Rock Star: Supernova – Recap – Episode 2-6

It’s judgment day, and since we’ve got an hour to kill, Let Us Take You Back to the Rock Star mansion as Toby wonders what went wrong, and Dana gets some counseling from her “mother hens” Dilana and Storm. Dilana more or less tells her to spread her legs and stop being cute. Ryan rips Dana’s performance and thinks that she shouldn’t be here. I can’t exactly disagree – a girl who is more the southern rock type doesn’t really belong with a “band” whose roots are in hard rock and 80’s metal.

So after that filler segment, it’s time for an encore, and to my surprise, it’s Magni doing “Plush” again.

Now it’s time for the Bottom Three, and we’ve gotta drag this out for as long as possible. Brooke tells the three singers who were in the bottom three after the first five minutes of voting to stand up. They were (if you’ve forgotten): Jenny, Dana and Ryan. Jenny and Dana aren’t surprised, but Ryan seems to be. Of course, that may be his normal look – I’m not really sure.

But did these three stay in the bottom three? Well, maybe, as Josh and Zayra also landed in the bottom three at some point in the night. The “band” is somewhat puzzled by Josh and Jenny’s inclusion there, which really they shouldn’t, given how they got ripped last night.

Brooke announces the first member of the bottom three, and it’s Jenny Galt, and even Jenny isn’t all that surprised by this. They asked her to not play it safe, and she replies by singing “Vasoline” by Stone Temple Pilots. Good, strong performance, but possibly a bit too Avril for the guys.

Next member of the bottom three: Dana Andrews, who decides to do an “underground” song called “High Road Easy” by Sass Jordan. Yep, Canadian Idol judge Sass Jordan, and you can literally hear 30-something Canadians like myself and Scott Keith (and maybe even Jenny) go “THAT’S an underground song?” The point is that most of Sass’ catalogue has a real Southern Rock style to it so it’s right in Dana’s wheelhouse. BUT it’s not exactly what you’d think the “band” wants to hear in a prospective lead singer. I think Dana’s gone despite a great performance.

Whoops, I may have spoken too soon. Josh Lucas is our final member of the Bottom Three, and after a mild rendition of “Come As You Are” he’s singing another Nirvana song, “Heart Shaped Box”, which is a good choice for Josh because it takes him from his John Mayer-ish style to the hard rock style that the “band” wants to hear. He’s still smirking though, which annoys me to no end. Still, I’m gonna stick with my prediction of Dana going.

Now, it’s time for the elimination. Gilby says some words to each singer, and it’s time for the Hatchet Man. Surprisingly (to me), Tommy sends Dana back to the singer lounge, and it’s between Josh and Jenny. And the axe falls on Jenny, who I guess brought it just a little too late.

And since we’ve now got about 5 minutes to fill, let’s have Jenny prattle on and Tommy talk about how everyone’s a winner, baby (that’s the truth).