Make Movement: The Lack Of Competition Within RAW

RAW this week in San Antonio was a RAW going through the motions, and stalling out with no upcoming RAW or joint PPV to promote. What should have a complete bang for DX, was enthusiastically met by Shawn Michaels home crowd, however, when you’re only left to fight two groups of people: The McMahons and the Spirit Squad, what is their left to sell on their PPV?

The McMahons need to bring in either new blood or establish more heels into the top tier if they expect to keep their high ratings. Fans enjoy seeing DX, the numbers show it more than anything else, from to the ratings. However, I need a break from seeing the same guys fight in the main event each week. Has DX gone a solid month without getting their asses kicked without a comeback now? Where is ‘the heels overcome the faces week’ that needs to happen? I keep expecting it to happen, so I guess that means it won’t until a big money PPV.

I’m NOT a fan of The Highlanders (Bushwhackers 2006) whatsoever, they are dated and it’s insulting to see this type of gimmick in this day in age. However, after they squashed the no-namers (another bad idea for a live TV taping), and challenged the Spirit Squad, at least someone’s aware that the Squad needs to defend their titles in a sometimes four tag team division that needs to be built up. The tag team division is nothing but filler until WWE decides to put some serious focus in it, tag teams that are tag teams and not ‘the pairing in the meantime so we can break them up later and make them singles wrestlers.’ I hate to say it, but not every tag team produces a superstar like Shawn Michaels.

Randy Orton’s appearance was distracting, considering Bob Orton Sr. passed away without any acknowledgement from the WWE outside their web site. I guess I should be happy that WWE didn’t somehow work that in the angle. If you want to hear why Big Poppa and I feel that Hulk Hogan is not doing pro wrestling any favors by continuing to wrestle, then tune in to the Pro Wrestling Advocates on Sunday. I understand he is there to push Brooke Hogan’s music career but Hogan forgets that no one is energetic about Brooke over her music. If Hogan doesn’t put Orton over, than this was a true waste of everyone’s time but Hogan beating Orton is unrealistic.

Bambi says… Lilian Garcia > Brooke Hogan

The biggest story of the night was Umaga defeating John Cena (thanks to Edge) which adds more complexity to their characters. Umaga, credit to him, gave a passable match, working pretty hard with Cena. Cena didn’t take a clean loss, but is on a losing streak, Umaga is still on a winning streak, beating his first big name (besides Ric Flair but that’s conveniently forgotten). Shouldn’t this make Umaga, Edge’s number one contender?

The other highlight of RAW would be the peppering promos of Mick Foley and Ric Flair. Say what you want about them both, but if anyone understands the art of a good promo, it is these two. They engage the audience like no one else on RAW is right now. The use of Johnny Nitro and Melina on behalf of Foley works, they could use a Mick Foley rub while the real workers, Carlito and Shelton Benjamin have a good match earlier in the night that is lost on the overall card.

RAW has some repair work to do on their show to keep it from getting any drier than it already is. The same combinations have to be more varied, someone should cancel the WWE Diva Search and remember that the viewer has to be engaged to not find something else to do on a Monday night.

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