Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – July 17

It’s Top 10 time!

Alrighty, I am just going to jump right into it. I’ll have more of my thoughts on the move into the John Bassett theatre, but for now, I will just get into the meat and potatoes of what went down.

Before the show, Sue Brophy said that Canadian Idol is “still the #1 show in Canada and it is on the #1 network in Canada, CTV.” Then she said that it was “world domination.” This was in obvious reference to the recent Bell Globemedia takeover of CHUM Ltd. While our American friends might not understand the magnitude of the deal, it is quite major and affects all of Canadian media (just as an fyi, Bell Globemedia is the parent company of CTV).

On with the show. Ben welcomed the crowd and said that the “hottest ticket is at the John Bassett theatre.” He said that the theme of the evening was Canada Rocks and said that the “#1 singer in the world, Nelly Furtado” helped coach the Idols on their performances this week (Nelly is performing on tomorrow night’s show).

He then introduced the judges and they had their opening comments.

Jake: To quote Ronnie Hawkins, Canadians have to work 10 times as hard to get 1/10 as far.

Sass: Nothing wrong with a little ego-mania.

Farley: Nelly Furtado has a distinct tone.

Zack This ain’t your mom’s karaoke with the live band.

Ben then introduced the idols and they came out in the following order: Sarah, Rob, Steffi, Tyler, Kati, Brandon, Craig, Ashley, Chad and Eva.

Ran a montage of half of the Idols at home.

Sarah Loverock
– Sang “Life Is A Highway” by Tom Cochrane.
– In her opening video, she said that she thought she could have more fun.
– Great song choice.
– Started way too deep and low.
– Performance is still good.
– Hard song to sing with all of the words.
– Weird end note.
– Song choice will save her.

Jake: Didn’t start off great, but man, you kicked the chorus! Great job!
Sass: Presentation was a joy to watch.
Farley: Key was a little low. Have confidence in the skill you have.
Zack: You were the person that I felt the worse about not putting through to the Top 10 last year. Now I know what you were missing. The band. I thought you really stepped up.

Rob James is next.

Rob James
– Sang “Hurts To Love You” by The Philosopher Kings.
– Said that Nelly Furtado was beautiful, talented and had success that he would like in his opening video.
– This guy has some weird dance moves.
– Key to the song is the higher register.
– Like Sarah, I think he is singing too deeply.
– Hits a nice big note.
– ¼ standing ovation.

Sass: You step it up (inaudible).
Farley: Personality is going to win people over, week by week.
Zack: Killed the last note. You’re stuck in the middle. Be super entertaining and chill a little bit.
Jake: This was the best performance you ever did.

Steffi and Tyler are up next.

Steffi D
– Sang “Alone In The Universe” by David Usher.
– In her opening video, Nelly told Steffi to take off her bow so that she doesn’t become a one-trick pony. Steffi also said that she was trying to focus on the fact that Nelly wasn’t right in front of her.
– Started the song by lying down on the stage (ironic, since she was just advised by Nelly to not turn into a gimmick).
– Fantastic performance.
– Sounds loud and powerful for the first time.
– Meshing vulnerability and strong effect.
– Room is captured.
– Her best.

Farley: Little Bo Peep has found her sheep.
Zack: You got unique tone, unique presence. Showing the biggest growth.
Jake: Don’t lose the bow. Great performance.
Sass: You look gorgeous tonight.

Tyler Lewis
– Sang “Too Bad” by Nickelback.
– Learned from Nelly that you don’t have to strain to be powerful (according to his opening video).
– This guy has really improved.
– Band helps, but is also drowning out his voice a tad.
– Cheesy fire graphic behind him that I do not care for.
– Still sounds unique.
– I like voice, I just would have liked him to pick another Nickelback song.
– Tone was great as was the attitude he displayed on stage.

Zack: Imitative, but straight Canadiana.
Jake: Couldn’t have picked a better song for your voice.
Sass: You kicked it man!
Farley: Smalltown farm boy takes over the big city.

