Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – July 12

Time for another results show and the final one before the Canadian Idol Top Ten was determined.

There was a bit of a snafu before Wednesday’s show, as it started to rain prior to the taping. In addition, the show was starting early this week. I was curious to see how the rain would affect the operation, and I have to say that I was surprised at how smoothly everything was handled. Instead of waiting outside (as is usually the case before tapings), the audience was quickly ushered into the Trinity Studios loading area and immediately taken inside. Big props to CTV for how this was handled, as their contingency plan was flawless.

My predictions for the eliminations still remained the same before the show started. I thought that Sheldon, Rob, Steffi and Sarah would be going home. Before I headed inside, I had a nice conversation with Sheldon’s brother who asked me what I thought was going to happen. I told him that I thought Sheldon had his best performance of the show on Tuesday, and that he might have saved himself. Unfortunately for him, all of the guys were pretty good and I didn’t think he had enough of a fanbase to compete.

It was clear that the rain hurt the show’s attendance, as many people did not show up.

After Ben Mulroney recorded the cold opening of the program, it was time to begin.

The Idols came out and I noticed an incredible similarity between Chad Doucette and Daryl Brunt. What’s the connection? I just thought that both guys were really young and brash. I also thought their singing styles were similar.

Anyway, seated on the back couch were Sarah, Keith, Ashley Coulter, Ashley Coles, Craig and Sheldon.

On the front couch, there was Tyler, Kati, Rob, Chad, Nancy, Brandon and Steffi.

I thought it was ironic that Brandon and Steffi were sitting beside each other after all of the speculation about whether or not they are dating. It kind of seemed like they were setting up one of them making it and one of them being cut for the emotional departure. Perhaps I was just reading too much into the situation.

Ben opened the show and said that “Top 10 glory was on the line.” He also said that 3.3 million votes were cast and that the Top 10 were hitting the big stage next week where they would be backed by a full band for the first time.

The judges were then introduced.

Jake: The Top 22 format worked fantastically. People get to engage more with their Idols and singers get used to performing.

Sass: Some have survived better than others. You’re reaching a moment when the world will start giving you advice. Just live in the moment.

Farley: Surprised by Chad, Tyler, Steffi and Nancy.

Zack: Don’t know what the outcome will be, the silent majority has to vote.

After a recap of all the performances (during which Brandon got the loudest cheer), it was time for the results (after the break of course).


Ben said that the results were not in any particular order and began to read them.

ROB: SAFE (Shocker!)


I was absolutely stunned by the results so far. Keith was considered by many to be one of the favorites and he was gone. Ashley Coles was one of my Final Four picks.

Back to it.



That’s really all you can say. Three of the favorites in the competition were unceremoniously dumped and while I was celebrating that 75% of my final four prediction had made the Top 10, I was still shocked to see Keith, Ashley Coles and Nancy get shown the door.

To say that this was anyone’s game would be an understatement.

I will leave the final words to Sheldon.

Sheldon: “Thank you to everybody.”

I’ll see you guys at the Top 10!