Ren & Stimpy: The Lost Episodes – DVD Review


Studio: Paramount Home Video
Release Date: July 18, 2006
Number of Discs: 2
Number of Episodes: 6
Running Time: 198 Minutes
MSRP: $26.99


John Kricfalusi


John Kricfalusi……….Ren Hoak/Mr. Horse/Others
Eric Bauza……….Stimpson J. Cat (a.k.a. Stimpy)

The show:

Before we go into this DVD collection, a little back story.

“Ren & Stimpy” first came to us way back in 1991. They appeared on Nickelodeon and took the animation world by storm. Almost every cartoon today is influenced by “Ren & Stimpy” in one way or another. “Ren & Stimpy” did things in cartoons that had never been done before. John Kricfalusi was a pioneer; some may even say a genius. And we all know genius and madman is fine line. Like all genius/madmen, John K. was misunderstood and after two amazing seasons he was fired from the show he created. It went on for three more miserable seasons without him.

Then in 2003 Spike TV, bless their hearts, decided this cat and dog duo should be brought back and six more episodes were made. This new venture was called “Adult Party Cartoon”, if only just to clarify that these little animated gems were NOT for kids. Only three were aired before that venture fell through as well. Now, finally, we get all six episodes that John K. made.

Keep in mind this is the not the “Ren & Stimpy” you remember. Working for Nickelodeon John K. was limited to what he could do. They were cartoons geared towards kids and there are certain things you can’t do in kids cartoons. When Spike TV brought John K. and his creation on he was given free reign, no limitations.

These new episodes contain nudity, cussing and many other “adult” themes. It’s hilarious and many times disturbing. These cartoons are definitely NOT for everyone and will definitely offend and gross some out. And why shouldn’t they? That was John K.’s intention. These episodes are pure unadulterated John K. They are brutal and unrelenting and if you can take it then you will really enjoy something rare and special.

Most people go into therapy to deal with their issues. John K. makes cartoons.
The biggest loss here is that Billy West did not return to do the voice of Stimpy as he did for the original series. It’s not THAT noticeable but he is missed.

In this DVD John K. shows that his love for his fans is equal to, if not more than, his hatred for animation studios. He talks about how most the plots of these episodes came from fan letters sent to him back in 1991. He saw what the fan wanted and was happy to oblige.

This is one way to cut a log…


Disc One:

Episode 1 – Naked Beach Frenzy
Ren & Stimpy go to the beach. Stimpy enjoys making sand castles while Ren enjoys watching the shapely women bounce around. Too bad the hairy lifeguard wants to put a stop to his fun. Later they work as bathroom attendants in the women’s shower room.

Girl 1: (to Stimpy) Oh what a cute pussy! I wish I had a pussy like you! I’m gonna kiss you right on your button.
(Several girls run over.)
Girl 2: Oh, what an adorable pussy!
Girl 3: Let me pet the pussy!
Girl 4: I want to pet the pussy!

Who said cartoons had to be for kids!

Episode 2 – Stimpy’s Pregnant
Ren is shocked to learn that Stimpy is pregnant. Ren gloats about his achievement while Stimpy goes through all the trials and tribulations of pregnancy. At the hospital Dr. Mr. Horse is ready to deliver but the ending will surprise you!

Ren: You know how many other men tried to impregnate that barren wasteland? There’s de milkman… de mailman… de refrigerator repair man… dat Jehovah’s Witness bastard!
Stimpy: Don’t forget about that Boy Scout troupe!
Ren: Dat’s right! Not even those strapping young lads could seed dat soil! It took a REAL MAN to put a brat in dere! Yep, my bullets were firing dat day!

Leave it to Dr. Mr. Horse to deliver Stimpy’s baby.

Episode 3 – Altruists
In this homage to the “Three Stooges” Ren & Stimpy decide to help a poor widow whose son is “special.” They rob houses and steal lumber trucks so they can build her a new house. This is the longest episode of “Ren & Stimpy” clocking in at almost 45 minutes!

