MTV Mix – Volume 4

Another week with MTV! And I actually stayed caught up this week. That’s a surprise since this week I did 3 DVD reviews and 2 columns (counting this one). Oh..and created a contest as well! But I’m right on time and I will get you all caught up on the action that went down on MTV this past week! So here you go!


‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’

The recap for this week’s episode is here.

Evan is injured as you know. He is lying to everyone about it so far, including Coral. However, it doesn’t seem to be hurting them yet. They are still near the top of every challenge. They are not winning them like they did at the beginning, but they are finishing in the “top four” of every challenge. And remember..four teams will make it to the finals for all the money. Evan probably will have to tell Coral soon enough, and I don’t know if they will get to continue. I hope they do, because they are a good team. And since the doctors know about it now and have said he is okay to compete, then he should be good to go for a few more weeks. I guess we will have see on that situation as it develops.

Tonya and Johnnie are gone. They were a strong team when they acted like a team. But they were highly inconsistent and it showed here. Is it just me or does anyone else not like the fact that this “luggage” part of exile is basically deciding who goes home? I mean, if you brought a lot of’s an obvious disadvantage in exile. I don’t know..I just don’t like the fact that something as simple as packing your bags to come to this challenge is deciding who goes home. have to remember to grab your flags and work as a team. But more times than not, the weight of your bags decides the winners in exile.

I think Wes and Casey can win a few more times in exile. They know what to do and what not do. Other teams have no idea. If they run into a team that is equal to them like Derrick and Diem, they will probably be in trouble. Unless they packed more than Wes and Casey. I really think that Wes and Casey have a legitimate chance to defeat Tina and Kenny and Katie and Eric. Those two teams are the next in line to face Wes and Casey. Could the others shock me and NOT put Wes and Casey into exile? It could be possible, but I doubt it. And Wes and Casey are not good enough to win a challenge. So their number will run out soon enough.

So my prediction stays the same. The final four teams will be Coral and Evan, Theo and Chanda, Shane and Linette, and Darrell and Aviv. If Coral and Evan can’t continue, because of Evan’s injury, then I see Derrick and Diem sliding into their place. Or who knows maybe Wes and Casey can make it that far? Doubtful, but it could happen. I still think Theo and Chanda have the best chance to win now. But will the Theo and Linette relationship screw some stuff up? We will have to see!

‘Fast Inc.’

A challenge gets made to start off this week’s episode. Tater makes fun of Christian’s car. Christian makes fun of Tater’s car, not the truck. Tater wants to race and Christian agrees. Christian gives Tater two weeks to fix his car so they can race. If Tater wins, he gets a week off with pay. If Christian loses, they get to make Tater do whatever they want him to do.

Their first client this week is Dan from “MPH Magazine”. They need the guys to find a car that “deserves to be destroyed” according to them. This magazine is about cars, but aimed for the younger people. So they do a lot of wacky things. They are going to put a car through a lot punishment to see what happens. That includes teaching a chimp to drive the car as well. HA!

Tater and his friends work on Tater’s car, which is a Camaro with no engine. It won’t start and that’s not a good sign. Christian has better luck with his car. It starts up and is running great. Christian is confident that he will win this race.

The car was the easy thing to find for “MPH Magazine”. The chimp is a different story. This monkey was HARD to find! But they find one. The car they pick to destroy is a mid-1980’s Mustang, which is a pretty good choice since it’s the crappiest Mustang ever! The chimp is here and his name is Cody. And it’s a pretty awesome chimp. It knows all about driving the car, but couldn’t actually do it, since its legs were not long enough. So the chimp grabs a golf club and destroys the car. The guys finish it off with a potato cannon and a Hummer, which drags the Mustang around the desert. The MPH guys were pleased with the car, so that’s done.

It’s time for the big race now. Tater is late and when he finally arrives, he is in his Tater truck. The Camaro was a failure. Too many problems with it. So it’s Christian’s car vs. Tater’s truck. No contest as Christian wins pretty easily. As a result, Tater’s Camaro gets trashed in a junkyard. It is raining like crazy too! The boys say goodbye to it.

This episode was a little boring. The chimp was cool, though. The race was kinda retarded since you pretty much knew Christian would win. But they all can’t be good. They did keep their streak alive, though.


‘The Real World’

So we pick up where we left off. Ricky tells the gang that the “Mystic Tan” store is closing. But not for good as it seems. They are just going on vacation. It’s time for the roommates to go on a trip! Yay! Where are they going? Spain!!

Janelle talks to Paula about her and Svetlana hanging out all the time. She feels like she doesn’t know Paula without Svetlana and she doesn’t like that. Meanwhile, Svetlana is busy fighting with her boyfriend at home. She isolates herself from the rest of the group as a result.

