The Sunday HEAT


— Sorry for the delay on the postings of HEAT lately, with the weekend that was 4th of July and then unexpected turns, it was a bit of a problem. But all is good now and I bring to you another juicy edition of the HEAT Wave.

– Umaga vs. Wyatt Lara
Well we know where this one is going… complete squash. And just to prove my point, the jobber today is another victim of the no entrance theory. But we do get the Armando Alejandro Esssssstttrada entrance. So all is well is the world I guess. We get some more talking for a few more minutes and then Umaga destroys the guy. Samoan spike kills him.
Winner: Umaga

– Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Preston James & Scott Commodity
I’m so glad that HEAT is the official home of tag team wrestling. It’s just ironic that tag team action has become a “commodity” and we got a Commodity of our own in here. Unfortunately all is not well in the world as we get no play by play action from Cade and Murdoch as we start the match. Cade goes about destroying the guy and gets the tag into Murdoch who does the same.

Finally after a beat down, the jobber team actually starts to fight back with a few clotheslines and drop kicks, but is quickly put down. We get the double high/ low clothesline to end the match.
Winner: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

– [RAW] Edge vs. Cena recap: We go over Cena’s match against Benjamin and then back to the little skits with Edge at the hotel. Finally ending with Cena attacking Edge in his hotel room. Oh yeah, don’t forget that they’re fighting tonight on Saturday Night’s Main Event, just incase you didn’t know.

– Kenny vs. Snitsky
Hey what do you know, they have the most talented member of the Spirit Squad fighting solo now in the MAIN EVENT. Welcome to HEAT kid, your solo push should be coming very soon. Kenny bull fights Snitsky into the corner shoulder first and the 5 on 1 match begins. Funny that I mention talented as Coach and Grisham start talking about that too. Kenny starts to target the left arm thanks to the miss shoulder ram.

Match continues to go that way for quite some time as we get endless holds to showcase that Snitsky’s arm is hurt. Snitsky tries to fight back with some clotheslines and a huge backflip, until he’s distracted by the SS and Kenny hits a spinning neck breaker. Top rope leg drop gets the 1-2-3.
Winner: Kenny

The HEAT Wave
This should have been an interesting main event to watch this weekend with Kenny showcasing himself, however, he did very little of that. Instead the match went the slow dumb way and didn’t get to see much action after that. Dunno, maybe there will be some more matches of him solo wise so we can see what he got. Other than that, another average show for HEAT. Glad to see I didn’t miss much. Till next week, I’m out… peace!