(After Old Man Winter blows on the widow’s breasts.)
Nipple 1: Oh, I’m cold all over.
Nipple 2: Oh, my areola.
Nipple 1: Oh, oh, oh.
Nipple 2: Darn this flimsy blouse.

The poor widow and her “special” son.

Disc Two:

Episode 1 – Ren Seeks Help
To figure out why Ren is so mean t Stimpy, he goes to into therapy. With the help of Mr. Horse, Ren flashes back to his troubled childhood to find the root of his problems. This is one disturbing episode.

Dr. Mr. Horse: Do you really want to know what’s wrong with you? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with you. (punches Ren) YOU’RE F*CKING CRAZY! That’s what’s wrong with you!

Dr. Mr. Horse: Psychologist? Are you nuts?! I’m a horse! You crazy son of a bitch! I’m gonna beat the living hell out of you!

Ren’s mom gives him his first chainsaw.

Episode 2 – Fire Dog’s 2
The Fire Chief, based on John K.’s mentor Ralph Bakshy, returns in this sequel to the popular cartoon from season 1. This one picks up right where the first one left off with Ren & Stimpy saving the day. Right in the beginning the Fire Chief turns into Ralph Bakshy (who does the voice this time around). They go back to his place to hang out. Hilarity ensues.

Ralph: You guys like pizza?
Ren & Stimpy: Yeah, yeah pizza!
Ralph: Yeah pizza, food of the god’s. Tell ya what. I’ll let you guys buy me a pizza, but let’s go over to my place first. I gotta pinch a loaf.

Episode 3 – Onward And Upward
Here Ren & Stimpy live in a bums mouth and are sick of it. So they decided to live the “high life” in a spittoon at a bar. There have always been hints in this show as to the relationship between Ren & Stimpy. Are they “just friends” or something more? This episode pretty much clears up and confusion. This is the sickest “Ren & Stimpy” episode. They stuffed as many gross out jokes in this episode as they could. Not for the squeamish.

Ren Höek:: What did I just tell you! WHO’S THE PITCHER, AND WHO’S THE CATCHER?
Stimpson J. “Stimpy” Cat: You’re the pitcher, I’m the catcher! You’re the pitcher, I’m the catcher!


The DVD:

VIDEO: How does it look?
(Presented with a 4.3:1 full screen aspect ratio)

These episodes look great. “Ren & Stimpy” is some of the best animation around and every frame of its brilliance is captured here.

Score: 10/10

AUDIO: How does it sound?
(Stereo Surround)

The sound in “Ren & Stimpy” has always been great, from the constant use of classical music to all the sound effects. All those sounds are presented perfectly here.

Score: 10/10


Intros by John K.: Every episode has an introduction by John K. which is great. Not only does he give great back stories to the episodes but he also talks about his experiences in the studio world of animation in the 80’s that lead to his creating “Ren & Stimpy.” John K. had a lot of great stories and they’re all enjoyable to listen to.

Intro by Weird Al: Disc one opens with an intro from everyone’s favorite musical spoofer. He talks about why he loves the show and why he’s doing and intro. Kinda interesting, kinda funny, kinda pointless.

Crew Interviews: Each episode has an interview with different artists who worked on the episodes. Interesting back stories on the production of the episodes, although not as interesting as listening to John K.

Bonus Crap: The Episode Ren Seeks Help, has pencil tests & episode side by side, animatics, and character drawings. Naked Beach Frenzy has storyboards & episode side by side, animatics, pencil tests, and character drawings. All this is very interesting and maybe even helpful for up and coming artists. Probably a little boring for everyone else.

Easter Eggs: Each page has one Easter Egg on it. Move around the page enough and you’ll find them. They aren’t too hidden. One of them is “A Gift to our Loyal Gay Audience” which is some “more obvious” footage of the pitcher/catcher scene that does not appear in Onward And Upward.

Score: 10/10

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