TNA At Ringside: Victory Road Preview

Welcome back to ringside folks. Nothing to start with this week so lets jump into the wrestling:

News & Shit

*Thursday Night Ratings: 1.0

Ouch, that one hurts. I thought the Main Event alone was enough to give TNA a 1.3 at the least. Maybe the UFC lead in was more important than others and I thought. Oh well, I’m hoping that the Rhino Shoot (which created a huge buzz on wrestling forums) will increase the ratings for this week.

*Austin Aries set to return

That’s right, I refuse to call him Austin Starr, he’s still Austin Aries to me. Good to see him back in TNA and lets hope that this long ass suspension doesn’t affect an X Division push for him. Sadly, Roderick Strong will not be back in TNA.

That’s all news for this week from me.

Burn Baby Burn

So TNA started off Impact with a segment that was rumored to air but it wasn’t official until 11 PM. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m not a big fan of TNA taking all these shots at WWE. Still, Rhino gets an A plus in my book for showing passion and actually going through with the segment. That’s what separates Rhino from Team 3-D. Rhino shoots on WWE and has passion and reason behind his shoots, Team 3-D does it to get the cheap pop from the smark crowd. So what happens with everything now? Obviously neither Vince McMahon or WWE is going to answer Rhino’s challenge but it does create a buzz. Paul Heyman seems like the type of guy who will make comments towards TNA and Rhino on an upcoming episode of ECW. Other than that, I doubt anyone will acknowledge the company on national TV. But what if they do? Then TNA and Rhino accomplished exactly what they wanted. They finally broke WWE to the point where Vince acknowledges them on Raw, which is the point where Vince McMahon considers TNA competition. Even if this doesn’t hook the general audience, Rhino has turned heads on the message boards. I know plenty of WWE Marks who tuned in to TNA this week just to see what Rhino would really do. Then it turned into a huge debate on whether or not WWE could sue TNA or Rhino. I honestly don’t see how they can sue considering he never showed the ECW titles and he only mentioned the names of Vince McMahon and ECW, something I don’t think is a crime. Still, WWE will find a way to sue anyone so stay tuned folks.

Victory Road Preview

Holy shit, I honestly had no clue TNA had a PPV this Sunday. I’m not sure if that’s due to the fact that it’s been poorly promoted or if it’s due to the fact that I don’t even know what f*cking day it is (it’s currently 3:00 AM on Friday as I type this). Anyway, here’s the best preview I can type up considering I’m running on nothing but Vault and Frosted Flakes.

*LAX vs. Killings & Dutt: As long as Hernandez is limited, I’m all for this match. It’s a good chance for TNA to actually solidify LAX as a true team and it’s a chance for Homicide to show what he really has against two solid workers in Killings and Dutt. This might be a step down for Killings but with no mid card title, I always found him better off in the tag division compared to the heavyweight division. Dutt seems like a mainstay in the tag division, no matter who his partner may be. I really hope Hernandez gets replaced in LAX but if they have no plans of moving Low Ki into the team, I don’t see who they can get (unless they bring in somebody from the Rottwielers in ROH). As for the match, it should be solid considering 3 of the 4 workers are very good workers. I feel LAX needs to go over in this match by hook or by crook in order to establish them as a true heel tag team.

*The Naturals vs. Diamonds In The Rough: Do I really need to go into this match? It’s rumored that the Diamonds In The Rough are more or less gone after this PPV and if Douglas cuts his hair, the Naturals are in line for a good push. I think the match itself will be solid considering the workers in the match but we all know who’s going over in this one.

*Kevin Nash & Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal: Am I the only person looking forward to this match? Once again we have 3 solid workers and Kevin Nash can seem to turn it up when he wants to. Even if he doesn’t turn it up, the antics of him and Shelley in the match will probably be priceless. Sabin and his push seem to be decreasing while Lethal seems to be in line for a bigger push. After all, Lethal was the one to save Sabin during the attack and Lethal got the rub in the 8 man tag team match on Impact. I honestly think Lethal will score the win over Shelley in this match, setting up Lethal vs. Nash at the next PPV. Again, I’m honestly looking forward to this match and I think it will be a sleeper of a match.