When they go to Spain, John wants to find a girl to hook up with. And he finds a German chick. German women are aggressive lovers apparently, so it’s no problem for John to hook up with her. It’s a one night stand as well, which upsets John a little bit, since he would have liked to have spent more time with her.

Everyone enjoys Spain, especially Tyler who loves the Olympics and the 1992 Olympics were in Barcelona, Spain. But Svetlana spends most of her time in the hotel. She is not happy with her boyfriend and that leads to her not having a fun time in Spain. That annoys the rest of the roommates. They talk about her, which Svetlana hears and doesn’t like at all. But Paula says that Svetlana is a younger version of herself. In five years, she could become Paula. That’s not good.

And that’s about all. This episode was just so-so. Nothing that interesting happened. The Svetlana stuff is whatever. But Paula is right, she could become her in a few years if she doesn’t figure stuff out. And is the shop closed or not? I think it’s open, just closed for now. But who knows. Since I’m out of comments, I will stop here.

‘Jamie Kennedy’s Blowin’ Up’

So I watched the final episode of this show last Friday, but I’m putting my comments on it here in this slot, since that is where it used to be. Anyways Jamie and Stu are all pumped over their new music video download called “Saget”, but they still don’t have a record deal.

They go to New York to see if they can get a record deal there or something. They go and see Russell Simmons, who doesn’t take them seriously. He thinks they are there to get made over in some “Phat Farm” gear. He wants nothing to do with their music, though. So they next go to visit the Wu-Tang Clan. The RZA likes their music a lot. It made him laugh and he never laughs! He suggests they go independent if a major record label won’t sign them.

Jamie gets a call from his manager, though, and Warner Bros. Records have made them an offer. So Jamie has to decide if they want to go the indy route or the major label route? Stu thinks it’s a no-brainer. Go with Warner Bros. But Jamie has second thoughts. Jamie goes to see the “Doggfather” a.k.a. Snoop Dogg for advice. He says if they go indy, then they could make a lot of money if their stuff sells. If it doesn’t, then they won’t. But if they go with Warner Bros., then they can have instant success. However, if the label doesn’t promote them the right way..they could get lost in the shuffle. Snoop gives this final piece of advice. “If you see the police coming in a high-speed pursuit, what you going do?!”

Somehow this makes Jamie realize that he needs to sign with Warner Bros. Records and he does just that. They go off to their signing party, where the funniest thing happens. Jason Biggs can’t get into the party, because he’s not on “the list”. Everyone is at the party including E-40 and T-Pain performing their song together. Stu gives Jamie a surprise by having DMC from “Run DMC” stop by. DMC is happy for them and he even gives his trademark hat to Jamie for good luck in the future. Finally, Jamie and Stu get their own tour bus from Warner Bros. Records. They are off to promote their album that is in stores NOW!

So this is the end..I’m sure. At least for them “Blowin’ Up”. But the real adventure starts now. They are off to tour for two months. Will we see more of them on the road? Who knows, but for now this show is over. And it was a funny show overall. I liked it. I won’t get their CD, but the show was funny.


‘The Hills’

So it’s the holiday season for the crew in Los Angeles! It’s Christmas time first and it’s time for everyone to get their presents. Lauren, Jason, Heidi, and Jordan all sit down to exchange. Lauren gives Jason some sweet dog tags with black diamonds! Good girlfriend. Jason gives Lauren the Chanel purse she wanted. Good choice Jason. Heidi gives Jordan some piece of jewelry. It looks like a chain or something. Jordan gives Heidi a stuffed puppy, but that is only to fool her as he got her a REAL puppy! Just want she wanted. She even cries! Just a little too much “thanks baby” and “I love you” for my liking. But bonus points to Lauren for the “sad face” with the pouting lip after she got her present. That was too cute. If only it wasn’t directed towards Jason, though!

Now it’s time for New Year’s Eve. And since Lauren stated she wanted to have a “drama-free” New Year’s Eve kiss, that’s not going to happen. It all starts with some guy named David calling Lauren. Lauren used to hang out with him after she broke up with Jason. And now she still answers his calls, eventhough she is back with Jason. And Jason doesn’t like it. My god..this is getting creepy! I went through the same thing. I was David and Lauren was a girl I won’t name, but she had a boyfriend like Jason.

