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Louis C.K. ………. Himself

The Show

Okay, listen up – now, I’m not trying to scare anyone, especially the younger portion of the male audience here at InsidePulse. But being male, there are a few lessons you learn at random times in your life, especially in terms of relationships: dating is high school is significantly different than dating in college, which is significantly different than dating in “the real world”. Getting married changes your entire life. Being married for 5 years or more requires yet another adjustment. Having a kid changes everything again, but at least then you start to think “Well, okay – at least there’s nothing new I have to deal with.” Then, you have the second kid, and learn that you couldn’t have been more wrong.

However, one of the general rules about these changes are: we (guys) don’t talk about them. Oh sure – if you’re lucky, you may have one really good friend that you feel secure in spilling your guts to on occasion, usually after 8 or 10 beers. But, you both know that the next morning, your proper duty is to pretend it never happened. One thing you definitely do not do is get on stage, and talk about this stuff in front of thousands of people.

That, however, is exactly what Louis C.K. has done. He talks about himself, his wife, and his daughter in a manner that will absolutely catch you off-guard from the get-go. Believe me, it is somewhat jarring to hear a guy call his kid “an asshole”, or complain because he can’t find anywhere in the house to masturbate. If you watch this with your spouse or significant other, be prepared for a few moments of extreme uncomfortableness.

But, also be prepared to laugh until tears are coming out of your eyes. Louis eschews the cliched material about married life that every other comedian does (I swear, I will put a bullet between eyes of the next guy that talks about the f*cking toilet seat), and goes straight for the painfully honest and real material that every married person has to deal with, but almost no one ever actually addresses. His bit on how his kid “sucks” at Hide ‘N’ Seek, but he has to play along by her rules anyway, is especially brilliant.

My one complaint is due to the format of the One Night Stand series: it’s only 1/2 hour long. Just when I felt like he was really hitting his groove, it was over. However, the amount of deleted scenes in the Special Features does make up for that somewhat.

Score: 8/10

The Video:

The video is given in fullscreen color with an aspect ratio of 1.33:1. Nothing special – but hey, it’s stand-up comedy, not a George Lucas movie.

The Audio:

The audio is English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo sound. (See “The Video” for further comments.)

The Extras:

Deleted Scenes, ~17 min

Oftentimes, the rules for this section is “They were deleted for a reason”. However, there are several routines here that are just as funny as the material that made it onto the show, including a bit on what guys have to think about during sex in order to prolong the activity.

1995 Young Comedians Special, 11:05

Taped ten years earlier, we see that Louis had more hair, but less material. He was handicapped here by the fact that his routine is based upon his real life experiences, and he simply didn’t have enough of them back at this time. However, he’s still very self-depreciating, and unafraid to make himself look bad for the good of a joke (something that definitely came in handy with his new material).

Behind the Scenes of Lucky Louie, 12:10

Your basic “Making Of” featurette, focused on the HBO special that was launched in July. The show is just a continuation of Louis’ stand-up routine, with a few additional characters thrown in: his boss (and his boss’ wife), his brother-in-law, his lowlife neighbor, and the African-American couple that recently moved into his apartment building. I’ve only caught one of these so far (the most recent episode, focusing on Louis’ eating habits), but it appears promising.

Sneak Peek at Lucky Louie, 1:30

This is a replay of the “Why?” bit with his daughter that we just saw in the Behind the Scenes feature. Honestly, I have no idea why they included it.

Score: 6/10

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