InsidePULSE’s TNA Victory Road Report

InsidePULSE’s TNA Victory Road Report
Announcers are Don West & Mike Tenay
By: PK

Free Show:

Shark Boy vs. Johnny Devine (w/ Alex Shelley)
Crowd is solidly behind Shark Boy. Shark Boy in control, hits a slingshot splash on Devine on the floor. Shark Boy sets up for the DSD, but Devine reverses it, goes for a running powerslam, but Shark Boy slips out and rolls up Devine. Shelley on the ropes to distract the ref, Shark Boy goes to hit Shelley, and turns around, and Devine hits a double underhook piledriver.
Winner – Johnny Devine

The Franchise comes down and rips into the new ECW & Flair. He then says that he’s been riding the Naturals, and he thinks they are ready to return to TNA.

The Naturals (w/ Shane Douglas) vs. Diamonds in the Rough (w/ Simon Diamond)
The Nats come down wearing tights with the Franchise’s logo. Franchise makes his way to the back after The Nats come down. Stevens and Young start. Nats with plenty of double teaming. David Young hits a moonsault on the floor! Back in the ring, Stevens goes for a powerbomb, then Douglas hits a missile drop kick, as Stevens drops Young for the pin!
Winners – The Naturals

Christian Cage cuts a promo.

Monty Brown vs. Rhino
They start brawling before the bell sounds. Brown tosses Rhino off the ropes and goes for the POUNCE early, but Rhino ducks it and Brown drills the ref. Rhino tosses Brown to the outside, and slingshots over the top on Brown. Back in the ring, Brown retakes control, and suplexes Rhino. Brown tries to get the ref up, Rhino comes over and slugs Brown, then hits a belly to belly…and lines up and charges, but Brown dodges the GORE GORE GORE and Rhino hits the ref, and ref goes down again. They then brawl to the outside. Brown tosses Rhino into the crowd, and they fight in the stands!! The bells rings, and the match is ruled a No Contest, as Rhino and Brown fight to the outside.

LAX cut a promo backstage. Konnan basically says that we all better start speaking Spanish, because the Latin American’s are taking over.

Moody Jack says that this match is Spanish only…then LAX comes out in their own entrance near the Spanish table.

Homicide & Hernandez (w/ Konnan) vs. Ron Killings & Sonjay Dutt
Truth basically sings his lame ass ‘What’s Up’ song. Hernandez and Homicide are on the outside early, and both Dutt then Truth hit suicide planchas. When things calm down, Dutt and Truth dominate. Hernandez takes over on Dutt, and Dutt gets tossed to the outside, distracts the ref so Konnan can beat down on Dutt. Homicide takes his time, and Dutt gets to Truth, and Truth is on fire. Truth then mocks the rolling clothesline, on Hernandez, Homicide in, and gets an axe kick. Hernandez and Dutt going at it, and Dutt using his speed, but the ref is distracted, and Konnan hits Dutt with a slapjack, and Hernandez hits a Razor’s Edge, but he tossed Dutt across the ring for the pin.
Winners – LAX

Scott Steiner cuts a promo.

Scott D’Amore comes out with Bobby Roode, Petey Williams, A1, and Eric Young. D’Amore basically says his goodbyes to each of them one by one. They then hugged each other end left, but left out Eric Young. D’Amore then gets to Young, and he blames Young for everything. D’Amore then takes the Team Canada jacket and sweat pants. He tells Young that sooner or later, Young will be fired. After D’Amore leaves, Young gets on the mic and asks for the crowd help, and they chant ‘DON’T FIRE ERIC.’

Senshi cuts a promo.

Senshi (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian
‘Chuck Norris Fears Senshi’ sign in the crowd, very funny. Tie ups and chain wrestling to start. Kazarian off the ropes with a shoulder block, and he jaw jacks, but Senshi kicks him in the head. They slap and chop back and forth, Kazarian leapfrogs Senshi, kick to the gut, kick to the head, then a swing neckbreaker for 2. Kazarian then lifts him up for a suplex, but Senshi knees him in the head to reverse it. Senshi then locks in the body scissors. Kazarian gets out, and hits the ropes, but gets a kick to the throat, then a hook kick to the back of the head. Senshi then locks on a bear hug, then sends Kazarian off the ropes. Kazarian reverses a clothesline, and drops Senshi in a neckbreaker. Kazarian hits a springboard elbow in Senshi’s throat. Kazarian then hits a Shining Wizard type move, then hits a swinging dropkick. Kazarian is in the corner, Senshi charges, but Kazarian dodges him, is on the apron, and slingshots over into a DDT for 2. Senshi with a charging dropkick sends Kazarian in the corner, and Senshi nails the Warrior’s Way for the pin.
Winner – Senshi

Zbyszko cuts a promo. Slick Johnson comes in and tells Zbyszko that he will be the ref tonight.

