Big Brother All Stars – TV Show Recap – July 18

Another Tuesday night with the All-stars.
Previously we saw:
Kaysar win HOH and set sights on Chill Town.
Erika and Kaysar begin their “Showmance”
A food competition involving Big Brother Slop. Whoever sells the most Big Brother Slop, wins. The loozers will go to Trump’s boardroom, someone will be Fy-yud. (Just kidding)
Kaysar makes a deal with Chill Town but Will doesn’t trust season 6.
Diane and Nakomis nominated.
Diane says being nominated sucks. Marcellas is not happy about Kaysar’s nominations. Will says Kaysar made a brilliant move not putting him or Mike Boogie up. Nakomis complains she is on the block with the only friend she has in the house.
Kaysar says Nakomis is a strong player and wants to scare Diane a bit (Note: Nothing was mentioned on the show about the Diane-Jase “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” alliance that many of the live-feed watchers know about. Perhaps CBS didn’t want to give Toni Ferrari any more publicity).
Kaysar tries to comfort Diane and says he didn’t want to put anyone in discomfort but this is a game. Diane cries and says she’s not a cut-throat person. Nakomis said Diane has a knack for making people feel sorry for her.
Boogie tries to convince Diane that they did not make a deal but the footage of them making the deal was replayed. He says he has enjoyed getting to know Diane.
But Boogie then joins Will in a pretend phone conversation in the diary room and makes fun of Kaysar’s nominations. Boogie adds that he and Will play with no fear and will run the house in due time.
We then see the tarantulas that are in the house and it’s time to give them names. They call one Cowboy and another one Monica. They see an especially hairy one. He has to be called Bunky. Finally there’s a really pretty one. They call it Lisa. Marcellas notes that the tarantulas are beautiful in their own way.
Then we see Jase and James talking about being 30. We once again hear from Jase saying last time, he played alone but now he plays for his girlfriend and young daughter (Now, how come he’s portrayed as such a nice guy on the show and yet, the live feeds see him as a jerk?)
Next we see the hot tub with Will, Boogie, Jase, Erika, and George there. Will says BB6 has to be put up if one of them wins HOH. In DRhe says he’s planting seeds of hostility towards the BB6ers. Jase says he told Janelle he was cool with her. He wasn’t cool with her for a second. Erika says she likes the BB6ers but at some point may have to go with the other side of the house. George says they have to stay together and that he has no choice but to align and knock the BB6ers off.
Commercial and in honor of our live feed watchers, a trivia question:In Big Brother 2, who was seen in the backyard wearing a thong bikini? a) Shannon or b) Sheryl.
Coming back from commercial we see Kaysar with his headphones on and Howie in the shower. Howie can’t reach a towel so he’s yelling at Kaysar to help him out. Kaysar cannot hear him. Howie has no choice to sneak out naked (pixelled, of course) and grab the towel.
Next we see Kaysar talking to Diane. Diane says she went back into the house as an outlet to change her life. She says everyone has jobs and careers but she doesn’t, so winning the money would be significant to her.
Next, Nakomis is seen styling her hair, coloring it a flaming red. Marcellas notes that it’s a hot mess. It’s a courageous change but a bad one. He then notes. “Most of her exterior decisions are bad.” Howie notes that Nakomis had a unique hairstyle but an ugly face. Nakomis says she is so different from everybody else but she’s a good person and is cool with that.
Next, Janelle and Marcellas are looking at the wall with the pictures of the houseguests and starts to imaging this as being a soap opera … Starring:
Will as the evil manipulator.
Erika as the sultry Brunette.
Diane as the trailer-trash diva.
Howie as the pervert (as he is shown grabbing some ass).
Boogie and Marcellas as the Clandestine lovers.
George as the lonely janitor (as he is shown doing some household chores).
Lots of laughs there.
Janelle, Howie, and James talk about how Kaysar’s nominations suck. Janelle says he made a deal for himself. James didn’t know it was a real deal and that Will and Boogie don’t keep deals, noting Kaysar was just afraid to put up Chilltown. Janelle says he should not have made a deal with Chilltown and that she might have to change the nominations should she win the veto.
Commercial and another trivia question:In Big Brother 1, who was the reigning Miss Washington? a) Brittany, b) Jamie.
Kaysar calls everyone in for the Veto competition. Kaysar spins the wheel and gets Will (who doesn’t care to use it if he wins). Diane ends with Erika. Nakomis gets James and notes that’s the worst thing that could happen. George will host.
They go to the backyard in traditional golf gear and get the Big Brother All-Star Golf Classic. Using a Flintstone-like club and oversized nerf ball, they aim for a hole. They also have a cylinder and depending how far they end up from the hole, they have to put balls in the cylinder. If they’re close, they can put a ball in someone else’s cylinder. If a person has seven balls, they’re out.
Nakomis goes first and hits one in the water. Three balls to her cylinder. Diane, 3 balls, James, 3 balls, Kaysar, 3, Will, 3, Erika gets a good shot in and only has to put in 2. Next round, Nakomis, 3, Diane, 3, James, 3, Kaysar, 3, Will, 2, Erika again gets it right and gets to put one in someone else’s cylinder. She knocks Nakomis out of the game.
Next round, Diane, out. James, out. Kaysar gets to give one to Will. Will, out. Erika gets to give one, she gives it to Kaysar and wins POV. She’s happy to have the power. Nakomis and Diane feel they are the ones going home.
Commercial and a personal note:I have covered a Breeders’ Cup, Breeder’s Crowns, other major horse races, international cricket, rugby, soccer, and many other sports. I think that was the first time I ever covered golf.
Diane talks to Danielle, saying this is going to be a long week. Kaysar calls everyone inside and we begin Boogie’s birthday party. Sushi, champagne, chocolate cake, and Erika in a bikini with the words Happy Birthday Boogie written on her thigh in whipped cream. Boogie said that whipped cream tasted phenomenal. Unfortunately, those who lost the food competition couldn’t join in the fun. Howie wanted it so bad and Will isn’t above teasing and taunting Howie about it. Marcellas, Nakomis, and Janelle were taking it hard though.
Marcellas says Erika should use the veto. James says everyone is in the hot tub. There, Nakomis says she can’t campaign against Diane. Diane says she’s in a house with brainwashers on all sides. Will asks Jase to go upstairs to get Kaysar. Kaysar comes out and Will tries to convince Kaysar to send someone else home. Kaysar immediately asks him to name someone he should put up. Silence. Then Will says “Put me up.” Kaysar replies “Stop being a hero, Will. Stop trying to make me the bad guy.” Kaysar goes upstairs and relays it to the BB6ers. Marcellas again re-iterates that Erika should use the veto and they get rid of Boogie.
After one more commercial, Erika goes and grabs the veto, saying it’s a difficult decision. James and Nakomis hope she uses it. At the veto meeting, Nakomis says it’s a personal strategic decision to use the veto. Diane says people forget you have to play for yourself in this game but hope someone takes a chance and uses the veto. Erika says she thought about using it, but decides not to.
Who will be the next one to go? We’ll find out Thursday. But first …