[Spoiler] Big Brother Live Feeds – Daily Update – Live Show Preparation – July 13

Danielle and Nakomis have their early morning chat. No strategy talk.

Will talks with Boogie about dual HOH and how people are afraid because he says he will disagree to make both HOHs go up. He thinks some people will not go for HOH because of this.

The houseguests slowly wake up and the feeds go to flames and trivia most of the day while, apparently, cleaning and primping for the live show goes on.

After the live show, the mood in the house is subdued for the non-BB6ers, as Kaysar won HOH. There are many conversations about who Kaysar may nominate for eviction. Will thinks he will be nominated. James tries to convince Janie that Jase is not with them. Jase is annoyed by Howie’s behavior after Kaysar’s HOH win.

Kaysar gets the key to the HOH room. The decor is complegely different from the first week. After everyone leaves, the BB6ers have a major strategy session. Their plan is to nominate Nakomis and Diane. They are hoping this will show where Jase’s allegiance lies. They also want to make it appear like they are cutting a deal with Will and Boogie to cause chaos in the house. Kaysar plans on talking to Will and Boogie about getting floaters out this week and next. James is left in the dark about the details of the plan.