Smack YOU! Smackdown Review 14th July 2006

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Smack YOU 14th July 2006

Sorry this is so late but unforeseen problems implicated themselves this week delaying this considerably. I won’t bore you with the details let’s just get to the show

We’re in Minneapolis, MN

Hosts are Cole and JBL

The show starts with King Booker in the ring, on his throne of course, and Regal reads out a proclamation praising his battle royal win last week. Regal also vows to beat Rey Mysterio tonight for Booker and Sharmel. Booker says he’ll win the Title at The Great American Bash, he also shows footage of Rey getting owned by Mark Henry last week and then himself beating Rey down backstage following that. We must all bow down to the next champion, apparently. Rey interrupts and jumps Booker and Regal from behind before running away.

Hardy attacks Kennedy denying the fans the catchphrase. What a bastard. Matt beats Kennedy onto the apron but Kennedy fights back and drops Matt’s arm on the top rope. Kennedy sends Matt’s shoulder into the ring post and works the arm over. Kennedy goes into a shoulder lock. Matt tries to fight back but gets pulled down to the mat again. Kennedy heads up top but Matt crotches him and gets a superplex. Both get up and start slugging one another and Matt gets a bulldog out of the corner. Matt gets the Side Effect but only manages a two from it. Matt gets an elbow to the forehead from the second rope but Kennedy counters the Twist of Fate with a neck breaker for two. Kennedy tries the Twist of Fate but Matt shoves him into the corner and gets the 10 punch. Kennedy counters the Twist of Fate again by grabbing the ropes and gets a cover but Matt gets his foot on the rope. Kennedy stops to yell at the ref and gets rolled up for the win


*1/2 – Good TV stuff.

Kristal and Michelle are backstage bitching about Ashley. Ashley and Jillian come in and a big brawl starts up. Or as Joey Styles would say “CATFIGHT, CAAAAATTTTTTFIIIIGGGHHHHHTTTTTTTT”

Daivari and Great Khali come out to call Undertaker a coward. Taker of course shows up and hilarity ensues. Taker sets pyro off and Daivari tries to hold Khali back. Khali eventually backs off. I feel sorry for the love crowd who had their hopes up for something to, you know, HAPPEN!

Paul London w/ Spanky Vs Jamie Noble w/ Kid Kash
Noble gets some forearms in to start and a chop in the corner. London gets a roll up for two but walks into a right hand. Noble rakes London’s face across the top rope in good heel fashion and goes to a chin lock. Come on that’s not needed here we’re not even two minutes in. noble gets a sweet high knee for two and gets a body vice. London tries to get out so Noble gets some cross face punching and rubs his forearm into the back of his head. London finally powers out and counters a German Suplex by landing on his feet and gets a flapjack. London gets some kicks in and an overhead belly to belly suplex and a springboard missile dropkick to the back of the head for two. Noble gets a power slam for two and goes to grab his dog chain but Spanky stops him. As the ref is distracted, Kash drops London’s throat on the top rope and Noble gets his amazing back breaker move for the win.


*1/2 – Another fun TV match.

Sylvan is backstage and says although the divas are pretty but not quite like Quebec. JBL’s answer, “I’d rather go to Rwanda”. Who else smells a JBL Vs Sylvan match at the next Quebec house show?

Mark Henry and Batista contract signing. The usual contract stuff here. Both guys talk, sign the contract and nothing else happens. One notable thing though is that Teddy Long makes the match at The Great American Bash #1 contender.

WWE United States Championship
(C) Lashley Vs Finlay
Lock up leads to a stand off, a second leads to Finlay taking Lashley down into a chin lock. Finlay pounds away with some European upper cuts but Lashley fights back with a big delayed vertical suplex and Finlay bails.


We come back with Finlay taking it to Lashley and slugging away on him. Finlay gets a short hand clothesline for two. Lashley gets some right hands but gets drop toe holded into a front face lock. Lashley fights up but runs into a raised boot in the corner. Lashley gets some rights and a big elbow, setting up some clotheslines and an overhead belly to belly. Finlay runs outside and throws about 5 chairs in the ring and brings in the stick thing. Lashley gets hold of it and throws it down the ramp. That was really cool as now it’s miles away and Finlay can’t reach it. Lashley had a brain, who knew. The two brawl around ringside and Lashley brings a chair in and the ref takes it away. During the chaos Mini Finlay slips Finlay another stick thing and that’s enough for the three count


** – I wish these two had a No DQ match so they could have a crazy brawl because I bet it would be awesome.

Earlier today, more Vito hi-jinks as he goes about town in a dress.

Diva Search boot camp
Winner gets immunity from elimination
I HATE the diva search and by that I SERIOUSLY HATE it! SGT Slaughters music is awesome though.
Times are
Blond #1 41 seconds
Afro lady 37 seconds
Blond #2 48 seconds
Blond #3 41 seconds
Black haired 49 seconds
Brunette 49 seconds
Pig Tails 43 seconds
Blond #4 46 seconds

William Regal w/ King Booker and Sharmel Vs Rey Mysterio
Before the match starts Booker and Rey are jawing with one another and WWE goes to a commercial. Following that Regal is in control but Rey fights back and gets a 10 punch. Sharmel causes a distraction however and Regal drops Rey crotch first on the ropes. More action is happening outside on the commentary desk as Cole is arguing with Booker. You know I wish both the play by play and colour guys had wrestling experience because then they wouldn’t sit and take shit from the wrestlers. Think about it if you could beat the crap out of Booker T would you sit there and take insults from him? Notice how Gorilla Monsoon would never back down from anyone and how even the heels would respect him? oh yeah the match, Rey with a 619 and springboard splash.

Anyway this weeks show was better than some of the crap that’s been on the past few weeks with decent competitive matches