Canadian Idol – Recap – July 12

Ben starts the show by reminding us that the 14 remaining Idols represent 9 different provinces and four will head home tonight. He also mentions that there were 3.3 million votes cast. I wasn’t sure if he meant for both groups or just the guys. Ben informs us that when they make it to the top 10 they will be working with a full band and with some musical superstars. (Let’s just hope Meatloaf (AI5 Finale) ain’t one of them)

Ben asks Jake to compare this to previous seasons now that we have a top 22.

Jake: I think it worked out fantastically. (He should have waited til after the show to ask him that one) It gave the folks at home a chance to engage themselves with the person and the singers got use to being on the show. In the past you sang once and if you did well then it was thrown at you. This is a way better warm up and a way better chance for everybody.

Ben then asks Sass if she was surprised at the composure of the top 14.

Sass: I think some have survived better than others but on that topic I’d like to add a word of advice to those people who will be going into the top 10 and that is; this is the moment when the entire world will start to give you advice if they haven’t already. This is the time you have to put on your blinders and focus on yourselves and focus on what you’re doing and live in the now moment. That’s what a performer’s about; the now moment.

Turning to Farley Ben asks him if any of the performances this week surprise him.

Farley: Yeah I would say definitely. I was surprised Chad Tyler and Steffi and Nancy surprised me like she always does.

Lastly Ben asks Zack if he thought any of the performances made it easier or harder on the voting public.

Zack: Well I don’t know the outcome yet Ben (Just wait til you do) and whatever the outcome is and perhaps those people in the silent majority who don’t vote will take a good hard look at the thing but whatever the outcome is I’m going to celebrate the top 10. Canadian entertainment runs a wide range. You’ve got your Neil Youngs and your Leonard Cohens, your Tom Greens and you Red -Greens and Canada is all those things.

We then get a quick video look back at this week’s performances. Then…..Break!

Back from the break Ben turns and points out the 10 seats waiting for the top 10. Then corners the first group of four: Sarah, Keith, Tyler, and Kati. Then tells Sarah she’s the first of our top 10. Then tells Tyler to grab a seat he’s number two. Then Kati get the third chair. Then let’s Keith know he’s been eliminated. HUH? Ben then asked the question “How do you feel now?” Really Ben. Keith was extremely gracious but I don’t see how.

The next group of three were; both Ashleys, and Rob. Ashley Coulter is the first from this group to get a seat. She is the most excited of anyone so far. Rob and also garners a seat in the top 10 which leaves Ashley Coles going home. She actually starts to cry.


Next group of four were Chad, Craig, Nancy, and Eva. He says only three of them will be in the top 10. Chad and Craig get quick seats then Ben let’s Eva know she can join the guys. Nancy is out. HUH?! Ben asks Nancy what kind of impact she hoped he had on the competition. (My guess is even though she didn’t say it she was thinking “not enough I guess”) She responds with she hopes people will just be themselves. I would like to point out that Jake, Farley, and Zack gave Nancy a standing ovation. Classy.

Next up the last three of Brandon, Sheldon, and Steffi. At this point I was kind of scratching my head because Steffi being the only girl left I figured she’d have to be safe. I thought it was 6 girls and 6 guys this year. With two girls already gone …well whatever. Ben lets them know two are safe and one is going home.


Ben quickly lets Brandon and Steffi know they are safe and Sheldon (3rd time’s the charm) Elter is going home. My brilliant suspicions were correct. I think some one got seat assignments messed up. Then the obligatory funeral videos.

Ben then introduces the top 10: Steffi, Brandon, Eva, Craig, Chad, Rob, Ashley Coulter, Kati, Tyler, and Sarah. And let’s us known the musical theme for next Monday’s first Top 10 show is “Canada Rocks” and Nelly Furtado will be there.

What can I say. I thought last year’s exclusion of Dianlys Hernandez in the top 10 was a crime. The exclusion of Keith and Nancy and even Alisha are not to be believed. It’s not just because I liked Keith so much but he had the best and most polished voice this year. Even though I didn’t care for Nancy’s quirkiness there was no denying her great talent. It will take a lot for me to get excited now. Do these top 10 have what it takes to get Canada excited? Maybe I just should start watching from the top 10 on from now on. If there ever were an argument for a top 12 this is it. A wild card to get the last two in. If Eva had gotten eliminated, and at one point I thought that was going to happen, this year would have been a total bust for the Idolhead and it still may be.

If you noticed the judges got no chance to give their opinions on who made and who didn’t. I can only imagine their responses. Farley on E Daily picked Keith and Nancy as locks for then top 10. Zack said he couldn’t imagine Keith not making it and breaking Winnepeg’s top 10 losing streak. It would have been worth wading through the show just to hear those comments. I wonder if Zack will celebrate this top 10 like he thought. I’m afraid I won’t. But hey, surprise me guys…..and girls.

Idolhead Ed