[SD] Judgement Day 2006 Buyrate

The first estimated buyrate for Judgement Day 2006, headlined by Mysterio/JBL for the World Heavyweight Title and Undertaker/Khali, comes in at 238,000 buys. This is up 2% from the previous year’s first estimate, headlined by Cena/JBL in an I Quit Match. It is also up 11% from the previous PPV, Raw’s Backlash 2006, which was headlined by the Cena/Edge/HHH triple threat and the McMahons against HBK and “God”. The number is also 6% higher than Smackdown’s previous solo PPV effort, No Way Out, which was headlined by Angle/Undertaker for the title and Mysterio/Orton.

This was also the last WWE PPV to be offered at $34.95 in the USA. Starting with ECW One Night Stand, the price rose to $39.95.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)