marcellas, Erika and Diane’s thoughts on who to evict. Of those three, we learn that Diane is voting to evict Danielle.

Next up is a feature on Jase. It’s basically just some highlights of Jase’s BB5 actions followed by his saying that he’s a changed man now that he’s had a couple of years to mature and found love. He vows to play a smarter game this year, only winning when he has to and coasting the rest of the time.

This leads into Julie interviewing Jase. He re-iterates some of the points that were already mentioned in the preceding segment. He’s happy with being co-HoH as he was able to deflect the heat on to Janelle. When asked about who he perceives as his biggest threat, he refuses to pick one but mentions Janelle, James and Will.

More thoughts on evictions, this time from James, Mike and George. George is casting his vote to evict Alison.

Now we get an interview with the other co-HoH, Janelle. She found being a co-HoH hard at first as she was worried about making a move that would anger her co-HoH. She thinks that her S6 alliance is the most dominant one in the house and she tells Julie that she trusts Kaysar and Howie the most. She adds that she trusts James a little bit.

Now we get a segment on Alison featuring her ex (from BB4), Justin and her current boyfriend, Jason. Justin has nothing but nice things to say about Alison’s BB skills. Alison’s current boyfriend, Jason, seems like quite a winner. He comments on how she got a bad reputation and if she is as much with the flirting and kissing as she was in BB4 it would “not be conducive to a solid relationship”.
Howie, Will, Nakomis and Kaysar share their pre-vote thoughts now. Nakomis votes to get rid of Danielle while Kaysar casts his vote for Alison to go.

It’s almost time to reveal the voting results but first the two nominees get to say something to the other houseguests. Danielle thinks it is an honor to be on BB All-Stars. She thanks her follow houseguests and says she loves and respects all of them. Alison echoes Danielle’s honor and says she’s flattered to be on the block with such a great player.

Julie reads out the result of the voting and by a count of 8 to 2… Alison is gone!

After leaving the house, Alison sits down to talk with Julie. Julie brings up some of the nasty things Alison said about Janelle while she was in the house. Alison says that Janelle wasn’t that bad and that the press of being in the house lead to her saying what she said about Janelle.

Julie then plays some taped clips for Alison. With the exception of Nakomis (who blasts Alison for her lying), the houseguests are very complimentary towards Alison, particularly Mike and Diane (Boogie even apologizes for not being able to swing enough votes to save Alison like he wanted). Erika is in tears and says that she thought she wanted to get back at Alison but that she guesses she’s not very good at this whole vengeance thing. Alison is very touched by what Erika said and says she totally understands where Erika is coming from.

Now it is time for the HoH competition. There is going to be only one winner of this game so it looks like the co-HoHs thing was either a one time happening, or at least it’s not going to be every week.

The competition this week is called ‘Alison Rules’. Alison answered a number of true or false questions and the houseguests are required to guess what she picked using the true/false wheels we’ve seen in many past competitions.

Question 1: Howie is smarter than Will – False. Not surprisingly, everyone gets this one correct
Question 2: The one most likely to wear a peanut butter bikini is Kaysar – False. Everyone easily gets this one right as well.
Question 3: Going into BB7 Alison thought her toughest competition was Erika – True. I must say I was somewhat surprised by that one myself and it seems like I’m not alone as everyone is eliminated except for Nakomis and Kaysar.
Question 4: Janelle is the houseguest who will gain the most weight in the BB house – True. Ouch.
Question 5: The houseguest most likely to get revenge by cleaning a toilet with a houseguest’s toothbrush is Will. False. After revealing that the answer is false Julie apparently has trouble reading the cards as she proclaims Nakomis as the new HoH before correcting herself and awarding the win to Kaysar.

Howie and Janelle are obviously very pleased by this turn of events as they run up to Kaysar and give him a big hug. I know everyone thinks they’re working together anyway but somehow this doesn’t seem like the most cunning display of strategy.

Alison says that she really was hoping for Danielle to win the HoH competition.

The episode closes with Julie offering congratulations to Kaysar for his victory and to Danielle for her staying in the house. She also hints that life will get harder for the houseguests on Sunday’s episode.