Camera Obcscura – Let's Get Out Of This Country Review

Camera Obscura

The Inside Pulse:
Scotlland is kicking ass for indie rock lately. Camera Obscura is one of those bands you know about because you know Belle & Sebastian and can’t get enough of them. Let’s Get Out Of This Country, their third release, keeps up the excellent pace and gives the world a dozen tracks of gorgeous soft pop that puts any ‘soft rocker’ to shame.

This is essentially a female-only Belle & Sebastian album, so it’s pure bubblegum sheen. It’s also more heartbreaking on the slower songs, like “Dory Previn,” where she coo’s “Do you think it’s time/I put him out of my mind?” The real fun however, as with Belle & Sebastian, is when the tempo goes up to the point of becoming a 60’s style dance party. “Let’s Get Out Of This Country,” is cathartic fun, and “Loyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken” is radio friendly and dirty, which is the formula for a perfect pop song.

As close as they are to Belle & Sebastian, both in sound and collaboration, it’s never a total positive to sound almost identical to another band. The differences between the two bands are subtle as hell, so I have to knock points off for originality.

Belle & Sebastian with Stars.

Reason To Buy:
It’s a fantastic album of it’s own right. The Belle & Sebastian similarities are more positive than negative, and it’s a perfect album for the sensitive rocker in all of us.