Kati up next.

Kati Durst
– Sang “It Makes No Difference” by The Band.
– Complains about her nerves to Nelly in the opening video and Nelly says nerves were bad for her too in the beginning.
– Starts performance by sitting down.
– Forgettable.
– No big moments.
– Unfortunately, nothing special.
– Will be lost in the shuffle.
– I think she is done.

Jake: Really tough song choice.
Sass: One of the greatest songs ever.
Farley: Song didn’t grab hold of me.
Zack: I thought that was your most honest performance so far.

Brandon is next.

After the commercial, they ran the second half of the Idols at home montage from the beginning.

Brandon Jones
– Sang “California” by Wave.
– Said that he appreciated getting Nelly’s feedback.
– Huge cheer for him.
– Great song choice.
– Probably the second-best performance in the bunch (next to Ashley Coulter).
– Ironic that he sang about tequila but has never tasted it in his life.
– Decent job.
– His best in a couple of weeks.
– Tone and pitch were spot-on.
– BIG cheer at the end of his performance.

Sass: You’re like this great big puppy that we all want to snuggle.
Farley: I enjoyed that, good song choice.
Zack: You remind me of the lead character in some Revenge Of The Nerds movie. Really good job.
Jake: Nice that you thanked the band at the end.

Craig and Ashley are up next.

Craig Sharpe
– Sang “Losing Grip” by Avril Lavigne.
– Nelly tells him that when you commit to something, you can find great freedom.
– Nelly advising Craig on how to sing Avril is a funny image to me.
– I don’t think the song showcases his ability.
– Getting drowned out by band a little.
– Not going crazy.
– This song has to be screamed and not sung.

Farley: Good job.
Zack: Be a star man, be a star.
Jake: Wow, this guy can really sing!
Sass: You are a hell of a singer and a hell of a drama queen too.

Ashley Coulter
– Sang “American Woman” by Lenny Kravitz
– Nelly advises her not to suppress her range.
– I am already comparing her to Suzi Rawn, before the song even starts.
– One of the best of the night.
– I like her bluesy tone.
– Crowd going crazy.
– The best female performer by far.
– Canada may rock, but Lenny Kravitz wasn’t Canadian (the last time I checked).
– Audience loved.

Zack: Come off as a genuine little rock star.
Jake: Ashley is in her moment. You look so much happier.
Sass: Anyone who can do that in those shoes is something I can applaud.
Farley: You guys are really stepping it up. It’s the playoffs. Do or die!

Chad is next.

Chad Doucette
– Sang “The Other Man” by Sloan.
– Nelly advised him to slow down the song (according to his opening video).
– Suggestion worked, song is much more emotional.
– You can really hear the lyrics.
– Mesmerizing.
– Not going overboard.
– The tone is phenomenal.
– One of the best.

Jake: You did a great job man.
Sass: I think you holding out on us… you’re a star!
Farley: He’s 17. He’s not the other man. He’s the man!
Zack: I just hope we don’t hold you back. This boy’s got massive talent.

Eva up next.

Eva Avila
– Sang “Powerless (Say What You Want) by… NELLY FURTADO!
– Says she chose song before she knew she was going to meet Nelly.
– Also said Furtado was so close to her, that she could “smell her hair.”
– Nelly advised her to be charming and herself at the same time.
– She sounds exactly like Nelly!
– Crowd into it and clapping along.
– Easily one of the best of the evening.
– Unbelievable pitch.
– She could be a contender.
– Perfect arrangement.
– If you closed your eyes, you would think it was Nelly.

Sass: How are you going to top these performances?! You’re definitely not powerless.
Farley: Performance for you was a signature performance for me.
Zack: Signature moment. That felt genuine. Felt like record you would make. Who can chase Eva?
Jake: I always thought you were like a kind of Nelly Furtado, so the song was perfect for you.


Show Over.

Who’s going home?

Murtz predicts Kati.

Check you tomorrow.

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