So here it comes. They all go the party and Jason is still mad and he may be a little drunk. Why else would he do this? Basically, he says something about talking to Lauren about a “friendly relationship”, where they are “just close friends”. This shocks Lauren. She wants to know more, but want to have a good New Year’s Eve. Jason said they will have a good night, but can’t promise what tomorrow may bring. Basically, he says he could be breaking up with her in the new year. Lauren is mad now. Jason thinks he did nothing wrong and tries to kiss her. Lauren says no way. Jason tries to retract everything he just said. Lauren wants to know what Jason wants her to do. She just picked up a phone call. Jason said it was from a guy she used to like, etc. Jason then says that everyone he talks to says that Lauren was wrong. Lauren said she apologized for it. Jason says she does it all the time, though. Lauren wants to know what he wants then? She doesn’t want him to be angry at her right now. Jason says that she continues to make mistakes over and over again and that is when Lauren has had enough. She leaves the party. Heidi goes with her. Jason tries to call her, but Lauren just tells him “Happy New Year’s!” and hangs up the phone.

Now Jason knows he made a mistake. He talks to Jordan about this. He wants to know what he should do. Jordan says to say you’re sorry and say you were wrong. Jason tries to call again, but Heidi answers the phone. Lauren doesn’t want to talk to Jason right now. Jason says he has 20 minutes to get to Lauren before the year is up. So he rushes to get with her. Lauren says she will celebrate the new year with or without Jason. In 12 minutes, it could be Heidi kissing Lauren. However, Jason calls Lauren again and tells her to come downstairs. And yeah..they make it at midnight with flowers and they all kiss! Whoopie!

When will Lauren learn? Jason is the one that keeps screwing up by putting everything on Lauren. Lauren continues to get mad at Jason, but still takes him back again and again. I just don’t understand girls that do that. Maybe they are scared to give up something they know and are comfortable with. Scared of the unknown. I just don’t see why they go through all the crap. You shouldn’t have to go through crap to get to the good stuff. happens and nobody is perfect, but there should be more good than crap in a relationship. And the Lauren/Jason relationship is definitely 65/35 in favor of crap! Maybe before the season is done, Lauren will learn. Here’s hoping anyways. And damnit I want a Stephen cameo! I know he is not on this show as it’s all about Lauren. But he is supposed to be Lauren’s best friend..right? Well..he should be on least one episode. Come on!


Cheyenne gets some free clothes from some people. Some company named “Trunk”. It’s a lot of vintage stuff. They only give free stuff out to would-be superstars. So obviously they have not heard her sing yet. They even design a few shirts for Cheyenne. How special! Oh..and more free stuff! Swimsuits and more clothes from another vintage clothing store! Some lady named Karen Zambos designed it all. How about a free dress for mom? Sure thing! Will the madness ever end?!?!

More talk about her first music video. She still fights for Jason to be more in the video. Her mom thinks she should be happy that they are even thinking about putting Jason in there, since they usually hire people to be in videos. You know..people with experience!

Mom gives Cheyenne the good news and that would be that Jason is in her video! Yay! Oh..and he will be here in 20 minutes. So Cheyenne runs to the shower, since she stinks. And I don’t know about you, but a girl getting ready in 20 minutes is IMPOSSIBLE!! They could shower in 20 minutes maybe, but get dressed and do their makeup?! Nope..not going to happen! Magic of television..I suppose.

Cheyenne gives Jason a tour of her house, and oh my god..she can’t figure out a sliding glass door in the back! There’s a freakin’ stick blocking the track Cheyenne! Jason and Cheyenne go to the beach to hang out now before they have to shoot the music video. Mom likes Jason, by the way. Dad is just being dad. The video is done. It’s a wrap!

And that’s enough! Nothing says boring like watching a 15-year-old girl trying on free clothes that she gets to keep! And have her singing and with her boyfriend on the beach! Yeah..thats sounds like a big day of suckitude! Bored me to tears honestly, but I made it through another week with this show!


‘Making the Band 3’

Diddy gets all the girls on a big boat in Miami. He tells them that they are ready to make their first album! Brian Cox, Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, and Scott Storch are just some of the producers working with Diddy on the girls album.

First up is Scott Storch. He is known for most recent songs like “Run It” by Chris Brown and “Lean Back” by Terror Squad. And all kinds of 50 Cent songs. The guy is hot right now! He is assisted by Pooh Bear..yeah..that’s his name. He’s a big vocal producer for Scott Storch. He also is a writer. He wrote “Caught Up” by Usher. Pooh Bear assists the girls on the first track and Diddy is doesn’t look too happy with Dawn, who keeps having to do her part over and over again.

Diddy then brings the girls a car that is collecting dust in his garage. It’s a powder blue Bentley Convertible. Must be nice. They get to drive around in it. Except Aundrea almost kills the girls a few times! She can’t drive. They even get pulled over, because they are sitting on the top of back of the car while it is moving. The cop lets them go, though. They are from California and they’re hott!

