Big Brother 7: All-Stars – Recap – Episode 4 (7/16/06)

Sunday is the new Saturday in ‘Big Brother’ world! ‘Big Brother’ used to air Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. Tuesday is “Power of Veto” day. Thursday is “LIVE Eviction” day. Saturday was “Food Competition” and “Eviction Nominations” day. Well..CBS switched this up for “All-Stars” and moved the Saturday show to Sunday. Why? Probably to get people used to watching reality TV on Sunday night, since ‘The Amazing Race’ will be moving into the exact same timeslot in the Fall. But only the day has changed. The Sunday ‘Big Brother’ show is the same as the Saturday show. Or so it should be. Is it? Well..lets find out with the first Sunday show!

‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’ – Episode 4 (7/16/06)

We get a recap of what has just happened. Danielle and Alison were put up for eviction. And when the votes were revealed it was Alison going home first! We see the final moments for Alison. Erika is sad to see her ‘Big Brother 4’ enemy leave. Jase only cares for himself, which is why he didn’t hug Alison or say anything to her. Janelle feels really safe now that Alison is gone.
Danielle thanks everyone for staying another week after Alison is out of the house. Marcellas is happy since the “BB6” people said he would be safe if he kept Danielle in the house. Janelle congratulates Danielle and they are happy. Now they wonder who the two were that voted against Danielle. Janelle believes it was Diane and someone else. Danielle says she is not “going to bite the hand that fed her”. She is going to kiss Janelle’s butt this week.

Now we see Diane and Nakomis voting to evict Danielle. They don’t seem happy since everyone else changed their votes at the last second. Nakomis thinks they are in a bad spot now.

We get clips of Kaysar winning the “Head of Household” competition. He’s the new HOH and Howie and Janelle jump up in down. Jase thinks that’s a bad move, since he did the same thing when Drew won in ‘Big Brother 5’. They basically revealed their alliance and called Howie a dumbass for it. Janelle says they know they revealed their alliance, but it was not secret anyways. Meanwhile, James didn’t join them. He says he didn’t want to be seen as part of them. Kaysar says that people are afraid now.

Kaysar, Janelle, and Howie all think about who to put up for eviction. Howie goes straight for Nakomis, since she almost won HOH. Janelle thinks Will and Mike need to go. Kaysar is not sure about that. They need to think things through a little bit more. Will thinks he is going up for sure, though.

Now we get a bit with Will and his real job. He’s a skin doctor. That’s means lots of Botox. Will says Howie needs a lot of work done. Kaysar doesn’t agree with artificial help to make people look good. Will is a little insulted. If people need his help, Will says he will help them.

Time to see the new HOH room! And it’s completely different. The colors, the bed, the chairs, everything is different. Kaysar also got stuff from home including a sweater and pictures. Nakomis likes that the HOH room changes for each new HOH. Janelle wants a pink room. Marcellas wants a circus room. Mike wants a hippie room. Will is bored and doesn’t care.

Now Howie and Kaysar talk more about Nakomis. She was the one to get Jase out and target the “Four Horseman” alliance in ‘Big Brother 5’. Howie calls her a “cancer”. But there is also “Chill Town II” with Will and Mike. Kaysar says that would turn “Chill Town II” against them, if they nominated both Will and Mike. Howie says they are already doing that. Janelle interrupts them and she wants James to be in here with them. Kaysar says James doesn’t want to appear to be with them. Janelle says that is “bulls**t”! She doesn’t like James right now. James joins them now. James tells Kaysar that Jase is not with them. He is with everyone else. Howie agrees. James says Janelle thinks Jase is with them. James says Jase is just helping everyone he can to play all the sides. James also says that Nakomis is a very smart person. Second only to Will maybe. Janelle thinks it’s a good idea to put up someone from each of the opposing alliances. Howie and James like that idea, but Kaysar is not sure of his decision yet. We get images of 5 people that top the list of possible nominations for eviction. Jase, Mike, Nakomis, Will, and Diane. Time for our first break!

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We come back with our first possible “showmance” this summer. Erika and Kaysar talk about girls as they play pool. Somewhere in here they talk about Murtz. They both like InsidePulse, so a romance between them could make sense. Erika seems to like Kaysar. She likes to spend time with him and he’s cute. They joke about it. She’s Jewish and he’s Muslim. Could be an interesting combination. They talk about love and such. Erika recently broke up with Josh from ‘Big Brother 1’. She said it was painful. Kaysar says she needs time to heal. Erika is crying and more joking about a possible relationship.

Nakomis and Diane talk. They are in an alliance, since they are both from ‘Big Brother 5’. They think the “BB6” people were stupid for showing their excitement when Kaysar won HOH.

Will says that “pale is the new tan”. The reason he is so white now is because he’s a dermatologist. That would be hypocritical of him. Howie continues his “love affair” with Will. He makes fun of Will’s whiteness. Will says Howie is only entertaining for a few minutes. He’s just obnoxious. Howie plays “hide the white bread on Will”, which is always fun! Will says Howie is dumb and wrinkly. Will says Howie’s wrinkles are like a “Slip N’ Slide for fleas”! Will says Howie will have a short stay here.