*Raven vs. Larry Zybsko: Yeah, this is going to be the break match of the night for me. Raven is a shell of his former self and Zybsko is just old. I think Slick Johnson will be the ref in this match and he’ll screw over Raven because the wrestling world always needs an evil referee. Yeah, I don’t have much to say on this one. It’s been built up since September 15th and they’re finally pulling the trigger on the end. Sadly, nobody gives a damn any more because it’s taken them this long to pull the trigger. Enjoy the concessions everyone.

*Team 3-D vs. The James Gang & Abyss: Please TNA, get a mid card title. Fuck it if you only have 1 hour, just eliminate the squash matches and you’ll have plenty of time to build up a solid mid card division with an actual title. I hate to see poor Abyss getting stuck in the middle of the feud. Where the hell is Sean Waltman? Stick him in this crap, not Abyss. As I’ve previously stated, the guys are having fun with this feud but how much mileage can you get out of this? As for the match, it won’t be pretty. Unless they turn this thing into a hardcore match right before it starts, this match will be highlighted by Abyss taking Spike and throwing him into the crowd (that’s right, I’m call it right now). Abyss will most likely go over Spike considering Abyss needs a push and Spike is the jobbed of the team. Still, get a mid card title TNA and get Abyss out of this crap.

*Rhino vs. Monty Brown: Wow, has TNA backed themselves into a booking corner or what? First you have Monty Brown, a guy they’re booking to have a winning streak much the same of Samoa Joe (although we know that’s not possible). Then you have Rhino, a guy who trashed two ECW titles on national television. How the f*ck do you not push this guy as he basically told ECW, WWE, and Vince McMahon kiss his ass? As for the match, it was sort of a dream match when Rhino entered TNA because it was going to be the Pounce vs. the Gore. Now, the novelty of that idea has kind of worn off. So who goes over? Rhino, it has to be Rhino. Fuck Monty Brown and his fake streak, he’s beat nothing but jobbers in meaningless matches and he’s taken up precious TV on Thursday nights. Rhino however, destroyed what was left of the old ECW on TNA television. You can’t not push the guy after doing some shit like that. That’s like making the following statement: “Thanks for burying the competition on our TV show, now that we know you won’t go back, you’re back to jobbing”. You can’t say that to the man. Did you hear the reaction he got during that segment? I would argue that he’s more over than almost anyone on the roster right now just based on that reaction and how much the crowd was into that segment.

*AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. America’s Most Wanted: What can I say about this match or feud that I haven’t already said? I don’t care how many times you hook these 4 up, it’s going to produce a good match and the possible MOTN. As for the winner, Styles and Daniels take this one. You can’t hot shot the Tag Team Titles this quickly and make Styles and Daniels WWE transitional champions. Move Styles and Daniels into a feud with LAX (or Shelley & Nash, depending on how you want to book things) and move AMW into a feud with The Naturals to further elevate them.

*Samoa Joe vs. Sting vs. Christian Cage vs. Scott Steiner: There’s only two outcomes in this match: Joe wins or Sting wins. Nothing else makes sense. First, Sting wins: You have Sting go over in this match and then further build a money making feud and match in Sting vs. Jarrett. That match takes place and Sting becomes the new NWA World Champion capping off a grand moment in TNA history. What next? Sting of course becomes a transition champion and he drops the belt to Joe a month or two later. That’s the option you go if you want to increase your general audience because you have a big name feud in Jarrett vs. Sting and you have a known wrestling figure in Sting winning the World Title. If you want to please the IWC and the smarks, Joe wins this match, setting up the feud and match with Jarrett. That of course will lead to Samoa Joe winning the World Title and leading TNA into the future. Christian Cage and Scott Steiner are lackeys in this match, which sucks. As much as I like Christian (and we all know I’m probably the biggest Christian mark here at IP), the novelty has worn off with him and TNA can only blame themselves. Christian jumps from WWE to TNA and becomes the biggest icon in TNA. What do they do next? Hire Sting and Scott Steiner along with pushing Samoa Joe. So your guess is better than mine on where Christian goes from here. As for Steiner, he goes back to playing second fiddle to Jarrett, hooray.

