The Flaming Lips – At War With The Mystics Review

The Flaming Lips

The Inside Pulse:
At War With The Mystics signals the end to the endless barrage of EP’s from Yoshimi, at the very least. There is lots to like about the Lips, from their crazy live show to their constant reinvention and experimentation, but this record seems a little calculated. Maybe it’s because I’ve listened to every single Flaming Lips record, but there just doesn’t seem to be too many new ideas presented here. It is by far their most formulaic record, but it’s also one of their most listenable.

Some of the best Flaming Lips songs can be found on this record. “Mr Ambulance Driver”, “The WAND”, and “Goin On” are all immediate top 5’s. Also, as an immediate plus, you can listen all the way through this record without skipping an annoying as hell track or two.

This review is a few months late from the release of this record, and that in and of itself is the greatest flaw of this record. For all its interesting tenure and lineup of great singles, it is a record that has completely failed to make an impact. The same thing happened with Yoshimi. Most people didn’t notice that album until at least a year later. For whatever reason, nobody (me included) pick up on the Lips until it’s too late.

The Polyphonic Spree mixed with your favorite experimental acid jazz band.

Reason To Buy:
Well, you’re not going to buy it until 2008 anyway, so what’s the use? You’ll like it, sure, but it won’t really be part of the musical dialogue for at the very least a few more months.