[WWE] TSN Comments on Losing RAW

In an interview with SLAM!, TSN responded to WWE’s move from the network to The Score.

“We’d known for quite a while. This wasn’t news to us,” said TSN President Phil King in an exclusive interview with SLAM! Wrestling. “We had a mutual parting of the ways. This has been in the works for a while.”

Reasons given for the move included difficulty in scheduling with Monday Night Football added to the equation, and how it is virtually impossible to commit to a weekly prime-time show, since TSN’s focus is on live sports events. King told SLAM! that “This has nothing to do with ratings … Monday Night Football will probably draw very similar ratings to what WWE did. It’s not like we thought we were picking up something that would do a dramatically better rating than Raw. That’s not true.” He left the door open for future wrestling specials down the road.

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