After I look at the card and preview it (finished at 4 AM in the morning), the card doesn’t look half bad. Considering it’s a TNA PPV, I’ll probably rent it because THAT’S….HOW I ROLL!

UFC 61

I’m glad I didn’t pick up full tab for this shit. The best part of this PPV was that Tito Ortiz came out to “Mosh” by Eminem as his theme music. I don’t care if Shamrock was dead after that 1st minute, you can’t end a fight with this much hype that quickly. It was clear Ortiz was going to destroy Shamrock in that fight but he should have been allowed to turn Shamrock’s face into ground beef again before ending that fight. I highly doubt you see a rematch between the two because Ortiz dominated both fights. Quick stoppage or not, Ortiz is the better man.

The E-Mail Bag

“While I still don’t think Samoa Joe’s voice matches his body, the man can
still cut a hell of a promo. I know he’s more of a “let the wrestling do the
talking” kind of a guy but when called upon, he brings the goods on the mic.

how should his voice sounds ? Like Bobby Lashley’s ? he is built to be a
destroyer in TNA and has a deep voice to back it


Lashley has a pussy voice from what I have heard of him. Joe just doesn’t sound like a big guy, that’s all. He sounds like a normal Joe and this Joe (along with Sakic) is much more than normal.

Peace. Great article.

This is how you kill two birds with one stone. Next Impact taping Rhino is out in a cemetery to do an interview. (Along with him will be all former ECW wrestlers dressed in black as pall bearers.) In his hand he has two small boxes (one black, one gold). In his interview he talks about how he was the last ECW World and TV champion. He talks about how proud he was of that, but after forcing himself watching the “New” ECW and what they have done with their World Title, he is ashamed. He pulls the ECW World title out of the black box and gives it a eulogy, declaring ECW officially dead.

He then opens the gold box and pulls out the ECW TV title. He talks about the great champions that have worn that belt and how Vince McMahon has not had a chance to destroy it’s legacy and it can still be saved. So in honor of the great champions that have held the TV title and to preserve the legacy of ECW, he is re-christening the ECW TV title as the TNA Television Title. They can then cover up the word ECW with a piece of tape or a plate that says TNA. The segment ends with Father James Mitchell performing last rites as Shane Douglas puts the box with the ECW World Title in the hole and Dudleys start throwing dirt on it.

TNA has a new title, and the Dudleys and Rhino move on from ECW’s memory.

Anyway, THanks for reading.


Not too bad of an idea actually. Of course, they couldn’t show the ECW World Title because WWE would no doubt sue them, same can probably be said for the ECW TV Title. I honestly don’t mind the idea and I think if they knew they could get away with it (legal wise) then they could have pulled something like that. Oh well, Rhino burned both belts and it’s over, we hope.

Good column this week. Though I have a lot of criticisms for TNA, it’s nice to see a pretty positive column one on the net like yours every now and again.

I’m not too hot on the X division right now. TNA has basically thrown it and the title on the trash. Senshi, the X DIVISION CHAMPION, when he is on Impact next week will have not appeared on Impact for THREE WEEKS. He has no match for Victory Road.

Jarrett not defending the world title at Victory Road is unsurprising. He’s going to face Sting at Hard Justice, no doubt.

To fans who call AJ Styles a flippy spot monkey, they should watch his matches with Danielson, even his Dissension match. AJ in that match basically OUT-wrestles Danielson. Whenever Danielson tried to get the better of AJ with the holds, AJ would simply reversal or counter him at almost every turn. Danielson won by being the superior striker.

Keep up the great work,

-The Vile One

See, people know I’m positive about TNA. Where that one guy got the idea that I bashed the hell out of TNA is beyond me. I call it constructive criticism myself.

Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with the X Division as all the X Division workers seem to be working tag team matches for one reason or another. Low Ki finally had a match this week on Impact but it was nothing more than a glorified squash. He’s also going to defend the belt at Victory Road against some one. I’m thinking it will be Aries or PUMA but it would be nice to see TNA bring in a familiar ROH face.

The people who call AJ Styles a spot monkey (Batista) have either: A. only seen highlights of him or B. catch most of his TNA work and nothing else. Outside of TNA, he gets away from his spottiness.

