Canadian Idol – Recap – July 18

Ben starts off introducing the top 10 singing a group song medley which I guess is a bunch of Sass’s songs. The best sounding part was when Eva, Sarah, and Ashley trio’d up. Other than that it was forgettable. I suspect would have liked it better if it were a different song(s).

Ben lets us know there were 2.2 million votes cast. Then he reminds us that one of these singers will be singing for the last time and that Nelly Furtado will be singing. Next we see the recaps of last night.

Next up Nelly sings “Promiscuous” but not on stage live. She sings in the same place she coached the Idols. I guess she didn’t want to get mobbed. Oh well. It was the same to me but I think the audience may have been a little let down.


Ben tells us there will be a bottom 3 then gets right down to business.

Brandon… Whatever. From what I’ve gathered, he doesn’t have to sing well at all to stay. He has the PPSDs on his side.
Steffi….Bottom 3. What the….
Ben then singles out Chad, Eva, and Rob. After giving each one review comments he tells us….
Eva……Safe….I was wondering
Rob….safe Hmmmm… Maybe Rob’s luck is changing.
Ben moves to Craig.
Ashley….Bottom 3. Not really a surprise

Sarah and Kati have to wait to see who joins the bottom 3 because….
Breaktime! A side note if you are a lip reader Sarah says something you can’t say on TV.

Kati…Bottom 3
Sarah…. home free.

Ben then askes Farley if he’s surprised with the choices this week.

Farley: When the competition is this close there will be surprises every week all the way down to the finale so it’s just a matter of staying in tune and voting. (So I guess the translation is “No I’m not surprised”) I’ll be translating judge’s comments all season because…..they need translating.

Ben then asks Zack given these results what does he think Canada is looking for in their next Idol. My answer would be “a great singer with personality and charisma who can sell tons of records and keep the show on the air.” But he didn’t ask me so here’s what Zack said.

Zack: It’s a pop, pop, pop, popular vote like cheeseburgers are pop, pop, popular. (Translation: Brandon should be on the floor) I liked my answer a lot better and mine made more sense.

Ben than asks Jake if he has any advice for whoever is going home tonight.

Jake: I think all of them have had a really good time and they should savor the moment and whoever goes home tonight should sing their heart out and let everyone know what they’re in for when they see you in the rest of your career.

Ben then asks Sass for any advice for the surviving 7? Huh? I thought there were nine surviving tonight. I’ll bet that put a jolt in some hearts on that stage.

Sass: I think you have to live in the moment and enjoy every second you’ve got because you’re all bloody great. (Translation: Thank your lucky stars you ain’t on the floor)

Ben then tells Steffi to go sit down. Goody! Goody! (That’s me, translating me.) She didn’t deserve to be there in the first place. Then……


Ben tells Kati she’s heading home. Then the obligatory funeral video. She tears up but is not the only one. It looks like she made some pretty good friends. Sarah, Eva and Ashley join the tear brigade along with Craig. I believe she will be missed ….by the contestants. Ben then tells us all that the theme for next week is ………Rolling Stones. It looks like trouble…..real trouble.

So next week is Rolling Stones. Logic would say Tyler and Ashley should do OK. The rest may have some difficulty. Steffi D anyone? Who knows. I don’t see anyone kickin’ ass next week. I see them getting ass kicked. I think we’ll get a good picture of the contenders and the pretenders with this genre. I’ve never been a Stones fan (I know it’s musical Blasphemy) so I’m not expecting much. Let’s hope I get surprised.