Raven vs. Larry Zbyszko – Hair vs. Hair
Slick Johnson shoves Zbyszko early, and Raven dominates him. Zbyszko takes over the does some old school grappling, and locks Raven in a toe lock, but Raven kicks Zbyszko in the head, and Zbyszko goes down, taking Slick with him. Zbyszko goes for a pile driver, but Raven reverses it, and hits the Evenflow, but Slick is still down. Zbyszko back up, fights again, but Raven nails another Evenflow for the pin.
Winner – Raven

Zbyszko tries to walk away, but security drags him out. Raven then grabs some duct tape and tapes Zbyszko’s arms to the barber’s chair. Raven then takes the clippers to Zbyszko’s head.

Nash, Shelley and Devine backstage, cut a silly promo.

Kevin Nash & Alex Shelley (w/ Johnny Devine) vs. Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal
Shelley & Sabin start with some chain wrestling. Both Nash and Lethal get tagged in. Nash with a hip tosses, and he celebrates, as the crowd chants ‘That Was Awesome’ HAHA. Lethal fights back goes for a crossbody but Nash catches him, only for Sabin to missile drop kick knocks Nash down. Nash, Shelley and Devine regroup on the outside. Nash retakes control, and dominates over Lethal. Sabin gets a hot tag, and dropkicks Nash’s leg, then puts Shelley in the Tree of Woe, and he hits the hesitation drop kick off of Nash’s back. Devine tries to come in, but Lethal tosses him out, then hits a plancha. Sabin goes for a Cradle Shock, Shelley reverses it, lifts up Sabin, but Sabin reverses that, then rolls up Shelley for the pin.
Winners – Sabin & Lethal

Nash, Devine and Shelley beat down Lethal and Sabin, with Nash dropping Sabin with a Jack Knife, but Jerry Lynn comes down with a chair, chasing off Nash, Shelley and Devine.

Team 3D cuts a promo backstage.

James Gang & Abyss (w/ James Mitchell) vs. Team 3D – No DQ Match
Devon and BG start. BG tries a shoulder block the jacked up Devon, but Devon is budging, so BG tags in Abyss. Runt really wants in, and Devon tags him in. The crowd is cheering for him. Runt tries a crossbody, but he just drops like he hit a brick wall. Abyss then tosses him in the air, and he fall face first. Runt tags in Bubba Ray, and Bubba does his American Dream, but he turns it into mocking BG, but Abyss choke slams him. Devon charges, but gets a boot, and Runt comes in, but Abyss military presses him, and tosses him into the crowd. The crowd body surfs him, and drops him over the railing, on the ring steps…ouch. A huge melee ensues. Runt leaps off the stage with a double foot stomp on Abyss. Back in the ring, Bubba has a stable gun, and he staples a ‘ECW fears TNA’ sign. Kip in, Famasser on Bubba, Devon in, Saving Grace on Kip, BG in, kendo stick to Devon, Runt back in, trash can to BG, Abyss back up, tosses Runt to the outside, Bubba back up, body slam then WAZZZZZZZUP headbutt on Abyss. They call for tables, but BG and Kip slap them over the head with trash can lids. BG gets a table and brings it in the ring, but 3D takes back over, hitting a double neckbreaker on BG, then a flapjack on Kip. Bubba hits Abyss with a trash can a few times, then calls for 3D through the table but Kip comes in and whacks Bubba with the kendo stick, and clothesline sends both Kip and Devon over the top rope. Abyss nails a Black Hole Slam on Runt though a table for the pin.
Winners – James Gang & Abyss

AMW backstage, they vow to get the tag titles back.