Few things this week…

1) Color you disappointed. I guess the UFC lead-in really does matter for TNA. Drawing a 1.0 with a PPV-quality main event doesn’t spell good news for them…maybe if Joe was involved instead of Christian (who is more and more looking like he’s sick of tooling around in TNA and reading to jump back up north).

2) Didn’t someone get fired in WWE for no cutting their hair? And what the hell is the point of the hair cut anyway? Who f*cking cares?

3) I said months ago Kazarian would be back. Austin Aries Starr Jumping Jack Flash or whatever name they’re copywriting for him is definately a welcome addition to the X-Division, which currently has no real direction (where the hell has Low-Ki been since winning the title?)

4) I’m down for the UWF show…haven’t seen who’s booked yet, but the big three are involved, so I might have to make the drive. Just don’t let your boys bitch out like last time.

5) Papparazzi Productions is the hottest thing going in TNA right now. Nash is pure gold right now (as long as he stays out of the ring) and Shelley/Divine seem like a perfect feud for AJ/Daniels after the blowoff at Victory Road.

6) Rhino can shoot as much as he wants about breaking plants and being fired, but the fact is the guy is still mediocre-at-best in the ring, can brawl pretty well, cuts a decent promo, but will never draw a major dime for the rest of his career…he doesn’t need to burn his bridges with WWE because that’ll be the only place to go in a few years (if no one doesn’t see the implosion going on with TNA right now…what in the hell have you been watching?).

7) Anyone else notice that Monty Brown has been nothing but black-on-black violence since he came back? A feud with Killings seems imminent.

8) NWA Title is on autopilot until they get the confidence to put it on Joe…I mean c’mon, Jarrett’s not even booked for a title defense at the PPV. Kinda makes Cornette’s old school mentality look completely…well, mental. Throw him in there with Rhino for a surprise rematch of last year’s BFG.

9) I’ll bet you’re wishing you hadn’t dropped $20 on that UFC PPV now, aren’t you? Shamrock/Ortiz had rigged sportz entertainment finish all over it to set up another confrontation at UFC 62…and considering the show supposedly drew around 500,000 buys, that’s a given. On a somewhat related note, they showed how Ortiz was training for the fight…dude’s a f*cking machine.

10) How ironic is it that CM Punk and Not CM Punk are on the same roster? Somewhere in the universe, a black hole just formed and is sucking a galaxy into itself. Alert Starbase!


1. Yeah, maybe the UFC lead in meant a bit more than I thought. Still, you can’t have those stupid comedy shows be a lead in for a wrestling show, just doesn’t work like that.

2. Kazarian got fired for refusing to cut his hair in WWE. Then of course in a huge hypocritical move, he showed up in Japan with shorter hair. Go figure.

3. Yeah, TNA needs to shift some more focus back to the X Division.

4. I’ve got my tickets and I’m good to go for the UWF show. I picked better tag team partners this time. I don’t give a damn who else is wrestling. Styles, Daniels, Joe, enough said.

5. I’ve got no problem with Shelley/Devine against Styles/Daniels. Of course, they just lost to them on Impact so that doesn’t really help their case.

6. I’ve said what needed to be said with Rhino.

7. Looks like we’re getting a one match feud (unless they stretch it, which is possible) with Rhino and Brown.

8. Rhino is taking on Monty Brown so scratch that idea. The less I see of Jarrett right now, the better.

9. I only dropped 10 bucks for the event and the Joe Stevenson fight was more or less worth that. The show is going to do huge buys so UFC probably doesn’t give a damn as they roll in the money.

10. CM Punk > Not CM Punk


Vinny takes a look at the PPV business in wrestling.

Hevia takes aim at anyone (Rhino, RVD, Dreamer) in his path.

GRUT concludes the best play ever written.

Steve shows you how to raise your kid properly.

YouTube Match Of The Week

Because Jarret has no match at the PPV and Rhino seems to be a hot topic, I find this video fitting:

Match: Rhino vs. Jeff Jarrett
Event: Bound For Glory 2005
Rating: *3/4

The End

That’s it this week folks. Get the PPV this Sunday and if you don’t then go see Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest. Drop me a line at and join me next time At Ringside.