Now Jase goes to talk to Will and Mike and this could possibly be “Chill Town II”. They want to go to Kaysar and tell him that they are safe for three weeks if Kaysar puts up “floaters”, which would be George, Erika, and Marcellas. If not, they will come after Kaysar. Howie catches them talking and busts them out on it. Jase runs away to Janelle. He doesn’t want to be associated with any one group right now.

Jase tells Janelle about what Will said to him. Will wants to cut a deal with Kaysar. Janelle doesn’t think that Will would go after George if he got HOH, so why should Kaysar do the same? Will runs back to the hot tub with Will and Mike. Will says he likes Jase and offers to put him into “Chill Town II” as we take another break!

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It’s now time for the first “Food Competition”! Teams get split up by how they sit on the couch. Janelle, Howie, James, Danielle, Nakomis, and Marcellas are on the “blue team”. Will, Mike, George, Erika, Jase, and Diane are on the “red team”. Kaysar is the host of the competition. Will says the his team is “cool”. Kaysar gets to eat real food with the winning team.

They all get dressed in overalls. Jase jokes that Marcellas looks “cute” in his overalls. Marcellas thinks Jase is “sexy” in his. Janelle doesn’t like the look at all. They go with a “farm theme” for this competition. There is a big trough of slop in front of them. The big twist for this competition and the twist in the food is that there is no more peanut butter and jelly for the losers. Instead they get to eat “slop”! Nice! There are fake rats inside the slop. Each team has to dig for the rats using no hands and being tied together with another person. The first team to find 12 rats win! Each person has to find 2 rats at a time. Winners get to eat food. Losers eat the slop. Danielle says it’s like vomit!

Mike and Diane are hooked together. Mike likes that since Diane could be a possible “showmance” for him. James and Nakomis start it off. James says they fit in..being shackled together and all of that, since Nakomis has the prison tattoos. They go against Will and Erika. Will and Erika find their rats first, but Will says it’s not easy bobbing for rats! James and Nakomis have problems. James got his rat, but Nakomis brings back her bandana because she can’t see. Marcellas doesn’t know how that happens.

George and Jase are already off for their team. Jase finds his. George has problems, but finds one. Red team has 4. Marcellas and Janelle are going for the blue team. Marcellas says the slop is warm from the sun and it’s not a good facial.

Mike and Diane are next for the red team. Janelle and Marcellas find their rats, but Mike and Diane are right behind them. 6 to 4.

Howie and Danielle are next. Will and Erika go again. Howie and Danielle even things out. Erika and Will have a few problems but make it back.

Now it’s a mad dash to the finish and the red team pulls out the win 12 to 10! But not before Mike grabs Diane by the ass and lifts her further up into the slop. Marcellas blames the loss on Nakomis for the early mistake. Janelle says the slop is like prison food. “It’s like Cream of Wheat without the cream.” Jase thinks it will get ugly quick with people eating slop for food!

There’s a big bucket of slop when everyone gets back inside. The losers begin to chow down. Danielle won’t eat it until she has to. Howie says it’s a new diet! Janelle doesn’t like it at all! Time for another break!

Commercial Break…

Howie teaches George the ways of the Jedi. He’s his apprentice now. Various talk of Jedi teachings. George likes Howie. He says he has a good heart. Howie likes Erika’s boobs.

Meanwhile, Kaysar goes to talk to Will and Mike. None of them like people who don’t take any risks in the game and “float” until the end and win that way. They want to take out the “floaters”. So basically we have an understanding. If either of their groups win HOH, they put up “floaters” or “lesser” people until they are all gone. Will doesn’t trust Kaysar. Kaysar doesn’t trust them, but it’s something to think about. Time for our last break!

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So Kaysar has to decide who to nominate for eviction. Will says he will be disappointed if he is not nominated. Mike trusts Kaysar more than any of the other “BB6” people. Anything can happen. Diane and Nakomis don’t think they are targets or threats to Kaysar. Kaysar puts the keys into the wheel! He thinks everyone should be nervous. George thinks he could go up as well. Kaysar says it’s early in the game, so it’s hard to nominate right now. But he hopes to see how people react to the nominations to see about “real” alliances in the house.

It’s time for the “Nomination Ceremony”! The last two keys not in the box will be the nominations. The first key is Howie. Howie pulls Jase’s key. Jase pulls James’ key. Janelle is safe. Marcellas is safe. So is Erika and Danielle. Now it gets interesting. Mike gets his key pulled, followed by Will! That leaves George, Diane, and Nakomis. The last key to be pulled belongs to George! So Nakomis and Diane are nominate for eviction. Kaysar says that he respects both of their games. Nakomis was a dangerous and smart person in ‘Big Brother 5’.

Time for some closing thoughts! Diane says it’s sucks, since she is nominated next to Nakomis. She really cares about Nakomis. Kaysar says he put up these people to observe the reactions from others. He has fun with this really. Nakomis says she has played this game sloppy and now she is paying for it. Danielle is just happy to be here another week. There are people after her, but she will take them out. Mike thought it was a dumb move on Kaysar’s part. He should have nominated Will and Mike!

And that’s all for this Sunday show this week!