Sirelda, AJ Styles, and Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Gail Kim & America’s Most Wanted – NWA Tag Team Titles
Styles and Harris start. Daniels in, but Gail Kim comes in, and Sirelda is tagged in. Kim wants nothing to do with her, and all 6 get in the ring. Daniels and Storm then square off, Daniels with a body slam, then a moonsault for 2. Styles in, Kim in, Kim goes for a leg scissors, but AJ catches her and puts her over his knee and spanks her. Harris is in, and AMW then double teams on Styles. Styles tries to fight back, and hits a slingshot DDT on Storm, and he gets to Daniels. Daniels cleans house, hits a Death Valley Driver on Storm. Sirelda and Kim square off, but AMW takes out Sirelda, and then go for the Death Sentence, but Styles breaks it up, but Kim comes off with the leg drop! Harris tries to use the handcuffs, but Daniels hits the Angel’s Wings for 2 when Kim breaks it up. Sirelda back in, choke slam on Kim, but Storm hits the Eye of the Storm on Styles for 2. Storm brings the beer bottle in the ring, Styles ducks the shot, and Storm almost hits Harris, but Harris catches it, and goes to get it out of the ring, but Styles drop kicks Storm into Harris, sending Harris to the floor. Styles rolls up Storm, but Storm reverses it, but when Styles kicks out, Storm goes face first into a chair that Harris had ready for Styles. Styles then with a slingshot sunset flip for the pin.
Winners – Styles, Daniels, and Sirelda

Recap of the events leading up to the Road to Victory Match.

Samoa Joe cuts a promo.

Scott Steiner vs. Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe vs. Sting – #1 Contender’s Match
Sting and Joe square off while Cage and BPP fight to the outside. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash on Joe, and hits. He goes again, but Joe grabs him and drops him. Sting fights back works over Joe’s leg, and locks on the Death Lock, but BPP breaks it up. BPP sends Sting to the outside, then Cage sends BPP over the top. Joe and Cage stare off. They go toe to toe, while Sting and BPP fight along side of the ramp. Joe with the facewash on Cage. Sting slaps a chair over the head of BPP. Joe and Cage fight to the floor, and Sting and BPP make their way in the ring. BPP locks up Sting’s arms, and a cameraman gets in the ring, and sprays something in Sting’s eyes…it’s Jeff Jarrett! Sting is taken to the back, as Tenay says that it smells like gasoline. Jarrett leaves too.

Now Joe, BPP and Cage fight each other. They show security tossing Jarrett out of the building, and Joe with a knee drop on BPP. Cage back in, hits a spear on Joe for 2. Joe pins Cage in the corner, slaps away, and sets up for Muscle Buster, but Cage slides through, and pummels away on Joe, and facewashes Joe! Cage is pulled out of the ring by BPP, and BPP suplexes him on the floor. BPP and Cage keep fighting, then Joe dives through the ropes hitting both BPP and Cage. Joe tosses BPP back in, and hits a STO takedown on Cage on the floor. Joe brings a table out, and sets it up ringside. It looks like Joe is going to try and suplex BPP from the apron through the table, but BPP blocks it, and BPP drops off the apron, DDTing Joe on the apron. BPP puts Joe on the table and elbow drops Joe though the table.

Cage rolls BPP in, and tries to score the pin, but BPP kicks out at 2. Cage hits the ropes, and BPP catches him, hitting a power slam for 2. BPP hits a SUPER Samoan Drop, but both men are down, and Joe gets in and tries to pin both for only 2 counts. Cage drop toe holds Joe, and he goes for Frog Splash, but misses. BPP up, clothesline on Cage, but then BPP gets clotheslined by Joe. Joe pummels Cage in the corner, but BPP puts Joe over the top, and Cage is up, goes for the Unprettier on BPP, but BPP reverses it in to a belly to belly, and locks on the Steiner Recliner. Joe comes in, and locks on the Rear Naked Choke. Cage goes to the top, but Joe sees it, releases BPP, and climbs up with Cage.

Sting makes his way back down, shoves BPP into Joe, who falls to the outside, then both BPP and Sting go down. Cage for a Frog Splash, Sting rolls, and Cage hits BPP for 2, but Sting breaks it up. Sting and Cage argue, and Joe comes in, Rear Naked Choke on Cage, and BPP is up, tosses both to the outside, but Sting comes behind him, and hits the Death Drop for the pinfall.
Winner and #1 Contender – Sting

Cage back in, argues some more, then extends a handshake.

Show Over.