On the second day of the Scott Storch song, Diddy still doesn’t like Dawn. He says he doesn’t like her “tone” in this song. So he is going to do something with that. And that something is taking Dawn mostly out of the song. Dawn is a little upset, since everyone else has a major part in the song. Dawn tells Pooh Bear that the bridge has to be redone since Diddy didn’t like it. So they go and fix it after some hard work from Dawn. Pooh likes it. What about Diddy? Well..we don’t know but he’ll probably like it too.

And that’s all for this episode. I like that the girls are finally making their album. But this also means that there is not a whole lot of drama. Basically, it’s “she’s not singing this song right” kind of drama. And that’s not as interesting. Oh week, we get drama with Aubrey. She’s hott! But can she sing like Diddy wants her too? That’s the question!

‘Run’s House’

Run gets the kids all together and informs them that the whole family is going to Las Vegas. Once they get there, Run is going to plan a third (second with Run) “wedding” for Justine. Run tells the kids that they all have a job to do. JoJo thinks he will have to babysit Russy and Diggy. That’s not true says Run. Russy and Diggy have the job of waking up mom and making sure she stays busy. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Angela have to set up the “wedding”. JoJo needs to play the pastor in the “wedding”. That’s his job along with hanging out with Run.

Run then tells Justine that he has to be with his brother, Russell, on business all the time. That is to fool her. It is somewhat true, though. Run, Russell, and JoJo all go to the “Magic Convention”. This has something to do with fashion. Run tells Russell, creator of “Phat Farm” clothing, that JoJo wants to get into fashion too. Russell says okay, but he will be getting his coffee first! HA! Russell says that JoJo could work under Kevin Leong, creative director for “Run Athletics”.

Russy and Diggy take mom to the pool and then mom takes them shopping. Angela and Vanessa find the “wedding” stuff. The family meets back at the hotel and an interesting conversation breaks out. JoJo says Russell, Run’s brother, always ignores him more than any of the other kids. Then, Run calls Russy..”Joe Cool”, since he has on sunglasses inside the hotel. They don’t know who “Joe Cool” is. They know Snoopy but not Joe Cool. Russy thinks Run is talking about Snoop Dog. Well this is the original “Snoop Dog” Snoopy! And a million bonus points for Run for that conversation! Joe Cool AND Snoopy are the best!

And so the wedding gets set up. Russell and JoJo smooth things over. The girls take mom to lunch and it’s a total surprise to Justine when they get back. JoJo clowns around as the pastor, but the wedding goes well. Justine is surprised that the kids did all of this without Run’s help. And the message for tonight is..“Do your batteries need recharging? The things we have to do in life often drain us of the energy that we should devote to our family. Renew the promises you’ve made, the goals you’ve set, and the love you share. You can’t cruise on life with your soul on empty!”

I’m liking this show more and more. Everyone in the family has a great personality and they are all interesting characters. And since the focus is mixed and not on just one person, that helps a lot too. Run is the center, but everyone gets a chance to shine!

‘Pimp My Ride’

Xzibit pimps a truck for a boy named Jason this week. It’s a 1994 Toyota T-100. However, it’s not even a truck at all! It’s the shell of a truck! Seriously, this is insane! There is nothing there but the engine and the framework. Apparently he bought the truck from the money he saved in the marines. And it appears that some people actually stole parts of his truck! That includes doors, truck bed, seats, bumper, carpet, head liner, back window, radio, and the freakin’ battery! He replaced that, though. The only thing left was a the Toyota sign. He now sits on a donated seat from another truck. This is so funny!

Xzibit is stunned by the truck as expected. He figures he will get pulled over by the cops for sure in this “truck”! But the only thing you need for a legal car are lights and a seat belt. And that’s what he has on this truck. Of course, Xzibit needs to go in reverse to leave. have to get out of the car and flip a switch underneath the truck. This is too funny for words!

The GAS crew gets to work. The color is going to be “glamoflage” or however he said it. It’s a camo pattern with purple, gray, white, and black colors involved. It’s glamorous! The seats will be made of kevlar, the stuff that makes bullet-proof vests. Mad Mike hooks the truck up with a 50″ Plasma TV in the back and a 23″ waterproof monitor in the front. Insane! Plus, there will be an automatic ramp coming out of the truck! That is to support an ATV in the back. They also add a pottery wheel inside the truck. Why? Jason likes to make pottery with his girlfriend like in Ghost. They also give Jason a pimped out ATV to put in the back of the truck. It includes a 7″ and 5″ monitor with a freakin’ DVD player! What..on an ATV?!?! It also goes really fast!

This was a funny episode. The truck was no truck to begin with, but it looked pretty sweet at the end! The color was crazy good! The big TVs in the car are insane! But the best thing about the car is the night vision installed in it! Yeah..night vision! And the doppler radar system for weather..inside the truck! This was a crazy episode, but this truck turned out great!

And that ends the fourth volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next week when we mix things up a bit!